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  1. I just wanted to say that if there is a "list" then I sure haven't gotten my copy of it.  If another moderator writes down a list of names for people he or she keeps track of, fine, if that helps in doing the job.  But there is no formal list. 


    To the contrary, I am on the record in several threads as discouraging people from putting together such a list publicly in a forum thread.  I just don't see that as a proper forum topic.

    What he said...

    Maybe you two are on the list of "Do Not Send List" to.... ;)

  2. I have a question for you ddoggny?


    My last post was at 5:27


    You did a post at 7:35 and had this to say

    on second thought. you're not even worth my energy except to say, nice hat.


    then you did another post about an hour and a half later at 8:52 and had this to say


    no, son, your actions put you on the trouble maker list.

    This forum post is right up there with your other bright posts such as, were not freeloaders and dont pick on us. i think if you have to come in here weekly to protest and refute some perceived slight against you; you should probably step back and try to reason why. If you can't, pitty.

    what gets me is why so many of us bother to play into your posting trap. these threads are nonsense; a waste of time. Coming into the forums and pounding your chest and telling us how you are so put upon is becoming annoying and played out. you need to find a new angle to get your attention.


    Why didn't you express your feelings in your first post? Better yet, post where it's appropriate. That just doesn't make sense to me. ;) Or maybe it kinda does; YOU like coming to the forums and causing the mellodrama. :( Posting trap? A waste of time? Pounding my chest? This happens to be an interesting topic and the ones who thought so, responded. Your response has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC. I would appreciate if you would keep on the subject. If not, your response is worth beans to me. :blink:


    One more thing........I am not your son. :mad:



    QUOTE (Scout Master @ Dec 28 2003, 11:38 AM)

    Personally I think any one who has more Posts on the Fourms than Caches Logged should Complain less and Cache more



    on second thought. you're not even worth my energy except to say, nice hat.



    Errr....I think you were mistaken at whom the first post was made to....


    HE was responding to Scout Master....

  3. I don't do them, but I have nothing against them. I think in the origianl post that it was said that something didn't feel right. I think that something is that they don't actually require a GPSr to find.


    I know you have to show a pic of your GPSr with the subject matter, but it dosen't take one to find it. I think in a lot of ways that locationless caches are a serendipity of caching. Like seeing a yellow jeep that you weren't really looking for. In a lot of cases these are just happened upon.


    There are some great locationless caches out there, but I think the problem came about when people wanted to turn every trivial thing into one. Much like Virtual caches. I've never done a virtual, but I can certainly see them as legit caches. They take a GPSr to find, and when it comes down to it, I'd rather find a good virtual rather than a lame traditional.


    El Diablo





    For most of the locationless caches we have done, a GPS is needed.

    The owner of the locationless usually requires not only a picture of the GPS with the object they request, but the coordinates as well....


    We have also done some virtuals, that if we had not had our GPS we would have started at the wrong spot....there are multiple question virtuals out there that require you to go to specific coordinates....

  4. You can bet that I won't be in here anywhere near midnight central time.


    I have a tradition of spending New Year's Day in a fetal position, holding my head, and whimpering like a wee girl somewhere. Later in the day my friends usually find me, give me back my clothes, and try to get me to eat something. (OK! I just realized why the guys at work call me "Frank the Tank.") It's only once a year...I swear... :unsure:


    Sn B)B) gans

    And is that one of you milder days Snoogans? bwwwwwwwwwaaahaaaaa

  5. My proposition is to make it where a person has to find a certain amount before they can hide one.

    I can remember when you were a fresh faced newbie, and got your lace in a wad because someone dared suggest you did not have enough posts to warrent being paid serious attention to....Now you are proposing this ?


    This is up to the approvers to handle...when they find a newbie having trouble placing their first cache, that is where they come in...demanding they have X amount of finds in order to make their first hide would be very discouraging to someone new.



  6. This isn't rocket scientry.  If a cache is placed by an eager newbie who has read the rules, followed the requirements, WHATS THE BIG DEAL ?


