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  1. My first 7 hides and 245 finds (of which 37 were done with a group) were done without a GPS. During this time I also had 20 FTF's. Not all of these finds were that easy, some were out in the middle of the woods or off on a remote island. I became real familar with google earth during this time. I learned how to align land marks and how to pace off between landmarks and then back track to where I needed to be. Some may criticize that I placed caches without a GPS, but I only placed them where I knew the coordinates were spot on. Many of the local cachers, stated that my coordinates were better than someone who had a GPS.
  2. Interesting find during a caching/kayaking trip through the mangrove tunnels of Matlacha (Mat-la-shay) FL. I just happened to have a TB with me called "The Floater".http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?luid=4671bc0d-99dc-479f-be3b-320e4f3aa59d&IID=3a976791-ddc1-4d75-8cd4-4e7c3a851c59
  3. I was reading over some other forums and people were talking about cache owners deleting there smileys for not complying to the rules on there page. My question is, do you receive some sort of notification that one of your smileys has been deleted? Or do you just notice that one of your smileys are missing from your stat page.
  4. I have come across different hide styles along the trail. For instances, florida style is at the base of a tree. Today I was looking for a cache that was hidden germen style and I couldn't find it. Where is german style hidden? Finally, I have come across these two types of hides, are there anymore types?
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