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  1. I have to wonder who besides geocachers would want that many ammo boxes??? It's probably two groups of cachers bidding against each other! If you look around this forum you'll probably see another thread started by another group of cachers who are bidding on the same pile of ammo boxes. They are probably also wondering why these things are bidding so high.
  2. I've had the same problem with our Venture HC. It only happens when the batteries are weak. I've replaced the batteries and the problem was solved.
  3. Yep, same thing happened to me. When I was a kid, a rope tow grabbed my hood strings and dragged me about 100 feet up the mountain before the string finally broke. Chair lifts are so much better.
  4. Wow! That is a very steep hill for a rope tow. Usually, those are only used on the easy "bunny" slopes. No wonder they got rid of it.
  5. The weather sure doesn't get any better than this in October! Perfect timing with this HOTM! Great fun!
  6. Capital Forest near Olympia has miles of trails to dirt bike on. Here is a cache in the area: GC2EG90
  7. I played with the eTrex 20 today at REI and I have to admit that having the joystick on the opposite side from my Venture HC felt really odd. I'm right handed but I've gotten very used to using my GPS with my left hand. This way my thumb doesn't cover the screen while toggling the joystick. With the new eTrex 20, my thumb blocked the screen while trying to use the joystick with my left hand. So I switched to my right hand but it felt awkward and my thumb still blocks part of the screen. I was excited about these new units at 1st but now not so sure. I'll play with one for a little longer before buying it. I might be able to get used to using the eTrex with my right hand but I'm not sure.
  8. I haven't seen Bigfoot but I used to enjoy this TV show:
  9. Monique, I didn't even know that you smoked! I like the way that you are hiding it--lighting up while our backs are turned.
  10. There's been lots of talk about this but little action, so we decided to replaced this cache today. Someone left a 35mm film canister there a couple of weeks ago as a "temporary" replacement but I thought GCD deserved better. Our container is plastic but has a gasket to help keep the water out. We did not replace any of the other stolen caches in that area. To the people/person who stole this cache: We felt it to be our duty as charter members of the Historical Cache Preservation Society to keep this one going.
  11. Okay we are in but we will drive up in the wee hours of Saturday morning to start hiking at the TH at 8AM. I take it the correct TH is the coords you have on your cache, GCK3AN -- A Salute to Col Bob? We are excited about this hike! We think we're about the only hikers in WA who haven't been up Col. Bob.
  12. We were thinking of doing Col. Bob but Saturday's weather now looks sunny and Sunday's is looking rainy for that area. Criminal, is your plan to hike Sunday vs Saturday set in stone?
  13. This one needs to replaced. If no one else will replace this one, we will volunteer for the job. Someone is getting their kicks out of this. The best solution is the same way you handle vandals who keep putting graffiti on a fence. Paint it out. If they re-graffiti it, paint it out again. Eventually, the vandals give up and move on. Let's just keep replacing these missing caches. Eventually, the perpetrator will lose interest in this game. There are more of us than there are of the thieves. We will win.
  14. Some surprising replies here. We hike a LOT with our dogs. During the 2009 and 2010 Spring and Summer hiking seasons we removed literally dozens of ticks from both ourselves and our dogs. These ticks were picked up in the Cascades, the Olympics, and even in city parks within the Puget Sound area and our own back yard. We treated our dogs and it helped but we still got some ticks during those two years after treatment. This year we have hiked more than we ever have and we haven't found one tick yet. So like many pest populations, it's cyclical. There will be years where the ticks will be much worse than others. But there is no question that ticks are in Western Washington.
  15. Again thanks for taking all the time to make sure this is clear to everyone!
  16. _Shaddow_ I read the rules again and I don't see this clarified. I see that you can't use the final cache for elevation accumulation towards the 50,000 feet, but can you use a cache near the final cache for elevation accumulation and then log the final on the same trip? In other words, if I'm just under 50,000 feet and I climb Mt. Si and find a cache that I haven't found that counts towards the challenge and it puts us over the 50,000 feet, may we then hike over to the final and log that on the same trip or do we have to come down the mountain, log it in, and then go back up the mountain on a separate trip? (Of course I guess some people can log in while on the mountain anyway with their iPhone or whatever) On your cache page it doesn't say that you can't combine the final with another cache for elevation accumulation but I wanted to get clarification. Thanks
  17. That's a nice TR site you have there, Criminal. I enjoyed reading a few of the TR's.
  18. See you at 9AM. TH coords are on the cache page.
  19. We can't pass up this good weather! We gotta hike! On Saturday we are going to do the hike up to Shaw Lake (GC26DXX) near Gold Bar. 6.5 mile RT with 1600 feet elevation gain. Then, if we feel up to it, we will drive a few miles further down HWY 2 to the Heybrook Lookout hike (GCKXWC) This one is a 2.2 mile RT with 800 feet of elevation gain and a great view. We'll start hiking to Shaw Lake at 9AM if anyone else wants to go on one of these hikes.
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