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  1. I noticed that "high res" and "low res" options are now not labeled as such when choosing the trail line type to install in Mapsource. I'm not sure that I picked the correct line option for my 60 series GPS. I'm guessing that my 60Cx is NOT a "recent" gps that you use in the description and I should use the other option? The description page for switchbacks.com still shows the "high res" and "low res" options instead of the new options.
  2. It's a "write-off" if you use your GPSr for business. Then the repair would be a business expense and a tax write-off.
  3. I might be interested in a couple of them... but the question begs, how do you end up with several hundred 50 cal ammo cans? You can find them all over the place! Just look at a website called geocaching.com It will tell you where to to look for ammo cans!
  4. I've only had this happen to me once in 3 years that I've owned the 60Cx so I don't worry too much. Luckily, I was at home when I discovered the firmware corruption. That being said, we always cache with two GPSr's now just in case something like this happens. A 2nd GPSr doesn't weigh as much as a laptop and it's cheaper in most cases, too. Why not just buy a 2nd low-end GPSr to take with you on trips as a back-up? When my software got corrupted, the only thing the unit would not do is track satellites. You could still do everything else like look at waypoint info or look at maps. The waypoints/caches could be transferred manually to your 2nd unit if they aren't already on there in the event of corruption.
  5. I'm not sure how the tree would work, given the fact that a lot of people don't first hear about caching through other people. I stumbled on the geocaching website when I was just checking out links from another website. It looked interesting, so we bought a GPSr and went caching. This was 6 years ago. How would we fit into the tree?
  6. Looks like about a dozen people and at least three dogs will be on this hike. Logan_six just asked about a NW Forest Pass. It appears that the NW Forest Pass IS required for this trail head. Looks like bug spray is also a requirement. See everyone tomorrow at 10AM.
  7. Sorry, but if the cache was placed on private property then I SUPPORT the seller! Placing caches on private property without permission is a serious problem in our geocaching community. We really need to police ourselves better. Contrary to what you say: "I replied that if the cache was placed on private property without permission all it would have taken was ONE person to report it and it would have been taken down. Instead, they steal the contents and place it up for auction and insult us." I have found that many cache owners do not always respond quickly when you question whether or not the cache is on private property. Some cache owners don't care and do nothing. Sometimes people lose interest in caching about 2 weeks after getting into caching and after they've placed a cache or two on private property.
  8. We've decided to hike up to GCD, the oldest active cache in WA called "Geocache" this Saturday. We've been wanting to do this one for a long time but just haven't gotten around to it until now. We are planning to take the longer but much easier route and follow the Mt. Margaret Trail to the cache. The trail comes to within two or three hundred feet of GCD. I know a lot of people take a shorter but more difficult route by bushwhacking straight up the mountain through the scratchy bushes and, in the process, tear half the meat off your legs if you are wearing shorts! We've decided to take the more leisurely stroll and stick to the trails. We will meet at GC1GMZN "Mt. Margaret Trail Head" cache at 10AM. Looks like about a 2.5 mile hike one way with 1600 feet of elevation gain. Depending on weather/time/snow we might continue on another mile to the "Mount Margaret" cache GC1GF1N. If anyone else wants to hike to this "ancient" cache let us know and we'll see you at the trail head.
  9. Wow! I had not idea that so many people disliked challenge caches! I love them. How do they "drag down" the game? They are a great way to group together certain types of caches that interest certain types of cachers. It's like a badge of honor to find all of the "scuba diving caches" for example. If you don't like them, why not simply ignore them? Why do we have to "ban" everything that a few people don't like? In what way do challenge caches hurt anything? I consider more bookmarks on my cache pages to be an honor. In general, QUALITY caches have more bookmarks on them than junky caches. When I am picking out caches to hunt for, I am more likely to look for caches that have lots of book marks because many times these are pretty good caches, or older caches, or memorable in some way.
  10. Sounds like you got the seasoned techie guy and I got the newbie!
  11. Did you check the "Additional Updates" button in the lower half of the WebUpdater window? Yep. Twice.
  12. YES!!!!!!! Much thanks to Saltyvinegar for that link! As it turns out, Garmin's webupdater software for the Mac doesn't work and I didn't know that. I had already used webupdater with my Mac to update the firmware. It went through the process and then said the upload to my GPSr was "successful." So I figured my GPSr had a hardware problem. The website linked above, however, told me that the webupdater for the Mac wasn't working since under GPS software on my GPSr, it said my software version was 0.00 when it should have been 2.90. My firmware was corrupted and the Mac version of Webupdater had not fixed it. So I downloaded the version 2.90 firmware .exe file from Garmin and then transferred the .exe file to an old PC. (.exe files won't run on a Mac and my old PC isn't connected to the internet.) I then ran the .exe file on the old PC to update the firmware and it was fixed. Just wanted others with Macs to know NOT to rely on Garmin's Mac software in case they have this same problem. And Garmin was worthless as far as help with this. They wanted me to send in my unit to the tune of $120 to fix it. Kind of sad that people here are more knowledgeable than Garmin is when it comes to a Garmin GPSr. Thanks for the help.
