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  1. Hello everyone; I would like to know who might be interested in taking a Geocaching related cruise. While on the water there would be Geocaching related activities, met and greets, classes, etc. I am looking at setting this up for the summer/fall of 2014. I have a couple of destinations in mind but I am not ready to disclose them just yet. Just trying to get a feel if this is even feasible. I would like to kick it off with an event that would be certified mega at a later date. It would of course be open to muggles as one of the classes could be Geocaching 101. As long as it is civil all input will be welcome. N7MFT
  2. I should have read more before replying. Disregard my comments.
  3. N7MFT

    Days of the year

    With all of the days of the year challenges I would like a feature that would export a list of all days I have not found a cache to a file that is readable by a callendar site or software. Ie.... Yahoo, google, or the blackberry callendars. Or a feature that could be activated by pm's that would allow the side to email/text them on those days they need a cache.
  4. I like the idea. While it is not about the numbers for most people others do want hide credit for the caches they help with. I don't think that they should necesasarily be able to edit the xcache but theyt should be able to do maintenance on them. I have a cache that a friend of mine helped me hideand I would line for hime to get the credit for his first. Well that is my 2 cents. N7MFT
  5. Another issue assuming that the datum is correct is how long you are waiting before marking the coordinates. If the GPS has an averaging option you should use it. If not you should allow the gps to sit at the coordinates for a few minutes before marking the coordinates to allow them to settle and be as accurate as possible. That being said. I have also placed caches that people are saying the coordinates are off. I took a friend to them and asked him to verify my coordinates. His coordinates were within a 1-2 feet of what I had published. Different GPS receivers may have different accuracies. Other things that could have caused issues with accuracy are... Weather, Power lines, tree cover, and walls. I hope this helps.
  6. This has been happening to me also, however most of the time mine do not reappear. It does not matter if I use the API or not. As far as the $35 for the use of this site. At this time I am sorry I renewed for $30. I am looking for work and it is hard enough to come up with the cash. This is not the time to be raising Fees. That is unless they are trying to get people to leave for one of the other sites?
  7. I for one refuse to search for these caches until Garmin does the right thing and allows programming of chirps with the Colorado series, or at least a stand alone option.
  8. What is Garmin thinking? While it is nice to be able to detect the chirps they are still trying to make people buy new units in order to program the chirps. I guess they don really want to sell them. I would have purchased one right away and several more in the near future if they ad done this right. Another missed opportunity. I for one will not buy another Garmin until they make this right.
  9. Looks like us CO owners may be in luck. Dear Jeremy, Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I am happy to help you with this. Yes. The chirp is compatible with all devices with unit-to-unit wireless transfer capabilities. The Colorado 300 and 400 series has this feature. If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. If replying to this message, Please include all correspondence. With Best Regards, Tyler K Software Support Specialist Software Team Garmin International This is interesting. I just contacted Garmin yesterday and was told there were no plans to add the chirp to the CO. I will have to check mine after I get it back from repair.
  10. That cache page is written very well! Maybe that is the format more people should use when setting up a TB Hotel. Ok here is my stupid question. What is a travel bug Hotel? Basically a TB hotel is a cache large enough to hold a large number of travel bugs. They are usually placed in areas that are well traveled. i.e... Rest stops, hotels, etc... This way cachers can pick up and drop off TB's while traveling and get them closer to their destination.
  11. If the cache needs maintenance then I am OK with cachers not signing the log. However, if the cache has plenty of room, or there is room to stick a piece of paper in the log then my caches must be signed. I only have one cache and it is in a parking lot next to a store. How hard it is to take the log in and ask to borrow a pen?, for for that matter purchase one. I always sign the logs of the caches I find. I have replaced logs that were damp, or full and then signed them. The exception is an unusual cache with a log that at that time I did not carry with me. (Not sure if I will in the future either.) This being said cache owners need to do maintenance on their caches, and cachers need to report using the needs maintenance log. Since I only have the 1 cache it is pretty easy for me to keep up on the maintenance but I can see how a person with many caches could have trouble keeping up with the maintenance if people are not using the needs maintenance log. I recently have had my first log on my cache with a could not sign the log because I did not have a pen. I am thinking of asking the cacher to go back and sign the log and edit the online log to reflect that she signed it. She is local, so it should not be an issue but I will not hesitate to delete the online log if the physical is not signed in a reasonable amount of time.
  12. Hello; I use GSAK for my caching needs and I would like to ask for a feature. I would like an archived caches file that members could download either once a month or once every two months. The list would be an ongoing list of the previous 2 - 3 months archived caches. The value in this is that Clyde and the other developers could add code into their programs that would delete the archived caches from the database of caches that have not been found. It would also remove the need for the emailing of archived cache notifications. Looking forward to hearing what you think.
  13. Here is an Idea, Buy a cheap laptop and get an air card. That way you cannot get Fired for going around school policy. Also Just because the students don't know the specifics does not mean they do not know what you are doing is wrong. If you cannot get the district to fix the blocking so it only blocks the portion of the site that is meant to be blocked then this should be your solution.
  14. Then, I think you'd be surprised. I use it and know many people that use it all the time. One of the most common uses is when someone won't check on their caches after many DNFs. There are some people that are terrible at maintaiing their caches. I'd ignore all the cache hidden by these people if I could because they waste people's time. Interesting thing here. I have seen many caches with multiple DNF's. If there are two DNF;s I will not spend very much time looking for it, and I will log as needs maintenance. I have also seen comments on a find that state the cache needs maintenance but no needs maintenance log has been logged. Part of this issue is cachers that do not know how to, or do not care to use the needs maintenance log. Sure it is an extra log but it will save time for other cachers and it will let you know if you were unable to find a cache because it was not there.
  15. I found one on the second floor of a multi story parking structure. I had to go to the top of the structure and find the approximate position and then check every floor on the way down. I did find it though.
  16. A colleague of mine decided to try geocaching for the first time. After failing, he came and talked with me. He said, "all there was at the coordinates was this light pole in the middle of the parking lot!" Our first cache find was like that. All we had was a Garmin Nuvi 255w at the time. We went back twice, thinking the GPS was off. Looked in every shrub, and overturned every landscaping rock within a 50 foot radius. Then I went back home and Googled "geocache" "parking lot". Bingo. I didn't know those bases lifted until i saw someone write about this thing called "LPC" in the forums. This is where going with a group can help.
  17. Too bad Garmin hasn't come up with a firmware version for the Colorado & Oregon Series' that will display the Icons. Can someone tell me why it takes the 1.01 version to get the icons to be in the first log? The 1.0 version has them as they come up in GSAK.
  18. So I guess you keep the liberals out of these areas? Honestly, I have 2 relatives that are severely allergic to peanuts. They take responsibility for themselves. I am so tired of having to assume responsibility for others. I will of course, list a pb container on the cache page it is is used but like others have said what about the person that just ate a pb sandwich and is now handling caches, travel bugs, coins, etc..... No one in this world wants to take responsibility for themselves anymore.
  19. I followed the link in the knowledge book and tried to move my coins/trackables to a collection and I am unable to do that. First there is no actions pulldown on that page. If we are supposed to go in to each trackable page, There is no move to collection action. I have tried this on trackables I have in my own possession and I have made them collectible and not collectible. Am I doing something wrong?
  20. Nate; I must agree with these people. I have never heard of a travel bug that was sent out to be "collected." Is there anything supposed to be listed on the page that says it has been listed as not collectible? I changed mine that have been released and then went to the TB page. I see nothing that states it is not collectible. I think there should be a big red "NOT COLLECTIBLE" listed on the trackable page.
  21. Now, just read the Trackables Collection knowledge book. I don't know about this having/letting 'other' cachers 'collect' TBs. I understand very well the need to make yourself a 'collection' list, and move in/out your own TBs from this list. I log every TB I have in my possession at the time I 'Found' a cache, aka 'dip', mine AND others, until I find a cache appropriate to 'drop'. Having a 'Collection' may help others with large self-owned TB collection, as this new feature seems to be intended for. BUT, this feature should NOT be available for any TBs owned by others! Why do you want your own TBs to be collected by others?! TBs that are not yours MUST always be listed in the holder's 'Inventory' list all the time, as a 'necessary reminder' that they have it. TB are meant to travel from cache to cache, once released into the 'wild', NOT Collected! Just my thought. Hampsters are live & kicking! Look forward to all the improvements! ~ Dr.MORO I completely agree
  22. I do not see anything wrong with it as long as it is not interfering with the coins/tb's mission. I would keep an eye on them though and anything that stays longer that say, 2 weeks, I would move it along to another cache so that it might continue to travel.
  23. I would think that info would be in the owners manual and the manual if you do not have yours should be available on the Samsung website. Just messing with ya. Well, mostly.
  24. N7MFT

