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  1. Is the odometer fixed in the 2.50 firmware? Or is it a Hardware bug that cant be fixed with software? Is there no way to get correct data? Its a really important for me to get such data. I do a lot of slow walking, as when I pick berries and mushroom in the deep forest. Will the "trip computer" give correct data? What is the difference between a trip computer ad odometer?
  2. Thanks for the answer, The maps here in Sweden are very expensive, and our terrain (1:50 000) map don't have car routing feature (not 100% sure, but almost). Will use the maps mainly for finding the best way home when I pick mushrooms, berries, biking, hiking... But until I get the maps I will use custom maps. I really think im going to zoom pan and zoom some, to find to best way home when im 3-4 hours into the forest. Thanks for the links!
  3. Going to order a 62s this day, without any maps; going to use Custom maps to start out with, and if that is not enough I'll get maps for 275 dollar. (expensive!) To the question: Does the Speed of the MicroSD card matter? I've seen there are many quality's; cheap and a bit more expensive that can handle transfer speed of 20 mb/sec. I want little as possible lag when zooming/using the map. Ideas what to get?
  4. Not sure about tiles, but I have 5 or 6 custom map KMZ files in mine and it works fine. Thanks, i read in another topic that the unit could have only 100 tiles in total. so, one map with 100 tiles or 2 with 50 each. If the unit can handle more then 100 tiles in total i will order one... Can someone test it out?
  5. Gah! What happend to the topic? Should been "Myths I've heard about Custom maps"! Maybe a mod can fix? Going to get a Garmin 62s, to replace my iPhone 3GS for Geocaching and as a Saftey-net when I'm in the deep forest and collecting eatable mushrooms. Mmmm The only thing that worried me is Maps! I cant afford buying maps, but I have found that Custom maps works great if I use Atalas Creator. Buuuuuut, I read somewhere you can only have ONE custom map with 100 tiles at the time, in the gps unit. Is that true? That would be a BIG drawback for me. IF i an load many Custom maps with each 100 tiles it would be great. Any one can confirm how it is?
  6. Can the 62s handle more then One 100 tiless custom map? Or can I just have One custom map with 100 tiles i the unit?
  7. Thanks a lot! Then I wont get BirdsEye... Garmin should have a free Birdseye browse page. and please, dont go there and "steal" all the mushrooms. ;-)
  8. Can somebody please show me a a birseye screenshot from this place WGS 84:N 57° 44.536', E 16° 13.603' WGS 84 - decimal:57.74226, 16.22672 RT90:6402023, 1525104 SWEREF99:6400677, 573028
  9. only 9h battery time? then you must have used the buttons alot?
  10. Is there no pics of the ST build in maps? Really want to see details on the area where i live.
  11. does birds eye use google maps, or something else?
  12. Been using my iPhone 3gs as my primary device for a year or so, and with Google maps it has been great. I see how I should walk so I don't have to cross a swamp, and how the vegetation look like so I can plan get the best route for me. The issues is, battery life, 3g reception and that the GPS in the iPhone is thaaat accurate. There for the Google sat-maps are great. The thing is I want something more rugged then an iPhone. But still have the features I have in my iPhone: Sat-maps, and road navigation and easy navigate on the screen. And edit and add positions in my computer and upload them to the device. I'm very used to touch-screen, but i don't want such GPS device because I want to be able to use gloves. Im aware of Birds Eye view, and read a lot o negative about it in this forum. I really want to have ton of maps on the memory card. Is it enough to download them once? Lets say, you pay for Bird Eye year one, and DL all maps you need, do I need to pay year 2, to get to use the same maps? And those Birds Eye use google maps, or something else, with less detail? And, will a real gps update on the map non stop, or will it, like the iphone get halted sometimes? And based on this, can someone give me a tip of a GPS to buy? The Garmin 62s and ST looks very neat. Is there no "screenshot" of the ST maps? Are they good enough for GC?
  13. I use a iPhone 3gs as my primary GPS device, and its works great when there are easy caches, much thank to Google satellite maps. But the position is sometimes spot-on and other time waaaay off and the "arrow" movies. Something really annoying. And under heavy vegetation I dont get a signal at all, well a weak one. And the largest issue is that the "arrow" dont always moves, its halted for a few min some times. And also, the battery time on the iphone with gps on is baaaaad. So the question is now. Will I find the caches easier with a 62s and will my position be absolute and not move when I'm standing at a specific spot? I think i would really miss the google sat maps with a real gps. How well does the barometric altimeter works? those it works better then the gps, that may gives 20-30 meter errors. How good is the maps in the 62ST model, are they enough for geocaching?
  14. thanks, did't think I had to do it this way. thanks for the help.
  15. yes its activated. and it got its own page and so on.
  16. Just placed my first cache, with my new travel bug in the forest. But how do I place the travel bug in the cache on this site?
  17. The GPS 76 looks great to. A littel more expensive. Better resulution and its come with a data cabel. Is the 76 the same gps as the 72 model? The differ is higher resultion and ability to a external antenna. I will use my GPS mostly for cardriving and, finding the way back to my car. ;-) AND when I are at sea and catch pike pikes! :-) Maps are good. I know. But they are TO expensive for me.
  18. Hello everyone! I have been thinking of buying a GPS 72. And i Have a few quastions... Is it a good GPS? Can I upload other maps to the GPS. Like streetmaps over cities? Or do I need a GPS with MAP then? Is it price worth? I have been looking for review without results. Have a nice day everyone!
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