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  1. AMEN to that - Dimple Rocks has been laughing and taunting us since it was posted. Thought FR75 would be opened first of April however due to the late spring, the local Forest Service thought best to keep it closed til mid April. That ok - gives us another reason to head back to finish some caches, get in some good camping. This area has some fantastic caches!!!
  2. Keystone - Thanks for the speedy assist on the caches! Always appreciate all your help with WV and caching! I'm pretty certain there are two teams/cachers qualified to log their finds now. Wandering Bears / WVCoalcat - Me thinks you are right!!!
  3. How long should it take to review and approve a cache? A buddy hid two caches (one traditional, one micro) on March 26 and both have not been approved. It appears that other caches have have been hidden and approved after these hides. The first one is a traditional, it isnt located in any state park - is on public land on a well-traveled public trail (the Hatfield & McCoy Trail). The second is a small micro located near a local landmark. There are no reviewer notes and have followed the guidelines. How long should the process take? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Hold it and we will come! A mid South/SouthEast event would be MARVELOUS! (bump)
  5. This is a great park and a beautiful part of the state ! ! ! Count us in - we would enjoy attending an event here - might even have to do some camp/caching to find some of the great new caches in the Motown area. Do you have any tentative plans? -- Team BattleCache --
  6. We are in Charleston - however we will travel anywhere in the state to CACHE!
  7. raine, Thanks for the help - it looks GOOD as NEW!! I use FrontPage and just cut and paste when creating web pages - looks like I need to get some better tools in the toolbox. Thanks again! Mark
  8. Since the new formating changes to the cache pages, one of my caches will not display. When I click on the link, it just goes into cycles of "loading" and "opening". I am unable to edit the page. Any thoughts on whats going on? The waypoint that is having issues is GCPBW0. Thanks - Mark Team BattleCache
  9. Inside Section B (page 2) of WV Sunday's Gazette-Mail is an article on Geocaching and the effort underway at Canaan Valley to add caching to its list of activities. A copy of the article can be found at http://www.wvgazette.com/section//2005050713 This part of the state has some of the most scenic caches in the state with varying levels of difficulty!! We are fortunate that WV State Parks programs support geocaching unlike other state parks' programs that have banned the activity. One confusing note in the article is it doesnt look like Canaan Valley is going to list thier caches on geocaching.com?? For some reason, the park requires cachers to stop and ask for the coords. - not sure how potential cachers will know that these caches exist if they are not posted on the website. Hopefully these caches will get listed on geocaching.com where finders can log thier find.
  10. It was pretty easy to set up and get running. The cost was pretty reasonable, there was a setup charge of about 15.00 bucks which included the first month of service. The re-occuring monthly was about 5.00 bucks plus inbound call rate of about .05 a minute. We werent too concern with the inbound call rate as we guessitmated that the inbound would never go over 100 minutes. I dont think we ever had a monthly over 6 or 7 bucks. Well woth it for the fun of the cache! If you want more specific info, drop us a note and we will be happy to provide what info we can. Best regards -- -- Puter -- Team BattleCache
  11. We placed an urban voice cache using the sticker below and placing it into a telephone booth. To log your visit, you had to call this 888 number where the finder would hear a "Welcome Cacher - Congrats on the Find!" message. To log your find, you had to record your geocaching screen name and also log your find on the website. The voice recording gave the final coords of this two-step multi where the cacher would find a traditional ammo can. This cache really challenged cachers. Some found it quickly, some needed a couple of hints but it did get lots of attention. However, someone kept peeling the sticker off the booth so we ended up archiving. We might have to bring this one off the shelf again and put it back into service ! -- Puter -- Team BattleCache
  12. We placed an urban voice cache in a telephone booth. To log your visit, you had to call this 888 number where the finder would hear a "Welcome Cacher - Congrats on the Find!" message. To log your find, you had to record your geocaching screen name. This cache really challenged cachers and got lots of hunters. However, someone kept peeling the sticker off the booth so we ended up archiving. -- Puter -- Team BattleCache
  13. Congrats on the "DOUBLE MILESTONE"!! Eli told us the one (200), just how many was the BDays?
  14. While hunting Bluet’s new New Years Cache, we started talking about a possible mid-winter get-together event for all the new and seasoned cachers to stay in touch during the “colder season of low caching”. We were thinking somewhere in the Huntington area where possibly some of the local cachers from Ohio and Kentucky could join us. Looking to see if there is any interest or suggestions on what to do? One thought was to meet at one of the local Chinese Buffets for lunch. One possible date would be Feb 19th? Nothing is confirmed at this time, just putting out some feelers to see if there is any interest. Please post or email me with your comments! Best regards – – Puter – Team BattleCache
  15. Congrats on reaching the 300 milestone - may your next 100 be as fun as the last! -- Puter --
  16. Thanks for the good words - with MikeDX and WVDan always raising the bar, an old man like me has to double-time just to keep up with them. And dont think that I dont already know that my move to second place is going to be short lived - seems that I have been following WVDan all month. Every cache that I have logged has already been found by him (not too mention that he is usually FTF). I thought I would get one passed him with Lost River because it is so far out of the way, and darnit, he already got that one too! MeeMaw - Yep, I am married and I think that she has enjoyed me out from under her hair this month! And WVDan, I wish that I had a teleportation device - I have started researching for South Peak and wouldnt that come in really HANDY for that one! I am sure that this cache will be my last find in WV (one way or another!). -- Puter --
  17. MITW, A very good thread - and a very good question. One cache that comes to mind is RON@CRW RON@CRW. I am sure that there are others - Puter
  18. MikeDX, Congrats! Great job finding all these caches - seeing that you have just about completed the state, what will you do once you find them all? Best -- Puter
  19. WVDan, MikeDX, Maybe we should all tackle the Summit together - that way, we each have someone to talk to on the trip down when we fall !! Puter
  20. Eli, Congrats on hitting the 400 milestone - I'm betting that 399 of those were FTF'rs -- Puter --
  21. Count us in - either day is fine, no preference. We are looking forward to meeting everyone and putting names with faces . If there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know. -- Puter -- Team BattleCache
  22. Congrats on your 200th find!! I see that you had a steep climb for this one! -- Puter --
  23. The 22/23 proposed dates are good for us. Again, if we can help do anything, let us know! -- Puter -- Team BattleCache
  24. A great idea!! Team BattleCache would enjoy attending a Get-Together and meeting fellow cachers!! Any weekend in May except for the weekend of 15, 16 and 17 would be good. As to location, any place in WV is great!! What ever we can do to help, please let us know. -- Puter -- Team BattleCache
  25. Geowhiz, I read the requirements for placing a cache and do not see any real issues with following thier guidelines for placing a cache. One concerned is how quickly kmchenry@dnr.state.wv.us will approve a cache and provide the "official" sticker? Sounds like we will need two approvals before placing a cache. Do you know what the reasoning for: Permit is good from date issued until July 1 of the next year. After that date, the cache must be moved or removed and the new location re-permitted Will WV State Parks require a cache to archived after one year (July)? I would understand WV State Parks require the cache to be re-newed (like a car's inspection sticker) but having to move the cache seems extreme? Thanks again for "volunteering" to be our voice with WV State Parks!!!
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