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  1. From my understanding, EarthCaching has guidelines over and above those of GC. Not least of all, the educational piece - which makes an EarthCache an EarthCache - is not listed anywhere in GC rules, but on the guidelines at EarthCache.org. So too the requirement that "EarthCaches can be placed close to existing caches, but we require that the EarthCache developer contact the original cache developer before submittal." (this is quoted from the most recent guidelines) It is a requirement of EarthCache and of geoaware that this "coutesy" be extended. I also understand that these rules are developed in conjuction with Groudspeak, and that NONE of them exists without good reason. Thank you to Clarkbowman for this: "As for myself, I think EarthCaches and developers should hold ourselves to a higher stand then most." In this case it seems geoaware, by requiring that we contact the nearby cache owner, is holding us to these higher standards. Now. For the original question of this thread - what to do if the nearby cache owner says "No, I would like you not to place an EarthCache near my cache" ... anyone?
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