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  1. I use an IPad 2 with 3G when I am in a city, and use a handheld GPS if I am in the woods. I find the IPad to be very accurate. If the IPad does not have 3G, you can buy a GPS accessory to plug into it. Bad-elf.com sells them for $100.

  2. Any idea when we are going to see an app that is designed for the iPad?


    (Yes, I know the iPhone app works)


    ipads will require an actual gps to be installed in them first.


    Quick Googling tells that 3G-model iPad has GPS but Wi-Fi model doesn't. At least mine (3G) finds my location with Wi-Fi turned off (3G off as well).

    I wouldn't carry my iPad to the woods but it is convinient for planning caching trips and logging. Maps in bigger screen look nice.

  3. Fully agree that nano should be added as a cache size. The great thing about nanos is that they can be placed on areas that other caches cannot. I like having caches that can be placed in the woods, but also ones that can be hidden in a city right near areas that should be visited. I used to hate caches that did not have tradables in them, but now I use geocaching as a way to find sites when I am visiting another area.

  4. I did not see the answer in any guidelines. Should the difficulty rating of a cache be based on how hard it is to find when not using a spoiler or hint.


    My thought is that the rating should be based on how difficult it is to find without using the hint or a spoiler. These are things to use when unable to locate.


    I recently received a log posting for a cache that I rated at 3 stars. It is a nano, so GPS alone would make it hard to locate. The poster wrote that he did not believe it should be rated at 3 stars.

  5. I would also suggest Lago del Garda. In Northern Italy, it is the largest lake. The southern part is about thirty minutes west of Verona. I believe that the northern part of the lake (Riva del Garda) would be the area to visit. There are plenty of caches nearby the lake and in the mountains.

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