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  1. Hye,


    I've been planning a HUGE (HUGE) multi cache. I've got 20-30 containers

    painted-up in camo colours and I'm looking for ideas that could really piss off a geocacher trying to get to the end.


    I've got some ideas but what do you think? Share ideas.

    My question would be WHY?

    Why would you want to piss off other geocachers?

    This is suppose to be something fun to do after a stressful week of being pissed off at work.

    You have the weekend for some challenging caching, not something that ends up being so aggrevating you wonder why you even bothered getting outta bed for..


    Just my two cents, but I would much rather do one that brings about a surprisingly unusual conclusion.

  2. The first time Sunshine had ever flown, we were going from Wichita to Chicago to see our son graduate from Navy boot camp. As we checked in to Wichita and walked through the screening area, one of the screeners asked Sunshine if he could check her purse. She thought he meant check it as baggage, and told him "No, that's ok," and kept walking! :P The guy just kind of froze with his mouth hanging open. It appeared as though no one had ever told him that before! :P I was laughing so hard, I couldn't get Sunshine to stop and go back. :rolleyes:<_<:lol: Of course, this was a few years prior to 9/11, so I'm sure it would have gotten her on "the list" now! I still tease her about that, and if she finds out I posted it here, I'm gonna be in the doghouse again.....but, what's new? :o:o:(

    Errr Sparky? Should'nt that be cathouse? :D

    And I would think that you would have it pretty durn plush for yourself with all the time you spend there B):D:D

  3. Top Ten signs you’ve been doing a little too much Geocaching:


    9.  Your wedding invitation features a Difficulty / Terrain rating.


    Ummm, we DID send out a wedding invite to some fellow cachers that had coordinates to the reception. :)

    That is hysterical...what a neat idea...send out invitations with coordinates, and let the location of the wedding be a surprise !

  4. Funny thing about water in this area. The Rio Grande Compact says we have to give all our water to Texas.

    Yeah...and my way of thinking is we should let them have it all at once....




    In reality, by the time the water gets down there, its so full of salt its virtually unusable the the Texans... :ph34r:


    So we miss out on water we desperatly need, and they get water they cannot use.

  5. I have a busy day planned. Dance performance at the country club, brunch with the dancers, yet another corned beef and cabbage dinner (they seem to love to feed us that stuff just before we dance), then a concert pre-talk, then the Gaelic Storm concert. Maybe drinks after (no drunk driving).


    Happy St. Pats all! :D

    Whew....corned beef and cabbage...mix in some beer and then dance....

    that could be an explosive situation Carleen...LOL :ph34r:

  6. Fixin to go to our two farthest one Weds. (180 miles roung trip).

    It rained and snowed here last week which is unusual, and I want to see how they faired.

    Both are ammo cans, but we have found some people don't put them back standing up, and that causes problems.

  7. Ok, here is the solution. Keep the cache theme exactly the same (trade promo pens). Instead of the word steal use any of the below:


    abduct, appropriate, bag, carry off, cozen, crib, despoil, divert, embezzle, filch, fleece, heist, keep, kidnap, lift, loot, misappropriate, nick, peculate, pilfer, pillage, pinch, pirate,  plunder, poach, purloin, ransack, remove, rifle, rip off, sack, shanghai, shoplift, snitch, spirit away, swipe, take, or withdraw


    Problem solved. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. :o

    You forgot grab, nab, kype, and glom onto. :)

    I like the word purloin....sounds sinuous, sensual, sinful.... Nevermind :)



    woof has been gone all week :P

  8. No, but my understanding is that almost eveyone has a recurring anxiety type dream. Mine is one where I can't dial the right telephone number and I try over and over and over. Your's is a lot more interesting!


    I have had general geocaching dreams before though.

    Good Gosh Carleen you anxiety dream was my reality.

    When we first moved into our home out in the country (it had been sitting empty for a year) I woke up one moring and came out in the living room only to see the cat and a snake nose to nose !!! :o

    I got to the phone and looked up a number of a neighbor friend to come HELP!!!

    and would forget the number half way through dialing....over and over and over.


    Turned out to be a bull snake, but when first waking bull snakes and rattlers look alot alike ! :lol:


    Afterwards I could laugh about it, but at the time it was sooooo frustrating to lose the number in my head over and over and over.


    edited for clarity?

  9. Thank You for all your hard work in the making of this e-zine.

    It is obvious you put a lot of thought into making this come to life.

    I loved the story about Signal and Hydee, the tie in at the end was hysterical !

    I look forward to further issues and hope you get lots of inspiration from the members. There are alot of stories out there, yet to be told.



    woof n lulu

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