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  1. I’m a newb and I’m trying to gather my thoughts on what I really think about this game. My focus isn’t to gather as many caches as possible but I’d rather see new and interesting places. I steer clear of most micros if they are in some kind of parking lot or shopping center. I really don’t understand the point of it. Most caches around me are placed with thought in mind to walk a new trail, see a cave or even see a small cemetery, which I found interesting. But, people are free to place them wherever they want and it’s up to you to choose weather to find them or not. Maps are a wonderful thing.


    Nanomite :angry:

  2. I recently posted the link below concerning the superiority of permethrin over DEET in protecting against ticks on another thread. I've since used a permethrin spray on my clothing and gone out on a cache maintenance trip. When I emerged from the woods where the cache is at, I spotted a tick crawling up my trouser leg. I was just about to flick it off when I saw something I'd never seen before - the tick flipped backwards and fell off by itself! So, I'm now a permethrin believer! :smile:


    DEET vs. Permethrin


    I tried the permethrin on cloths and the Off w/ picordin (sp) on body this weekend. I did several caches in thick bushy areas and came out chigger free today! I even tested this experiment wearing shorts and sandals. I was pretty impressed with the results.


    Nanomite :smile:

  3. Interesting. The times I've been hit the most were when wearing shorts. So much so that I've generally abandoned wearing shorts even in the hottest part of the year if I think I'm gonna be bushwhacking at all.

    Ah but wearing shorts was just part of my recommendation - when you got ate up were you also doing the other things I suggested?


    As for the Avon product mentioned, Avon Skin-so-Soft is the vastly preferred skin protectant from both bugs and sun at nudist camps world-wide.

    There's a reason for that beside the fact that oil can be fun. :anitongue:


    It works! B)


    Do you know this from first hand experience...... NTTIAWWT B)


    Nanomite :P

  4. Thanks Semper and Moore9KSUcats…. Hope to meet ya sometime!


    The funny thing is that as I type this…… It’s raining and I wonder how many of those larvae are being born. They seem to come in large clusters. It’s not like a mosquito bite with one or two but, 10 or 20 bites and somehow they move fast and by the time you’ve realized you have been bitten…. Stick a fork in it, you’re done.


    I’m so happy our lakes are full but, caching is going on the back burner until I get some really hot dry weather unless Semper’s stuff works. I know… sounds ironic.


    Oh also Moore… the name nanomite stems from a Star Trek episode.


    A Nanomite w/ micromites <_<

  5. The following is from Wikipedia


    They inject digestive enzymes into the skin that break down skin cells. They do not actually "bite," but instead form a hole in the skin and chew up tiny parts of the inner skin, thus causing severe irritation and swelling. The severe itching is accompanied with red pimple-like bumps (papules) or hives and skin rash or lesion on a sun-exposed area. For humans, itching usually occurs after the larvae detach from the skin. Chiggers are known for spreading from host to host.


    We've been in a drought for 2.5 years until recently. The excessive rain may have added to this problem but, I'm not really sure.


    C'mon you Southerners..... what do ya do to avoid them to begin with?



    Nanomite <_<

  6. I’m new and have found myself enjoying this game. I bought the gps for an entirely different reason (sailboat racing) and never expected to get involved in this but, it’s fun with the wife and son. However, several cases of chigger attacks has turned me off from hunting. I wanted to see my first benchmark and there is one close by but, it’s inundated with tall grass and large bushes so, I just left. I’ve soaked myself in Off, wore boots and long sleeves but, I still got those pesky buggers. I thought I’d worry about spiders and snakes but, no…. it’s those little freaking mites that have me scared. So… what do y’all do to avoid ‘em.


    Sorry if this has been posted before.

    Nanomite :rolleyes:


    P.S. I have more finds than listed but for some stupid reason I changed my username to the bug that’s bugging me.

  7. Well…. Uh…. I just got them to change my username. Not only that, they moved my premium subscription to this username as well. This is an old username of mine that I found to be appropriate for this sort of thing. Especially since I have a case of chiggers from hell. They are mites from the spider family that dissolve skin tissue and eat it……. Nice ;) . I’m sure I’ll have more to deal with.


    I’m totally new with about 10 finds so, I didn’t care about loosing the stats thing. The thing I kinda worry about is that I have 2 TB’s in my possession. One of them hopes to go to Antarctica. Anyways… they deleted my other account. So I guess I need to log that I have located these so that I can place them? Is that right?


    Hey Semper…. I’ve seen your badge in a cache recently. It’s nice to see a local post here!


    DaveKlein (Nanomite) :D

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