    What do you want Woodster, licensing required ? Ever heard the rule of thumb, "If it aint broke, don't fix it ?" We can hypothetically weigh up fictitious problems all day, but why ?

    Yes, you could run down to your parents and start a fictitious account, and submit a cache.


    It would probably get approved, and it might be fine for years to come without you ever looking at it. Or it might not. Then someone would write in that the cache needed maintained. Then archived or adopted. problem solved.


    If you want to place that Georgia cache, show some responsibility towards the sport and ask for the permission. Get someone lined up too do the maintenance checks. Contribute moree to the game than constant conflict. Moderators, administrators, and cachers are constantly stressing that responsible use by us all will negate the need for constrictive policies and rules. Be part of a solution, rather than suggesting new problems.

    Ummm...apparently it is broke. If sock puppet accounts aren't allowed then obviously it's broke, because they are there. If a person who has been caching for some time has to go through red tape or gets denied, but someone who "could" of just started or more than likely a sock puppet can get approved, then it's broken.


    You are right, sock puppets could place caches every where and be fine. Then again they could go to heck and then go through the process of archiving it or adopting it. So why even worry about them at all? Because if you don't "say" they aren't allowed, then you can not try to stand on a leg when trying to restrict others.

    Maybe you should apply to be an approver Woodsters. That way you can be hands on in the system, and right the many wrongs you keep finding.


    Seems to me you might ask your parents, friends, relatives (pick one) to help maintain the cache in Georgia ... then there would not be any problem.


    As for sock puppets, there are many creative people on here, and they could creat a puppet account that nobody would suspect. You can't stop them unless you can tell they are one.


    Me personally...this site will go to heck in a handbasket real fast with so many rules and regulations that are being proposed by a few who thinks there is a need.


    The need is to use common sense, and no "amount of finds" can give that if its not there.





  7. Just wonder how everyone is planing on spending their New Years celebration.

    The town where we live puts on a main street party, and usually has a country western star entertain. They put up tents, and have burning barrels to sit around, visit, and keep warm. There is a lighted ball that adorns the refinery tower, and at midnight it makes its way up the tower.


    A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Years to everyone !

  8. That little feature is to tell you when you have been warned by a moderator for off color humor, flaming someone directly, purposely changing thread topic.

    The boxes change color the more warnings you get. Fill them all and you can be banned from the forum for awhile. You can not get rid of the meter, but you are the only one that can see your own besides the moderators.

  9. Locationless caches?  :D

    Ouch, tough question as I don't do them myself and even after all this time I'm not really sure what they are. Same for virtuals.


    Have to think on that one...

    Locationless caches are defined by the owner of the cache. They ask for pictures and photos of specific objects or subjects that must be searched for. ( Murals, windmills, skate board parks, etc.) Instead of going to coordinates and looking for physical cache. These can generate into miles and spent time equal to hunting regular caches, and instead of a paper log, you have entered your picture of subject with your GPS visable as your log.


    Edited for grammer.

  10. Just started reading Angels & Demons, it grabs you right off the bat, and by page 20 you are truly hooked. The author says this is a prequal to The DaVinci Codes, in that it introduces the main character for both books. Look forward to getting some of the books mentioned in this thread...Thanks to all for the suggestions. :D



  11. Yeah, you can post a picture of a nakkid man running down the beach in Abject Silliness, and it is considered family friendly ? But poor CHRISTMAS WITH LOUISE was not.... Oh well....I thought it was Hilarious.... :D

    I thought he was covered in fur?! :lol:


    Oh, you mean the hairy bare he was chasing? :D

    No No....the hairy bear was chasing his hairy bare....lol

  12. :D

    WOW, my first deleted post......Coooooooool

    I hate it when that happens. If I still had all of my posts intact, I'd be well over 2,000 posts by now.


    Oh wait...



    Yeah, you can post a picture of a nakkid man running down the beach in Abject Silliness, and it is considered family friendly ? But poor CHRISTMAS WITH LOUISE was not.... Oh well....I thought it was Hilarious.... :D

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