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  1. One forecast says it might hit 80 on Saturday! Maybe it will melt some snow...
  2. I've had ticks on me that I haven't noticed for several hours and I could have dog feces on my hiking boots because I have dogs at home and sometimes I step in their poop while mowing the lawn. So maybe just people who own dogs shouldn't be allowed in the woods. Other people should be okay.
  3. You have your source of pests backwards. Ticks and fleas are typically caught in the area the dogs were in which means the local fauna is already affected as hosts. Also, any designated "pristine" areas already have rules about pets and most owners are aware by checking the locality first. The last thing we want to do is leave our buddies in the car while we go hike. Designated Wilderness and National Parks have strict rules about this. That is not always true. I'm a biologist in Brazil and there's a national park where I work with maned wolves. The dogs living in the park surrondings sometimes have canine cynomosis, which is not always lethal to them but it is extremely lethal to maned wolves.There, the domestic dogs are not allowed but the wolves may roam, reaching nearby farms. So, IMO pets should be kept as far as possible from wild areas, because it is possible that they could affect wildlife in unpredictable ways. Then shouldn't we keep people out of the wild areas as well? Couldn't hikers also be transferring diseases to the "pristine" areas in our waste or on our feet? Couldn't people also effect wildlife in "unpredictable ways?" If we are to keep these areas truly pristine and not have any potential harm to wildlife, all human recreation in the woods should be eliminated.
  4. Okay. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. _Shaddow_ Question: What is the purpose in the date cut-off? (Originally 1/1/11 and now three months prior) I can't figure out what kind of problem there would be with someone hiking up a mountain to find a cache placed yesterday? And along with that, why not allow everyone to place one cache that would count towards this challenge? I remember in the early discussion, you talked about this option but it didn't make it into the final set of rules. Someone mentioned early on that if you let cachers place unlimited caches, you would see people hike to the top of the same mountain behind their house again and again and keep placing one new cache there each time. But by limiting cachers to one placement only that would count towards the challenge, it would eliminate this. Why wouldn't this work? I guess I'm just comparing it to the 100 mile hike challenge where there is no cut-off date and everyone can place one cache and I haven't seen any problems with that challenge cache. What kind of problems do you anticipate? Thanks Dave
  6. Yeah, I think with the waning popularity of geocoins, geo-nickel popularity seems to be waning as well. People aren't the rabid coin fanatics that they were a few years ago and it seems like I find less of the wooden nickels in caches now as well. It's too bad. I think it would be really cool if every cacher had their own signature item that they leave in caches.
  7. I now have 206 different nickels and/or poker chips--all geocaching related. Most are cacher's personal nickels but a few are for geo-events. I just like the fact that these nickels are something I can actually find in caches and then trade for and keep--unlike the geocoins which are usually activated TB's that you find and are not meant to be kept.
  8. Let me guess...he's carrying the Bud Light, right?
  9. What an awesome list! I had no idea so many different people had participated in these hikes. But I am curious about the person named "Unknown." Did they hike but wished to remain anonymous? Or was there a quiet person who tagged along with the group and nobody had a clue who it was? It looks like there IS a geocacher with the screen name "unknown" but they quit caching several years ago and don't live in this area.
  10. Time to bring this thread back to life for the 37th time!
  11. Why not have a separate elevation challenge for OR?
  12. Okay, this looks like fun. We are in!
  13. Good points. All gear should be tested when you aren't in a survival situation. Being a Boy Scout in AK taught me how to build a fire in a rainstorm. This is NOT easy and takes a lot of practice. I would guess that most people are not capable of building a fire out of anything but bone-dry wood and lighter fluid. Fire building is something you can practice in your own back yard. As for the fishing, I remember many years ago I was out in the middle of nowhere in AK. We were backpacking and had camped at a very remote lake. I thought I would "test" my survival gear fishing equipment. I found a long stick and tied my hook and line on and threw it in the water. Using no bait at all I was pulling a trout in every few minutes. That was the only time I ever tested my survival kit fishing gear. So I can eat like a king with this stuff! Actually I know that there is probably about a 95% chance the fishing gear would be useless in most survival situations, however, the tiny amount of fishing gear that I have weighs next to nothing and takes up almost no room in the pack. Also, the fishing line could be used for other things besides fishing.
  14. Your list is very similar to the kit that I bring with us on every hike. We basically carry what you have plus a whistle, signal mirror, space blanket, 2 lighters, and a tube tent. Maybe we are over-prepared and the entire kit weighs about 2 pounds but I feel better having it with us.
  15. So is this still a go for January 1st? We are looking forward to it!
  16. We visited GCHMGW in the ABDSP just two weeks ago. We were visiting from WA state and wanted to go for a hike. It was a beautiful hike with lots of wildlife. I doubt that little plastic container hidden under a rock bothered any of the animals either. Glad we got out there right before the cache was disabled. What a great area for caches, taken away by a power hungry few who think they know whats best. I think we'll take our vacation dollars to some other state next time. Sure glad we don't live in CA.
  17. Also, you might want to check for a firmware update and do that. That might "zap" it back into behaving correctly!
  18. The parking pass seems easier to enforce than a per-person pass. That way DNR could just go through the parking lot and look for passes rather than trying to catch people on the trails. The NW Forest Pass seems to work well in this way and it is reasonably priced at $30/year per car. This is good way of charging people because it encourages car-pooling when there is limited parking at many trail-heads.
  19. Sounds like a great idea for a cache! We like 50,000 feet. With 50,000 feet it would require around double the amount of hiking of the 100 mile hiking challenge since most people finished that challenge with about 20,000 feet. You could get your distance less than 200 miles if you want to climb a bunch of REALLY steep short hikes! I think if you make it 100,000 feet, you will have very very few people finish the challenge...ever. With 4 or 5 times the challenge of the 100 mile hike, many people may not even want to participate because they might feel that they will never finish. In the last year we have hiked somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 feet of elevation and we hike a couple of times per month on average. I think in deciding between 50,000 and 100,000 feet, the question is whether you only want a few die-hard hikers to complete this or if you'd rather have more cachers finish the challenge who only go hiking occasionally. Yeah, you need a minimum elevation gain per hike. 500 feet is good. If you don't have a minimum, everyone will be submitting things like 20 feet of elevation gain to that skirt lifter cache at the grocery store.
  20. He doesn't look very happy about having his picture taken.
  21. Yep, I used some of that Goo Gone stuff to get rid of the old worthless glue and then used silicone adhesive. No problems since. If you have Garmin fix it, the same problem will crop up a few months later because they just keep using the same worthless glue. Do it right. Fix it yourself.
  22. This one: I like to see who looks for tough caches and who looks for skirt lifters.
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