  13. Luckily, despite all the encounters, poisonous snake bites are rare in the USA and deaths from snake bites are EXTREMELY rare. Most people who get bit by snakes are antagonizing or attempting to handle the snake.
  14. Moun10bike Had you considered doing something at Geowoodstock when it's in the Seattle area next year? Maybe a talk or some kind of a presentation/booth about the NW Trails project? Maybe some people from Montana, Wyoming, etc who are unfamiliar with the project will come to Geowoodstock and this can be used as a way to get the word out? If you decide to do something like this, I would be happy to help.
  15. Thanks. I've tried the hard reset now and it didn't help.
  16. A week ago my 60Cx worked perfectly. Today when I turned it on, it wouldn't acquire satellites. On the satellite page it says "Acquiring Satellites" at the top and it shows the circles below it but doesn't show any satellites. I left it on all day and it never gave up and asked me what I wanted to do about not acquiring the satellites like it usually does when I'm in a cave or something. The sat page just said "Acquiring Satellites" all day. Everything else seems to work. I downloaded some geocacaches to it no problem. The other screen/pages work fine. I had software version 3.7 and GPS SW version 0.00s. I upgraded to software version 3.9 and chipset G. No difference. Any ideas? Is there anyway to "reset" the unit or "hard start?" Thanks
  17. I think you are adding a TON of work for the cache owner. Now we have to go through and verify that each cache is rated legitimately? Did you know there are thousands of caches in WA? Are we going to go back and forth on a forum like this and argue about difficulty ratings for specific caches? Are we going to require the cache owner to go out and check all the caches herself to verify the rating? How complex do you want this to be? It's geocaching. It's a game. Let's keep it fun. Let's keep it simple. There is nothing wrong with the Fizzy Challenge the way it is now. The owner has done a fine job with it. Let's not make this a full time job for her.
  18. Actually the cut-off date has already been moved forward once. Until 11/30/09 the cutoff date for caches was somewhere in the summer of 2007 and some categories had only one cache or had no caches in that category because so many of the older caches had been archived. The fizzy challenge was slowly getting tougher and tougher to finish. She moved the cutoff date forward to 11/30/08 to open up more caches and keep the cache difficult but still POSSIBLE to finish. I really don't see anyone placing caches just to meet the Fizzy Challenge requirements, however. After all, you can't log your own caches for the challenge, so you'd be placing bogus caches that are rated artificially high just for others to log? Would people really bother with this? Why? Maybe she'll move the cut-off date forward again?
  19. We haven't been up there before but I was studying the map someone provided to Jon for the NW Trails Project and it looks like if you make a loop by going up Si and then coming down the trail between Si and Teneriffe, you can hike by 6-8 caches. So, yes, we were going to do a loop so we can find caches going up and down.
  20. Well okay. We are hiking up Mt. Si outside North Bend on Saturday (May 30th) if anyone wants to join us. Weather should be warm and clear for some great views up there. Looks like about 6-8 caches also.
  21. If the problem persists, consider putting out more "subscriber only" caches. I'm not certain but I would guess that most thieves aren't premium members. Most serious cachers are.
  22. Ruck has done the climb, and he didn't recommend doing it in one day. Long and grueling, you'd need to be in great shape and able to move pretty fast. Annie could do it; doubt if I could. Agree with doing it later in summer. In August, I can't do the weekends of the 1st (wedding) or 15th (WSGA campout). The latter two August weekends look good. We did it in one day...sort of. We got there in the evening and went to bed early at the campground at the trailhead. We got up at 3AM and started our climb. This way we got back to the campground early in the afternoon. So it is a two day adventure in that you need to spend the night at the trail head so that you can get an early start. You do not want to "meet at the trail head at 9AM" or anything like that because then you will still be hiking on into the evening. Just to be more safe, you want to get back in the afternoon, not the evening. To accomplish this with a large group, you need to start hiking really early.
  23. Jester, I think you missed a couple of trails. We were down in OR this last weekend and we actually found a couple of trails that you HAD NOT WALKED and uploaded the data for. You'd better get on the stick!
  24. We hiked to the top 10 years ago. Better to do it in August so that there isn't a snow problem on the roads. The road to the campground is EXTREMELY rough and I would guess if there was snow on it many people without 4WD would be out of luck. We found crampons and ice axes to be nearly a necessity. Some people were doing it without them but having them made the hike much more enjoyable. We brought plastic roll-up sleds and we slid down from the top while steering with our ice axes.
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