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  1. You get what you pay for. I like Kelty backpacks http://www.kelty.com/c-10-trail-mens.aspx
  2. Not a bad price for the 10 but their description is wrong. The Dakota 10 does not have a SD card slot or compass and altimeter. My guess would be that the description they used is for the Dakota 20 not the 10. Pays to do your homework I guess.
  3. I just purchased these binoculars based on reviews I saw on the internet. I like them. They weigh one pound and are waterproof. They also meet your requirement of being under $200. Eye relief is good and they have twist in eye-cups so they are good for people who wear glasses. And the focus knob is really large making it easy to turn while wearing gloves. http://www.amazon.com/Redfield-67610-Rebel...r/dp/B0033C74R4 You said you wanted "compact" binoculars. Depends on your definition of compact. I'm not a huge fan of the tiny 21mm binoculars. They weigh less but I have found it difficult to find a quality binocular at that size. Also, sometimes the really light weight binoculars feel a bit flimsy. I prefer roof prism binoculars for hiking because they tend to take up less space in the backpack.
  4. On the way to a lookout near Omak, WA
  5. I think he is giving the star rating based on the difficulty of the final cache for this challenge. The individual caches required for this challenge have each been given their own star rating. So your difficulty will vary depending on which caches you seek for the 100 mile requirement. I've seen challenge cache owners give star ratings both ways--the way that you describe and the Navigatorz way. I don't think there is an incorrect way of rating these challenges. It's just up to the cache owner how he wants to rate them.
  6. You mean Vic makes awesome food other than "The Beans?" Okay, we are in for dinner!
  7. I assume everyone wants to get a reasonably early start at Lookout Lookout to avoid the heat of the day? How about 8AM at the TH for Lookout Lookout? This should be an easy time for you campers. The TH isn't too far down the road from you. We are bringing 4 FRS radios with us on this hike. Hopefully, others can also bring theirs if they have them. That way we can stay in contact if we lose cell phone signal and we need to split up for any reason.
  8. hydnsek, that would be great if you are able to switch days and go Saturday the 31st to Lookout Lookout. But we understand that if there are several people going they shouldn't have to make the switch just because we decided to. But then I just saw this trail report from 2 days ago for the Hidden Lake Lookout http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/trip-reports/...7-18.2423453752 Ice axes required? Do you think the snow will be gone by the 31st? Hidden Lake Lookout could be more difficult than Lookout Lookout if there is still snow. Looks like Lookout Lookout is nearly snow-free now. What do you think?
  9. Now due to other commitments, we are going to have to back out of hiking to Lookout Lookout on Sunday. We will be hiking to Lookout Lookout on Saturday the 31st instead and we'll have to skip the other two hikes. Sunday just isn't going to work for us and Lookout Lookout is the hike of the three that we most want to do. We will be day hiking and not camping this time.
  10. Don't say nuthin bad 'bout them beans! I had 4 helpings of them and my wife survived the night! Thems miracle beans!
  11. Marble Creek appears to be full for that weekend already. Mineral Park still has some campsites available. We are considering this. We are for sure going to hike Lookout Lookout on Sunday. Saturday is a maybe. Friday is a no-go.
  12. Less than a week away! Come on snow!!!! melt melt melt My husband and I (mostly him) are offering to cook for the camping group on Saturday evening. Let me know if you want to join us and depending on the number, we'll ask for a few $ from each to cover the expense. Og, the two of us are in on the dinner. Should we bring something?
  13. I am actually encouraged by this trail report. It looks doable, however, it also looks like it will take a LONG time to get to the top due to trying to get around snow fields or cross them slowly. We are still up for making the attempt but think we should start the hike really early in the morning. Hope we have another hot week ahead of us so it will melt a little more snow.
  14. Here is a Mt. Aix trail report from Friday: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7984561
  15. Just a FYI, you didn't state anything about not counting hikes prior to July 8th in the "Challenge Rules" section on the cache page. You will probably have someone logging a FTF today by counting prior hikes!
  16. Excellent idea! Finally, another new challenge that we will enjoy!
  17. According to the Garmin website: There is an expansion slot on the 62st. It comes with 500mb of memory. There is no expansion slot on the 62. It comes with 1.7gb of memory.
  18. I also saw the Mt. Aix trail report from June 26th reporting lots of snow up there. Things could change dramatically over three weeks in the summer. Keep your fingers crossed and keep watching for trail reports for this mountain. On the plus side, it's supposed to be REALLY hot over the next week. There could be some serious snow melt in the mountains.
  19. Since everyone else seems to be camping, we've now grabbed spot #48 for both Friday and Saturday night. We'll be bringing our camper. Looks like fun! The TH is 2.5 hours from our house, so camping just makes more sense.
  20. Yeah, it's a tough one but the two of us are in. I agree. Best to read the cache page before committing on this one.
  21. Og, we can't hike this Saturday, but with the expected good weather this weekend, we are planning on hiking up Mt. Washington (GCMYA0) on Sunday if you are able to hike on that day and want to join us.
  22. hydnsek Do you want to make this a July AHOTM? We could go ahead and set a date--maybe something like Saturday July 17th? Maybe the snow will be gone by then? If we plan this out a month, maybe more people won't have the day already booked.
  23. The snow level in the Cascades yesterday and today is around 6000' and this cache is at 7600' So there still might be some snow up there this weekend.
  24. Alright, well when you decide to go GrnXnham, let me know if you don't mind. I'd really like to head up there with another person or persons. If your ever wondering if anybody else would be interested...this guy always is. Just FYI. Take care Will do
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