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  1. My emails for PQ, logs, and DMs have all been having issues for the last week or so
  2. For the last week or so I've been getting some on time, some a day late, and some not at all. Even yesterday I got one on time and one nothing.
  3. Why are you so offended at opinions that differ from yours? You don't have to justify yourself.
  4. Riddle me this: If it's not voting then why would Groundspeak add the FP function and sort by FP to the game; when all those years up until that point you all already had YOUR favorites in your own personal favorites bookmark list? What do you think they meant by to "share" your favorites? Because I'm sure nobody's inclined to go checking some random persons favorites list off their profile.... If they even have have a public list at all.
  5. Bullying? Lol ok. I'm sure he doesn't care what some random newb says on a forum. Him and a few others' opinion is a favorite point is only for your favorites of all time. Me, I think they should be given as top 10% since that's how they are accrued. Favorites is the only form of a voting system we have so I feel like "voting" is contributing to the game. I think that YOUR perspective is skewed, you are such a vet and you've seen so many that you are forgetting how excited newbies are to find certain types of hides for the first time. Or maybe that newbie who hid a hide that they think it's super clever, even though YOU may have seen it 100 times... getting a favorite point here or there means a lot to them and may inspire them to keep making better hides. EDIT: your give ratio is pretty good though. I'm definitely not saying you should give out every point as soon as you get it. But I've seen ratios mentioned that are worse than on4bam's
  6. That's exactly what I'm saying. So out of 3,000 caches found, not a single one meets your standards? Get off your high horse. It doesn't have to literally be your favorite, they votes to tell other cachers which ones are the best of the 3,000. If you haven't found one favorite in the last 3,000 (ratio) then you sure as hell aren't gonna suddenly find 300 in a row that you deem worthy, so what's the point of saving them? But hey, I'm just a peasant with 200 finds. It would sure be nice to have some more votes on the thousands of caches around me so I can visit the the better crappy caches over the worse crappy caches on my way to 300 finds.
  7. Loggers insisting that the 50ml preform they found is really a small and not micro as it's listed as. Hoarding hundreds or even thousands of favorite points available to give.
  8. On the website you can dip your whole trackable inventory as part of the find log. It would be nice if the app worked the same way instead of having to manually dip each trackable.
  9. same problem. usually only on bigger lists.
  10. I recently found a high terrain rated lonely cache with an MIA CO and low and behold SSS is on the online log but not the physical log.
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