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  1. If we add a Historic Attribute, then what happens when the next affinity group wants an attribute? How do you define a Historic Cache? Look at the problems we have with describing cache size (micro vs small). When I do a PQ, I read the cache descriptions and eliminate those that don't interest me. It also helps me weed out bad caches with multiple DNFs.


    If you come out to Sierra Vista, AZ you will have the opportunity to visit plenty of Historic caches and Natural caches too! Just a little plug for a great place to cache!


    I has a B.A. in History.

  2. Get her a really, really, really complicated one so that when she can't figure it out you can graciously offer her yours. She will be impressed you thought to get her the very best. She will be gratefull when you offer her an easier GPS. You will wind up with an upgraded GPS. Three good reasons if you ask me!

  3. I now have a Magellan Triton 400 which uses NG Topo and their propriatary Vantage Point. NG Topo is the map manager and Vantage Point in the geocache manager


    Prior to that I used Topographix Expert GPS ($49.95). I use it for caching & hiking. I am a BSA Scoutmaster so hiking is my primary consideration. Expert GPS retrieves USGS maps from the Topographix server and load them to your PC. The only thing that I do to the map is draw in the declination diagram.


    They also have a package called GEOBUDDY http://www.geobuddy.com/ for $49.95. It is obviously more attuned to caching.


    Both programs have a 30 day free trial period.

  4. BC & Miss Kitty


    We love Canadians who visit AZ so feel free to come down and poke anywhere there is a cache. If the person cached in their yard, then they know what they are getting themselves into. I visited one who was a shut in and the cache was an oportunity to see friendly faces. She had a lot of information about the local area so the 10 minutes I spent making her day, made mine.

  5. Rhuff04


    I am an ocasional cacher with Scouts being my primary outdoor activity. We will be going out to the San Pedro by Charleston and knock out some caches. I am surprised you haven't bumped into more cachers. Yesterday afternoon when I was leaving post there was a truck with the Geocache logo and someone has a license plate TNLNSL.

  6. There are two Kartchner Caverns tours. Both are open now. My preference is the The Rotunda/Throne Tour which is open year round. The Big Room Tour is closed April 16 - October 14 so the migratory bats can roost. Both tours are about 1.5 hours. Give yourself about an hour to visit the Discovery Center and learn more about the caverns.


    If you are going out to Kartchner Caverns and want to combine the trip with caching, book an early tour. That should give you time to do some good caching.


    I am from Sierra Vista and there are plenty of caches. You will not need a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the Kartchner Caverns, Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Benson Loop unless you want to head up into the Huachuca Mnts. The San Pedro Riparian Area has vehicle restrictions. (Very scenic caches, such as Eager Beaver (mine)).


    An alternate is Kartchner Caverns, South to Hwy 82 to Sonoita and finally Hwy 83 North to I-10. You will find plenty of easy to find caches near the roads and opportunities for 4 wheeling to other caches.


    I've lived in Sierra Vista for 17 years and still enjoy the Desert Museum. Every time I go I learn something that helps me as a BSA Scoutmaster.

  7. There is an abandoned Titan Missile Site with two caches near Marana. SAC 570-5 (GC19RBF) and DEFCON 1 (GCCXHV). I suggest you visit the Titan Missile Museum first so you know what you are looking at. If you plan on visiting Tombstone or Bisbee you will have lots of cache opportunities.


    Flagstaff is great when there isn't snow and right now there is plenty of it. My son is a student at NAU.

  8. If you plan on leaving a cache on any government land it is a good practice to call or e-mail the agency responsible in advance. Not only will you avoid having your cache removed, but they might have recommended areas to place your cache. They will definely tell you about any restricted areas.


    To Lazy Sunbathers: If you attended The USCGA, then Go Norwich, Beat Coast Guard!

  9. You can camp just about anywhere in the National Forests. You might do a query for Sierra Vista and look i the Huachucas for lower Carr Canyon or lower Miller Canyon. Both have latrines and tables. Bring your own water. This time of year most illegals are heading home for the holidays. Not many are coming North because of the economic situation. Druggies know where the camping areas are and avoid them.

  10. I own a Magellan Sport Trak. Last year I purchased a Triton 300 based on my previous experience. That was a big mistake. Triton was not ready to be released and Magellan knew it. If their testing didn't catch the problems the feed back they received should have. WWW.Tritonforum.com chronicled Triton's many defficiencies yet they continued to sell their defficient product with misleading promotions like you don't need a PHD to use it. I spent more time figuring out how to work around their nonoperational features than actually caching. They advertised 10 hour battery life yet on Triton Forum they admitted it was less. National Geographic Topo Maps is their major selling point. What they don't tell you is that in order to transfer map data to their Vantage Point Software you must up load NG Topo it to your Trinton and then down load it to Vantage Point. If you are foolish enoughn to purchase a Triton make it a Triton 400 so you can store map data on the SD Card. I am constantly running to Vanatge Point to up and down load map data because there isn't enough internal memory. Had Magellan advertised the actual map coverage of the Triton 300, I would have purchased an Explorist instead. Now, I will never buy another Magellan product. :blink:

  11. Social consciousness is in the eyes of the beholder. I am politically, socially, economically and religiously conservative. Other cachers may be on the other side of the spectrum. Somehow, I don't see ourselves sitting around singing Kumbia. After all some atheist cachers might object to Kumbia, as is their right!

  12. Outdoorsman Req 9 includes a 3 mile hike.


    Is there a trail nearby that has 3-4 caches along the way?

    Make your own cache trail or multi-cache.



    Make your own cache swag and go caching

    Decorate a cache container(s) and open a cache(s)



    Build a cache container(s) and open a cache(s)



    Open a cache at a nature site. Research info about the site such as local trees, plants, animals... and make a small book to include in the cache container.



    Design a cache page for any of the above. Include narrative, pictures etc




    Former WB DL & Current SM.

  13. Cub Scout, P412, Brooklyn, NY 63-65

    Boy Scout, T261, Farmingdale, NY 65-71. I was a Star, PL, SPL & JASM along with OA - Brotherhood. Scouting instilled a life long love of the outdoors. I particularly enjoyed winter camping and backpacking. I was awarded an Army ROTC Scholarship. Scouting was the major reason I was awarded the scholarship. (the scholarship board members that interviewed me were all Scouts).


    I returned to Scouts as Assistant Den Leader and Webelos Den Leader, when my son became a Cub Scout. I moved on to Scouts and am currently the SM for T480, Sierra Vista, AZ. My son aged out in Jan as an Eagle Scout. Today he arrived at Northern AZ University where he will be an Army ROTC Scholarship cadet.


    My daughter is a Senior Girl Scout. (Her troop still refers to themselves as Cadettes & Seniors).


    We owe alot to Scouting.


    If any of you are on the Scouting Forum, I am also Weewillie there!

  14. I have a container cache Eager Beaver GC113AX and a micro cache OK in AZ GC1AF0F. They were placed because the container made sense for the location.


    Eager Beaver highlights the reintroduction of beaver along the San Pedro River. It is along a family friendly trail. Swag originally included items for geo-tykes. Soon, I will be refreshing Eager Beaver with geo-tyke swag.


    OK in AZ highlight the fact that the movie Oklahoma was actually filmed in Arizona. It is a P&G near buildings used for the movie.


    Future caches will be in locations for historic, natural, cultural, or scenic value with a narrative about the location. I will probably lean toward micros but will include at least one geo-tyke friendly cache.


    Generally, I TNLNSL unless it is a TB. I replace the TB with BSA patches.

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