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  1. Hello, I'm searching: Gecko98 Geocoin Lizard Lizard Lizard 2008 Geocoin Tadpole379 Geocoin Uk 2005 Geocoin Green Tree Frog Geocoin in Black Nickel & Gold Activate or unactivated , write me ! Please contact me : nicole_lutze27@yahoo
  2. hello , I'm looking for some coins for a good friend . Who can offer something , whether active or inactive , please , send me an email to my account at Groundspeak . I will try to respond promptly . Seeking List: 1.) Honu Turtle - chopper and silver 2.) Cache Hopper Geocoin - all , but not Golden Poison, Blue Poison, Dart Poison 3.) Loggerhead Turtle Geocoin 4.) Zee Zee Turtles - please provide all 5.) Rainforest Jewel Geocoin - black nickel and silver 6.) Pond Frog - gold 7.) Turlutortue Turtle - please provide all
  3. I have write a Email on your GS Account
  4. @Where'sMyMarbles I have send you a Mail today on your GS Account. Cheers
  5. I'm seeking too Tadpole379 2008 Geocoin Tadpole379 Geocoin Please provide all, activated too.
  6. RedShoesGirl I'm interessted on the 2007 earth Turtle. How much is the price for the coin? Can you contact me per Email?
  7. Hello, im seeking many geocoins. Cache Hopper Geocoin *green Earth Turtle Petroglyph 2010 Geocoin Loggerhead Turtle Geocoin Sea of Treasures Geocoin Pond Frog Geocoin *gold Turlutortue Geocoin Please provide all!
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