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  1. On 7/20/2017 at 1:17 PM, Geostrategist said:

    Just to add to what I started, i am currently a premium member, but only recently. My style of geocaching has been quite basic as I described earlier. Pocket queries and the like is not something I have used before, so I've had a quick look. It looks like I'll need to study some of the tutorials to work out how to do it, and get it to my GPS.

    I may be a bit of a luddite, but I prefer a GPS rather than a smart phone, so finding an easy way to continue using it is what I would prefer.

    I read your other post as well and I hear exactly what you’re saying.  This weekend I couldn’t load any geocaches to my Garmin eTrex 20 because internet Explorer no longer works properly - they are phasing it out.  So now I have no idea how to load geocaches using Chrome or some other browser.  I’m determined to geocache so I loaded six geocaches manually so I could still go out and have fun.  But I am very frustrated!  

  2. On 10/4/2020 at 9:47 PM, Jayeffel said:

    Need to play around some, the manual is not much help in this regard, at least what I found. Thanks for the help all.

    I use a Garmin eTrex 20.  I start off selecting a cache from the Geocache section (or sometimes from the Waypoint Manager, click go- that takes you to a very basic map, then push the Back button to take you back to the menu screen, click on Compass and away you go.  I never use maps. I hope this helps!

  3. On 6/30/2020 at 6:30 AM, baer2006 said:

    And if you say, that you're not always online or caching with a GPSr only, you're an old dinosaur ...

    That would be us!  No data on our phone - no internet in our camper.  We’ll deal with it when we get home.  You do realize new dinosaurs eventually become old dinosaurs, right?!!  ?

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  4. On 3/16/2004 at 3:56 PM, Ian5281 said:

    There are tons of cachers out there who are not hunting for a film canister or a logbook, but for the experience of getting there, or seeing what is at the location

    They would be called sight seers not geocachers! 

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  5. I also use a Garmin eTrex 20 - it can do so much more than what I use it for.  I don’t use the maps - just the Geocaches, sometimes the Waypoints, and always the compass.  As others have said battery life is excellent and it is a well made unit.  Geocaches can be entered by way of computer or manually.  In our area they are now quite expensive.  They are sometimes available on Kijiji or at yard sales.

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  6. I am trying to enter coordinates into my eTrex20 so I can take part in the geocaching event on Canada’s cross country trail - just local caches but it won’t allow some numbers.  They are shown as latitude and longitude but isn’t that what coordinates are?  I tried two different caches and both would only allow some numbers to be entered and showed error messages on others.  I’ve never had trouble entering coordinates manually so this seems strange.

  7. We’ve only been geocaching for four years and since we are seniors we are very careful.  Like Carter43 above, I once hit my head very hard on a metal beam under a bridge only to discover later that the cache was no where near the bridge.  I usually have my trusty walking stick with me to give me more stability in and out of ditches.  If the area is too steep I don’t attempt it because I’m hoping to geocache for a few more years at least!  We have a whistle attached to our gps to summon help in case of serious injury or in case of meeting up with wild animals.  



  8. My geocaching goals for 2019:

    - enjoy finding more caches while out driving backroads - see new places

    - continue working our way on the local trail to the next town on foot or by bike

    - introduce another friend or family member to geocaching

    - move safely so I can continue to enjoy geocaching during my senior years

    - maintain my geocaches so others can enjoy this hobby


    Nothing big and exciting but these are the things that make geocaching fun for me!


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  9. We were first introduced to geocaching when our daughter invited us to join her and our granddaughters to a community event as a sort of introduction to geocaching.  We tagged along and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so a month later we bought a gps and registered as Ewe & Me.  

    The thing that keeps me going is I dislike walking without a goal so searching for a geocache is the perfect way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.  It takes us to areas that we would normally not get to and see some beautiful sights.  I regret that we did not learn about this great hobby years ago when we were still young and agile enough to jump ditches and climb trees!  

  10. 9 hours ago, Goldenwattle said:

    I have now been irked enough by people who rate their caches as only 1 (or maybe1.5) difficulty and the caches are hard to find. If I can't find a cache of that difficulty (especially the difficulty 1 caches) after a good search, I log needs maintenance, missing.  I did that to two caches recently. I have also placed low terrain rated caches in more realistic locations to match their rated difficulty. Example; a cache with terrain one and the cache was hidden up in the rafters of a building. I left the cache at ground level. The next finder agreed with what I did. Another up in a tree. I left it in the tree, but at a height most people could reach with feet flat on the ground. I wrote appears there was cache creep, as cache no longer matches its terrain.


