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  1. We plan to do Mt. Aix sometime this summer. But just to play it safe, we will probably give it another month to make sure we aren't slogging through the slick snow on that steep hillside.
  2. This issue has come up before with people changing the ratings on caches and we've talked to Fluteface about it. She said that as long as your find of the cache was made prior to the rating change, you are okay to use the cache for the prior rating. Simply include it in your bookmark list under the old rating. This is only fair. Lots of cachers change the ratings on their caches over time for various reasons. It could become difficult to complete this challenge if you are constantly having to go out and look for "replacement" caches because you just lost one of the less common of the 81 categories due to a difficulty rating change. Take a look at the updated difficulty/terrain grid on our profile page. Because of the rating change being discussed here, we are now back to only 80 categories filled. So a year after completing this cache, should we now lose our smiley? Of course not. Although I do find it irritating that we are missing a category and we WILL go out and find another 4.5/1 cache!
  3. We have found many caches while riding our ATV's. We've also placed a few caches while riding them. As far as terrain difficulty ratings on these caches, most people around here assume that you walk to them and rate them accordingly. For example, lets say you place a cache 2 miles in the woods on an ATV trail. You could ride your ATV, mountain bike, or just walk to the cache. The cache might get a terrain rating of 3 because you could always walk to it. The 5 terrain ratings are for caches where the specialized equipment is REQUIRED. Here, the ATV is not required. It is optional. Since most people don't have ATV's, they just walk to the cache--so the cache gets a rating of 2.5 or 3 or whatever it would be if you hiked. If the hike were to be extremely long and difficult, like 20 miles one way for example, then the cache might get a 4.5 or 5 terrain difficulty rating anyway.
  4. I did some research after last weeks HOTM. It definitely was a juvenile tick I found crawling on my shirt. It also was the type that carries Lyme disease west of the Rockies. That is second time I have found a tick on my clothing. We pulled our first tick off one of the dogs at the end of February. Since then we have removed 6-8 more ticks from the dogs. Yep, it's the season.
  5. 2 people and 2 dogs are in for Rattlesnake.
  6. We just got a Canon PowerShot SD780IS 12.1 MP camera. It's very tiny so it can easily fit in a woman's purse or in your pocket and you won't even notice it's there. We got it to replace a larger camera that I got tired of lugging around. I used to only get cameras powered by AA batteries because I didn't want to mess with a "special" battery, but right after getting this camera I ordered three extra batteries off ebay for a dirt cheap price. Now we don't ever worry about not having a charged battery for the camera so it's not a problem. It costs right around $200. We love it so far.
  7. I don't have a very good sniffer so I've found that taste works better than smell. Your mileage may vary.
  8. After stepping in it for about the last 27 geocaching trips in a row, I'm now requesting the "DOGGIE DOO" attribute! Now this is different from "dogs allowed" attribute. The "dogs allowed" attribute is there to show that it is okay to bring your dog to this cache. But the "doggie doo" attribute is different. This is for use in areas where you would NOT expect there to be lots of dogs but there is doo-doo everywhere anyway! Now I realize that it probably won't make any difference. I will probably step in it most of the time anyway BUT it would be nice to be given a "heads up" once in a while. Okay, so I'm just joking about this but I wouldn't complain if it DID become an attribute!
  9. It's been three months since anyone has posted on this thread. Anybody have a new nickel to trade?
  10. Someone finds $60 in a box and it makes the news? Wow. It must be a REALLY slow news day.
  11. We write down the TB number of every TB we pick up. This way when someone grabs it from us before we can log in that we dropped it off, we grab it back from them and log in that we drop it in the cache. Then they can pick it back up again and move it on. Sometimes, the "TB grabber" will drop it off in the cache and pick it up again and save me the trouble of doing it. Either way the cache gets it's history of being in the cache.
  12. Hey, Dwoodford, what's up? No problems here searching by lat and long using Firefox on a Mac.
  13. We started caching in 2003. At first, my wife had no interest in caching at all. I knew I had to find a way to gear caching around her interests. I knew she liked puzzles so I asked for help on some of the puzzle caches. She solved a few that I couldn't solve and then she quickly gained interest. Then after she had solved the puzzles she naturally had to find out if she had solved it correctly for the correct coords and we had to go looking for the cache. Now we always cache together whether it be for puzzle caches or not, but she loves to be the one to solve the puzzle and I enjoy letting her work on solving those types of caches. We still find more puzzle caches than the average cacher because my wife is constantly in front of the computer solving new puzzle caches. She keeps an on-going notebook of solved puzzles (for the coords) and sometimes we spend an entire day just driving around looking for the finals to her puzzles. This way we both have a good time. What is your spouse interested in? Is there any way to incorporate that into geocaching?
  14. Why Not! Looks nice now, but it'll peel off and fade. The large geocaching stickers are pretty glossy too, which kills the camo effect unless placed sticker side down. Been there, done that. True. I spray paint all of my ammo cans now. I purchased several different shades of green, brown, and black and then I lined up about 20 ammo cans and did them all at once with the spray paint. Should last longer than the tape and I think I've come up with a color combination that blends better with our local foliage than the tape.
  15. My charger tells me the capacity--La Crosse BC-9009 I don't think there is a linear relationship to voltage. As I use my rechargeable batteries more and more, they eventually diminish in capacity but the voltage is always maxed out when fully charged. Are your 2675 cells older than your 2000 cells or have they gone through more charge cycles? Are your 2000 cells "low-discharge" or Eneloop batteries?
  16. Hmmmm... I don't know about that. That container doesn't look like it would be waterproof enough for an underwater cache and I have only RARELY seen pretty young ladies strip to their underwear in order to jump in the river to get a cache. Must be too cold here in the Pacific NW! Maybe it's a California thing!
  17. We stayed at the Super 8 there a few weeks ago. Not fancy but it was under $100. We'd stay there again.
  18. There may be a few caches watched because they were bad but I'm just talking generalities here. IN GENERAL I've noticed that caches with 15 people watching it tend to be more interesting than caches with 1 person watching it. Will there be exceptions to this? Of course! No search function like this will ever be perfect at weeding out certain caches. I'm just looking for one more tool to help find popular/cool/well done caches.
  19. A flier that became a floater at Otter Falls near North Bend...
  20. I would really like it if we had the option to search by "Number of users watching the cache." Many times the better caches have more users watching them. If we could do a search based on the number of users watching the cache, it would help us find some of the most interesting caches among a plethora of LPC's.
  21. I'm not sure what it is but I've noticed several times that when we mention anything about "No Trespassing" signs near the cache, it irritates most cache owners. To me this is absolutely bizarre! If someone pointed out a No Trespassing sign near one of my caches, I would thank them for pointing it out to me and then I would go check it out. It's like many cache owners are saying, "Gee, I didn't research a cache site very well. So I put it on private property. But NO ONE is allowed to remind me of this! I would rather other cachers get arrested or attacked by guard dogs rather than inconveniencing me in any way."
  22. We have found the NW Trails Project to be the most useful tool we've ever found for NW geocachers and since it's been almost a year since we've donated to the project, we just sent another donation. Thanks for all your hard work on this, Moun10bike!
  23. Hmmmm....yeah I think in the middle of a rolled up dirty diaper would be an IDEAL hiding place!
  24. A big thanks to TotemLake for putting together this hike. Great choice for a day hike. We were REALLY stiff this morning! Even the dogs didn't want to get up. I was sure glad this hike was on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. I have to get up for work on Monday! I need a day of recovery.
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