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  1. maybe this isn't so family friendly, but, it's an old remedy from my family...


    if you've gotten a bee sting, and you happen to have someone around who smokes tobacco... take a small pinch of tobacco from a cigarette (or  possibly cigar) and wet the tobacco with water... apply the wet tobacco on the sting, and hold it on there for a couple minutes. this will help relieve the sting.


    i got a nasty bite from a horsefly (on my palm of all places) while out geocaching the other day. The bite numbed half my hand, and a good part of my fore-arm. I applied damp tobacco to it, and in minutes it was relieved. This was the first time I used the technique for anything but a bee sting, anyhow... it may work for bites of other kinds.


    edit: i forgot this was a thread for those who are getting older, anyways... I think this applies to cachers of all ages. my parents used this technique when I was a kid, and I still use it now that I'm an adult.

    Along the same lines, I carry a small pill bottle with baking soda in it. My husband is allergic to bee stings, and I have learned to carry Benedryl and Baking soda.

    Mix the soda with alittle water to make a paste and slap it on any kind of sting. Within a minute it neutrilized the acid based poison and relieves the pain.

    I did this also when I got bit twice on the instep by a scorpion (small) that came into the house during a storm. No swelling, and the pain was gone if a minute or two.


    On topic, at our age pain is there, its just a matter of intensity and duration, but the feeling of well being, and the elation of a good day geocaching, make the pain easier to deal with....so does the Guinness. :mad:

  2. Its covered in the placing of a cache, but not the finding of....


    Hiding Your First Geocache

    Step 1 - Research a cache location

    Geocaching is just like real estate - location, location, location! When thinking about where to place a cache, keep these things in mind:


    Will it be easy to get to? - If it is only a couple hundred feet from the highway, there's a strong chance someone may plunder it. Try to find a place that will take a bit of time to get to, preferably on foot.

    Will it be easy to find? - If it is too visible, or too close to busy roads, trails, etc. there's a good chance someone may stumble upon it. Several of the original caches were discovered this way, but the people who found it were nice enough to leave them there (or participate). But don't make it too difficult! If you hide it well, give hints on geocaching.com as to the location.

    Will it be on private or public land? - If you place it on private land, please ask permission before putting it there! If you place the cache on public lands you need to contact the managing agency to find out about their rules. You will be in violation of federal regulation by placing a cache in any area administered by the National Park Service (US). The National Park regulations are intended to protect the fragile environment, and historical and cultural areas found in the parks.

    Does it meet requirements to be listed on the site? - Make sure to review the guidelines for listing a geocache on this web site during your research.

  3. You aren't off base...it's a good theory, but I can't see it happening.. :P


    I have never had a first to find, like you said there are a few that seem to hunt only these, and generally they don't give back to community enjoyment.


    Just a part of life to deal with :P

  4. If you cannot find the answer to your problem in the frequently asked question section. Try contact@Groundspeak.com and explain the problem....

  5. Yeahh, I've already contacted the owners and if they don't post something within the next day, I will. I'm wondering how often this occurs out in the caching world anyway? I'm assuming this doesn't happen too often but I could be wrong!

    Please do!....it will give a heads up to others that are looking to find that cache, and if...just if...the cache owner happens to tune in <_< they might take either fix the problem or archive the cache

  6. Half the fun is hiding the cache...some do it very creatively.

    There is no fun in being able to walk right up to a cache and Whap...there it is.

    It's the joy of the hunt... B) and you will undoubtedly find a lot more caches that are just as well hidden....it's part of the game B)

  7. I'm glad you added the sub-title.  At first I thought somebody was attacking Merle and I'd hate for anybody to be on the fighting side of Merle fans...



    Seeing as today is Viking Day....


    It coulda been this: HAGAR



  8. So...say we have a new geocacher who find a nice little area, studies it, and finds there are no caches hidden there. He gathers what he needs, and places 4- 5 regular caches, all within the rules and guidelines of Geocaching.com

    His caches are well hidden, well maintained, and by the number of logs, and positive comments, well liked.


    A year goes by, and along comes another new geocacher...finds the same area, and thinks it would be a neat place for some caches, only to find out someone has already done it. They cry foul....someone has hogged all the good spots in this area, and they should not be allowed.


    Cache density is cache density for gosh sakes!


    Why demand a proven cachers' GOOD caches be pulled so someone else can place one.


    Solution: Find the caches, log them, and move on......This is a big country ! B)


    If at some point you see that some of the caches are archived, for whatever reason, jump at it...

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