    The rule is ‘put it back where you find it’.  Send a message to the cache owner if you don’t agree with the rating.  How will they maintain it if it isn’t in place?  I wouldn’t want anyone moving my caches without my permission!  

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  11. On 4/29/2018 at 7:50 PM, 321geocache said:

    From the perspective of a new geocacher:

    Geoaching isn't just about swag, trackables, cool containers, fancy logbooks, etc. (In fact, I've yet to trade swag or drop/grab a trackable). It's about the places that it takes you. I have found several LPCs and magetic nanos on street signs. They aren't really "role model geocaches" IMO.

    I have hidden one cache. I tried to place it in an area that had some historical significance (in this case, a park in a historic neighborhood) and make it a bit interesting - not just an LPC or a magnetic nano. What is the point of placing an LPC? What's the point of trying to find geocaches just for numbers? In my opinion, the point of geocaching isn't just the container - it's the cache location. Geocaching is supposed to bring us to interesting places. Not Walmart parking lots.

    The more interesting caches we hide, the more people will think Geocaching is an interesting hobby.

    We probably all geocache for different reasons.  I do appreciate the places it takes me and it gets me out into the fresh air and gives me some much needed exercise but what really drives me is ‘the find’ - it just feels so rewarding!  I don’t mind the lightpost caches or one hundred similar pill bottle caches along a trail.  Maybe we haven’t been at this long enough to be disappointed but for now we are loving it and when we come to a spectacular view or an unusual cache, to me that’s a bonus!  I have hidden 4 caches and tried to point out something significant about the location but mostly I just want to give people in our area a cache to find - especially the children!  If we can get the younger generation out and interested in this hobby than that’s a good thing!

    Happy Geocaching!!!

  12. We use the geocaching website and a Garmin etrex 20 along with a basic membership.  I do have the app on our phone to find a few geocaches when we don’t have our gps with us.  At some point we’ll probably buy the Premium Membership but for now this works well for us and there are still many more geocaches to find in our area so why spend the extra.  Such a great hobby to get me up out of this rocking chair!  

  13. My husband and I use a Garmin etrex 20 and it is way more than what we need.  We don’t use maps - we just use the Geocaches, the compass - and sometimes the Waypoints when we’re traveling and don’t have computer access for downloading geocaches near our motel.  This is where a phone comes in handy for those areas where you suddenly decide to look for a geocache. 

    So I guess it depends if you are going into this hobby big time or just playing at it casually like we are but I do recommend the Garmin etrex 20.  I agree with others that it would be helpful to spend time with other geocachers showing you how they use various devices.  Also checking out Youtube videos can be very helpful.

    Happy Geocaching!

  14. I’ve never had a problem until we lost the ‘send to gps’ function.  But yes, the geocaches are all fairly close to home.  I doubt that I would have any filters active.  I’m not a Premium member so i’ve never downloaded lists or used filters.  Previously it was never a problem to download many geocaches individually and quickly.  I know, I know - many of you are rolling your eyes!  ? 

    I’m sure this entire problem is due to me not knowing how to handle gpx files.  I will ask more direct questions as I play with it some more!

  15. If I did correctly add some geocaches to my Garmin eTrex20 where on the gps would I look for it?  I don’t use maps on my gps.  In the past when out searching for caches I would go to Geocaches, choose one and it goes to the basic map, then click Go and go to Compass.  

    Now with the changes and my inability to figure out how to get geocaches from my laptop to my Garmin I manually enter the coordinates under Waypoints - time consuming but at least we can continue to geocache!  

    The laptop does indicate that I have moved a file to the gps but I can’t find it.  

  16. On 11/5/2018 at 5:37 PM, Mutant-art: Cat&Koen said:

    Haven't found one yet, but I don't like caches diguised as a dog poo. I find it difficult to imagine how people think that's a great idea.


    Some other irk: fairly new in the game, but I try to read frantically about all the do's and don'ts. In just reading the first pages in this topic, I read "change the logbook, never change the logbook, post needs maintenance, I do not like needs maintenance...". I have bought a small box that I want to place in the woods which are on a higly maintainable distance from my place as my first cache, filled it completely with swag and now I'm just doubting everything :D


    I find it best to read the guidelines on the website when I want to know the rules - I read the forum out of interest - the do’s and don’ts on the forum are overwhelming.  Just my thoughts.

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