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  1. Your doing just fine...so I wont post over there... Same here, you've got WAY more patience then me! Amen Mopar...alot of them are less then computer savvy... and reading way more into things then needed...
  2. Your doing just fine...so I wont post over there...
  3. Great shades of "The Salem Witch Hunt!" Reading over there last night was a look into how fast people get hysterical about things before even studying what they are reading over here. I wonder if they realize how many policemen, firemen, military personel, ministers, Drs., RNs, EMTs, etc. are registered a geocachers. And YES, I realize we could have some bad people registered also. But chance are, there are probably bad guys registered over there, who find information on that site useful to themselves as well. What is sad, is getting slammed without them even realizing how family oriented this sport is... lulu
  4. Exactly! It also does not help when the TB Hotel owner repeatedly takes TBs out of the surrounding caches to populate "their" hotel. Supplying a larger cache container to ease the movement of TBs is one thing, turning into a full time job and sticking restrictions on those who wish to take them is quite another!
  5. Not caching...its 105F out right now, so staying in and staying cool. Did some light yard work this morning, fixed biscuits and gravy for woofs breakfast. Will do Rib steaks and garlic on the grill in awhile, with pear cobler and ice cream for dessert. Right now have a gin and tonic! And daughter leaves in 1/2 hour for her 15 hour flight to Korea. She has an 18 month tour of duty, then she is leaving the service after 13 years.
  6. Music on pages have the same effect as nails on a blackboard...*cringe*
  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Aren't events supposed to be about eating good food, meeting people, and maybe doing a little caching? In my humble opinion, if you're setting up 100 temporary caches for an event, than the event is no longer about meeting people, or eating food, it's about trying to find as many caches as possible... You are wise beyond your years Grasshopper I agree!
  8. From the discription, I would guess its someone "signature" item. These are trade item that are usually personally made by a geocacher to leave as swag, so they are unique. Alot of geocachers collect sig items. Depending on your location, you will probably run into a variety these often. 43 probably means he/she has left 42 others somewhere.
  9. Stickwalker...you might like to check out the local boards Here see if you can email or meet with some geocachers from your local area. They can be an invaluable source of information for you!
  10. Hey Lep...you could always put a rock inside the hamster! That way they would not jump out of the cache so quick. They only problem I could see happening, is that the rock would somehow stand out because it is out of place for the area and therefor it would be subject to being taken by someone other than a cacher. Also this type of cache is too easily moved by slides, mud etc. It would be too problematic.
  11. Take a deep breath Bassoon and back away from the keyboard...
  12. You are arguing with a ghost... They came They trolled They scrammed...
  13. Why "place" Virtuals? So you can yet again start another anti virtual rant of course. (sigh) If the cache approver thinks there is enough "wow" factor to allow the virtual in the first place, why not take this up with them...
  14. Wow......I must say your posting style seems really familiar...... once again.....you asked for it....now you are asking for slack..... Any suggestions, remarks, snipes are welcome. The Blue Quasar
  15. Any suggestions, remarks, snipes are welcome. The Blue Quasar Hey.....you asked for it......
  16. THANK You Kit Fox......I wish I was a better searcher on here
  17. Not to mention...not many months ago, this was one of the most heated topics on here........
  18. Deja vu all over again...... Where is Mopar when you need his search capabilities.....
  19. You kiss your mama with that mouth kid? Settle it down......sheeeesh
  20. Thank You Michael...you have done a wonderful job putting up with us! God Bless You
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