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  1. Yeah, I went overboard saying this. I apologize to all I offended.
  2. This thread was about people with 200 or more finds. That is who I am talking about. To find 200 or more caches usually takes quite a bit of gas money. If someone has only spent $7.53 on geocaching and has 5 finds and they say that they can't afford the $30, I can accept that but those are not the people that we are talking about in this thread. The person you describe above probably has less than 20 finds.
  3. I think this is called "Life 101" Doesn't just about everything in life exclude you if you can't afford it? Less than 1% of the people using this site can't afford it. Here are some of the costs of geocaching: $100-$500 on a GPSr $500 on gas going from cache to cache this year (what I spent at least) $500-$1500 for your computer. $10-50/month for your internet connection. BUT you can't afford $30/year to support the site that makes it all possible??????????? My point is that if you are so poor that you can't afford $30/year, you can't afford to geocache in the 1st place. So if you don't want to pay the $30/year because you are a tightwad, fine. But don't lie about it by saying something ridiculous like "I can't afford it."
  4. I am trying to talk the grumpier half of our team into going back. I think we will be trying for the noon ferry. I wasn't sure if I could make it but I busted my @#@#@ to finish my report cards! Hope to see lots of people there!! Also, will the letterbox cache be back up and runnig? (I will take it just in case it is back up!)
  5. A new design is fine but the important thing is to keep the bugs looking as plain and uninteresting as possible. This will help keep people from wanting to KEEP them! No having 6 different colors: "We'll have to steal. . . er... collect all 6!" No gold plating or different shapes: "I'll just keep the 1st one that I find and move the others along!" This is the problem with the geocoins. Everyone wants to keep them, so no one is buying them to place in caches as TB's! They know that the geocoin is going to be a goner real soon. Of course, since less geocoins are purchased, they are harder to find in caches and this makes people want to keep them even more. It's kind of a vicious circle. People aren't as interested in keeping the TB's because they don't LOOK as cool as the geocoins and because the regular TB is far more common Keep the TB's plain looking. Oh, yeah, and don't make a special "micro cache" TB. That will only encourage more microcaches.
  6. Just to let everyone know that because of recommendations here and other places, last weekend I tried wrapping a small amount of electrical tape around each battery. I also used some dielectric compound on each terminal before putting the batteries into the 60C and mounting it on the ATV. I rode the ATV all day long on very rough trails, even took a few jumps, and the 60C didn't shut off once! Haven't tried this fix on the Legend, yet. Maybe next weekend. . . Cheap and easy fix. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  7. Yeah, I'm using batteries not an external power supply. I tried bending the battery terminals out some but it made no difference. Thanks anyway. Dave
  8. This is just strange. Both my Garmin Legend and 60C do this. While just walking around with either unit, they rarely shut down spontaneously, HOWEVER, recently I purchased a RAM mount for my ATV thinking it would be really cool to be able to use the GPSr while riding. When I mount either the Legend or the 60C to the ATV with the ATV running, the GPSr shuts off after maybe 20 seconds. I turn it back on. It shuts off again even sooner this time. Now I try to turn on the GPSr and it won't even turn on! I remove the batteries and then put them back into the unit. Now it will start up again. Then it shuts down again when placed back on the ATV. I give up and remove the GPSr from the ATV. Now the GPSr acts quirky for a few days (both units!) shutting down occasionally for no apparent reason even when just walking around with them. After a few days, both GPSr units now have apparently fixed themselves and act normally again. The shutdowns are gone. Once again, BOTH GPSr's do this? Is this just a Garmin thing? The ATV doesn't even have to be moving--just running. And it's not like my ATV vibrates excessively or anything. I tried mounting them on my motorcycle also. Same thing happens--more shutdowns. It never happens in any of our cars. Is this strange or what? Any ideas on how to fix this? I figure if I send the units to Garmin, they will find nothing wrong with them unless they mount them on an ATV or motorcycle--and that ain't happening so they probably won't fix them or even know how to fix them. They'll probably just figure I am blowing smoke or something. I can't believe that two units that are designed to be portable and are to be used in the outdoors would shut down so easily. Help!
