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  1. :lol: Thinking about creating some Brownie Point Geonickels but I'm kind of stuck on the design. Would definately appreciate some input for the caching community.

    You could change your name to Buffalo ... then you could put an Indian on one side of the nickel and a buffalo on the other! Or... make the nickel 'brown' in color, put the geocaching symbol (and website) on one side and your team name (Brownie Point) on the otherside. As I don't know the significance of the name Brownie, I'm not going to be much help. :(

    Would they not be called Buffalo Chips ? ...... LOL :D

  2. leapin' lizards? - a cache with live reptiles inside

    Oooh! That could be the New Mexico verison of the Leprechauns' Hampster Caches! :D


    Another New Mexico version is the pastime in this area of teens putting cats in curbside mail boxes a couple hours before you go to retrieve your mail....A REAL test of heart strength !!! :lol:

  3. (It"s New Mexico...there is alot of nowhere here.)

    Well, maybe down in your corner of the state. You should come up to Albuquerque. We've got...uh...well there's...hmmm...Ok, Ok...there's nothing in this state :(

    Ya gots mountains........all we got are mole hills and giant prairie dogs with monkey pox. :lol:

    Yah....nothing like trudging through the mountains...especially in summer at 114 degrees...and don't forget the mountain lions...they are always looking for a snack...think I would stick with the giant prairie dogs Sparky!!! LMAO :D

  4. :lol:

    woof and I were just talking about our next cache placement today...We already have the area, but not the exact spot. Its the site of whats left of a house that Lefty Frizzel lived in for awhile with his folks, and out in the middle of nowhere. (It"s New Mexico...there is alot of nowhere here.) LOL


    Think we will call it Leapin Lefty


    edited for sucky grammer

  5. :D


    I was a member for about 6 months before I came to the forums. I spent this time looking for new caches to this area, along with printing off most caches within our range.... Also reading up on the ins and outs of finding and placing caches. This was very useful to me as I have not had any problem placing virtual or traditional caches.

    I finally came to the forums, and learned there was a wealth of information here.

    It still took a few weeks for me to post here for the first time, and I don't post alot. But I look in almost everyday, because I think even the most advanced cacher still learns something new here often enough to make it worth while. This is a good venue for continuing to learn about different areas of the country, and the difference of caches according to the area and climate. What works in my neck of the woods might not elsewhere...


    I also enjoy the humor that some are famous for on here, it brightens the day and makes me keep coming back for more...I don't enjoy the flame wars though...they are unnecessary, cause hard feelings, and generally turn alot of people off.


    As to posting instead of caching...I spent the day doing cache maintenance...which is no small task as two of my traditionals are about a 200 mile round trip.

    There is a lack of caches here, and we are fast going to have to cut back because of time/travel constraints..which means more vacation hunting. But slowly we are adding to the cache counts to add to others pleasure. The forums are a nice ending to an enjoyable day outdoors...even if I did'nt get to cache. :blink:

  6. OK, I need a new Xterra and they run about $30K.

    Either you are trying to rip us off, or you are a really bad shopper:


    2004 Nissan Xterra XE I4 Rwd 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 5M)

    What Others Are Paying

      MSRP Invoice National Base Price

    $18,000 $17,023 $17,533


    Destination Charge $540

    Total with Options $18,540 $17,563 $18,133

    Customer Cash Rebate | More Incentives -$ 1,000

    Customer Cash Adjusted True Market Value $17,133 <<<----<<<



    Is the balance a gratuity?

    Gas money...its going up again B)B)

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