    PQ 40 Limit

    Since you mentioned it. The map for the travel bugs is small and squatty. I had sent an email asking for a selectable size, or even a pop out map. I was told to put it in the forums and let people comment on it. So what does everyone think. Would you like to be able to select a larger map size? I was also wondering while reading this thread how about when posting on a TB log that you have posted on before a screen could pop up and say "You have posted to this log before. Are you sure?" Mainly for discoveries. Another option that cache owners and dippers alike would like is the option to "dip" in one transaction. The reason I say that both would like it is that it would/could eliminate/reduce emails sent that then have to be deleted. It could potentially reduce server time (Granted a very small amount.) as the retrieving of the TB/Coin would then be automated. it would also shorted logs on the TB/Coins/Member profiles as the log could be entered as a "Dip" and not a place/retrieve. This could potentially save a tremendous amount of space.
  25. N7MFT

    Mobile version

    iPhone this, iPhone that. Everyone including Groundspeak has gone iPhone crazy. Why is it that people cannot see that the iPhone is an inaccurate piece of crap. The iPhone has assisted gps and not the true gps system. This means it has to use the cell towers for a location fix. I wanted an iPhone when they first came out. I am so glad I did not purchase one. What are we on version 3? Rumor has it that the iPad will have the same agps issue when the next version is released with a gps. A friend of mine has an HTC touch pro. It accessed GC.com just fine until that stupid video was put on the home page. Now the phone hangs in his preferred browser. If people want to try to find a cache with an iPhone that is their issue. However, when they hide caches with that same inaccurate (sigh) gps, they are making it an issue for all of us. It seams like when I have an issue finding a cache, if it has not been muggled, that the hider used an iPhone and the coordinates are 100' or more away from the actual. Groundspeak! if you are listening, start taking care of the masses before there are no masses to take care of. I cannot believe I am about to say this but with the number of people that are into geocaching world wide, a modest raise in membership fees could hire more resources, and maybe even get more server space.
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