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  1. I changed my Verizon from @vtext to @vzwpix.com and was able to verify my phone notifications. But now, I'm getting raw html code ex: <Subject: [GEO] Notify... (Traditional Cache)><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC" etc, etc.>

    I changed back to @vtext and can't verify email address because of truncation. Help???

  2. Check out www.all-battery.com


    Their batteries are inexpensive enough. I've found that where you want to spend your money is on the CHARGER.


    I've got a Fuji recharger that came with my digicam. Fairly useless.


    Then got a Radio Shack unit that's much better.


    I purchased the $24 Tenergy Speedy Box recharger from all-battery (because it accepts different sizes and types) and compared the three chargers.


    For reference: I just tested a brand-new Duracell Coppertop (exp date MAR 2013) straight out of the package. It tested at 1.63 volts.


    Unscientifically, of course, but the charging (with their built-in auto-shutoff determining length of time taken)


    Fuji NIMH charging unit: 1.2 - 1.3 volts with 2100mAh NIMH. Auto-shut off. Don't know how long it took.


    Radio Shack (6 hour, manual switch NIMH/NICAD is only description I can give) charging unit: 1.4volts (don't have the batteries in front of me, but were NIMH). Auto shut-off.


    All-battery's Tenergy Speedy Box: 1.53volts with 2600 mAh NIMH. Takes a couple hours.


    Tenergy takes longer, but has some comforting LEDs. Lets you discharge/recharge, senses plain old dead cells, charges AAA, AA, C, D and 9volt in combinations of four (6 with two 9volters) mix and match sizes and mix and match Ni-Cad and/or NIMH. Plus its kinda cool and important looking :ninja:



    My Fuji camera eats alkalines for breakfast.. so much so that I stopped using the camera for a while. Always dying when you needed it. I tried rechargables next. But with the Fuji charger, full charge (to 1.2 - 1.3 volts) didn't last very long, even with 2100 mAh NIMHs.


    I saw this very irreverent Web Site where a guy diagrams out a circuit to recharge Alkalines. Instead of building his circuit, WTF, I say, I'll ACCIDENTALLY throw a couple of almost dead (<1 volt) alkalines in the Fuji charger and watch them like a hawk. Charged them for 45 minutes. (Fuji charger delivers 4.3 volts at its terminals. Do not try this at home or open field.) Took them out and put them on the meter. 1.5 volts. Yes, they were warm when I took them out, but they didn't blow up the house or spew acid anywhere. :)


    Shot maybe 40 pictures, with flash, with the lens retracting into the camera body 3-4 times (does this when you shut it off and that takes some juice). End of the day, recharged alkaline batteries tested out on the multimeter at 1.39volts each.


    My gut is to go tried and true (Rechargable NIMHs, check for at least a charge of 1.5volts with a multimeter, get Hi capacity 2600 mAh). Maybe have the local fire department recharge a couple alkalines with a cheapo recharger. Tell them not to leave them in too long. Use these in Gameboys, WII controllers, wireless mice and keyboards.


    Just my 85 cents. Your milage may vary.

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