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  1. Seeing as it has been decided for us that we are no longer to stay with Groundspeak, Clyde England (owner of GSAK) has kindly offered to allow this support thread to continue on his forum. Please refrain from posting any further items here (so that new people can see this last post and know where to head to) The new site for support questions is: Pilotsnipes Garmin Nuvi - True Paperless Geocaching Support: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=12382 Also for reference: jjreds Advanced Nuvi Macro support: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=12382
  2. As a public note, I would like the say the following. I regret Groundspeak's decision as described by Robert Lipes's post above. I think it is wrong, short-sighted and not in the spirit of geocaching that most of us would *assume* should be the norm. I shall not fight the decision, I have better things to do with my life, but I would formally - and respectively - ask that Groundspeak reconsider their position and allow this very well behaved, well contained thread continue. I would suggest any supporters of my stance should email Groundspeak directly, not post in this thread as that would probably only weaken my argument about a well behaved thread. Thank you. (Especially to the all the users of the script). Happy hunting.
  3. Try recalibrating the nuvi screen It should be in the display settings of your nuvi, or just type into google Re-calibrate Nuvi 350 screen and follow instructions. Should be fixed in 2 mins
  4. Robert, would it be a fair comment to make, that the existence of these programs has added to your (Groundspeak) coffers far more than any infrastructure costs in maintaining the people who visit here? It would seem more harm than good would be the outcome to Groundspeak's bottom line (lets face it you are a business and money counts) if people didn't find these threads and explore geocaching. The fact that people can now manage thousands of caches easily, drives them instantly towards premium membership and pocket queries... $$$ I'm just a little shocked at this stance, that's all.
  5. Lock ups have normally be associated to the Nuvi firmware. My Nuvi 760 was awful for it until garmin released an updated firmware and it stopped. Perhaps a place to start is the firmware update page on the website?
  6. I actually don't have any idea sorry. Is there a chance perhaps this is in fact a small firmware bug with the unit? Perhaps a quick email to Garmin might shed some light on it? (Although it'll take a week for them to reply)
  7. Yes. It will be in the /garmin/poi folder. If there are more .gpi files in there, someother person/program has added them.
  8. You just need to run POILOADER again and select the remove poi option during it's option screens. I've found the Nuvi holds it's own when searching in tough areas. It is NOT the best one out there under heavy tree cover, between very high builds (eg newyork) but it does a fair job at it. My handhelds gps's (vista hcx etc) to be honest are not that much better. On all of my Nuvi's if it can't detect any satellites after about 4-7 mins, it pops up with a question "Are you indoors?" which I can then tell it to either keep searching or go into GPS simulation mode. Does this not occur for you? That must be a wide screen 250? AFAIK that feature has not been added to the normal small screen 250, unless I'm getting confused with the Nuvi's 205?
  9. Interesting. Do these particular cachers have a particular theme or something? Just wondering on why you would "stalk" a cacher (just kidding with the stalk there!). Just in case I'm missing something!
  10. @gardengorilla I'm really not sure what you're doing wrong, or if your browser has some sort of plug in disabling mediafire. The file has been downloaded well over 3000 times now with no complaints! Here's what I see when I click that link I use firefox too...
  11. Actually I'm not sure if the Advanced does this directly, however, if you open up my macro and look at line 320, you can tweak how the child caches are named there. You must be using jjreds macro, try his thread for support: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=195389 Not sure what link leads you to a password as I've just checked it myself and it seems fine. Here's the link to POILOADER 2.5.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?imz1fgijutm
  12. This is answered in the FAQ/support link in my sig. (Answer - at least thousands probably tens of thousands.) <Sigh> my sig wasn't added so here's the link: http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com/support.html
  13. I have to honestly say I have no idea Storm Chasers, I've never had those conditions myself.... Perhaps if you were to forgo having the beep (ie just get onscreen warnings WITHOUT the ding) that might stop the tracks skipping. The easiest way to do this is to use jjreds macro with the option to have no sounds.....hope that helps.
  14. Ahh yes, of course I had forgotten about those icons. Although perhaps they are a little big to put on the nuvi display...especially if there are a lot of caches close together. Could you post them so we can see them?
  15. I'll second that, although where/what icons will you use!? I haven't seen any that show Trad caches by size...
  16. Thank you very much for the kind words, but don't stress about "leaving me" - I use jjreds myself! So if it's good enough for me to leave my own project then I think it's absolutely fine for you too! Really glad people enjoy using it.
  17. Time to upgrade to jjred macro which works exactly the same way as mine, but has better processing of caches to stop that error. (Basically one of your Caches has a really funny name with lots of symbols like ><?."!"{}@: in the name of it. That cause the error.) http://jjreds01.googlepages.com/download
  18. http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com/support.html
  19. I'm afraid not, although writing the gpx file is relatively simple and it's easy to give you a template for that (just open any gpx file with 2 or more caches and you'll see it's just an XML file with certain special tags that the garmin reads) unless you have some sort of database program to hold all the caches, I just can't see how you would manage this. Sorry.
  20. Delighted it helped There's a lesson in there somewhere alright! People who read the thread (yes I know there are a lot of pages) don't seem to have any problems when it comes to doing the whole process!
  21. The first thing I notice here is the missing "Tourguide" on the second picture. Looks like there could be a filename problem when slice and dice is enable. Seeing as I personally don't use that option, I haven't had a chance to look at the code though....
  22. Guys check out the advanced Nuvi macro for all these requests: http://jjreds01.googlepages.com/download
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