  9. Yep, this looks like we will have to move at least one of our caches. We have 6 caches in this area but hopefully, most will be unaffected.
  10. I have an older Mac with a serial port that is small and round with 6 prongs. Is there any adaptors out there that would allow me to attach this to the big four prong serial port on the back of my Garmin 60C? I DO have an adaptor with two male ends that allows me to go from my little round 6 prong mac serial to a 9 prong PC serial shaped like this: ____ /____\ So if there is an adaptor that goes from this odd shaped PC serial port to the round 4 prong one on the 60C, that would work also. I tried a search here but found nothing on this. Thanks Dave
  11. $150 for shipping 500 coins? Isn't that a little high? These things can't weigh that much!
  12. We just got an ATV and I would like a GPSr holder for the handlebars. We have a Garmin 60C and I would like something that would hold it securely while riding over rough trails. Suzuki wanted $70 for their GPSr holder. I'm guessing that there are cheaper ones that are just as secure. Any suggestions for a solid GPSr holder for the 60c? Thanks
  13. Thanks, 4 X 4 Trail Busters! That is twice as fast as the way I was doing it!
  14. I just bought a 60C. I've been using a Legend for a year. When geocaching with the legend and let's say the cache is about 300 feet off of a road, I hit the find button and use the map page to get as close as possible by road (no autorouting on this model). Then I switch to the compass page and follow the arrow to the cache. With the 60C with City Select installed, I hit find and choose "On Road." Then I follow the GPSr's autorouting directions until I am as close to the cache as possible while still being on the road. Since the arrow on the compass page does not work when using "On Road" searching, I now must hit the find button again, choose the correct waypoint again, and then choose "Off Road" for the arrow on the compass page to come up. This seems to be a slow process. Is there a faster way or short-cut to do this? Is there some way to simply toggle back and forth between "On Road" and "Off-road" so that I can switch back and forth quickly between the compass page (and have my arrow to follow) and the "On Road" directions on the map page? Thanks Dave
  15. So you are saying that by simply connecting the external antenna to the MCX jack on the 60C, it actually is amplified by the batteries within the GPSr itself? So this would cause additional battery drain on the batteries within the 60C? So has anyone experimented with this to find out which is better? The loop and rubberband around the 60C with the re-radiator or just connecting the antenna portion of the PC Mobile device directly to the 60C using the MCX jack? Which gives you a better signal or would it be roughly the same? Also, could we assume that the PC mobile unit is better than the Gilsson unit because it draws 12mA of power compared to the Gilsson's 7mA? Does this mean better sat reception for the PC mobile than the Gilsson based on power consumption?
  16. I guess I am still a little confused about this PC mobile antenna even after reading all of this discussion. I have a Garmin Legend now, so I assume that I would simply attach the loop of the PC mobile antenna to the Legend using the rubberband and I am good to go. I'll probably be buying a Garmin 60C soon. I believe the 60C has an attachment place for an external antenna. It was mentioned in this discussion that if the GPSr has an external antenna connector it can be attached to the PC mobile antenna. How so? Do I need an additional adaptor to attach the loop on the PC mobile antenna to the external antenna connection on the 60C? Or do I simply use the rubber band to attach the loop again? A more secure connection than a rubberband would be nice on the 60C. Thanks Dave
  17. Nevermind. I found the answer. For some reason I could not figure out how to delete this post, so I just replied to it. I've never seen a bulletin board that does not allow you to delete your own post. Maybe I missed the "delete" button.
  18. We found GC79 today. I believe that is the oldest one we have found. It was placed 10/7/00. Just out of curiosity, I started doing searches for older GC numbers like GC2, GC22, GC50, GC60. All I got was error messages and archived caches. I know the 1st cache ever is gone but does anyone know how to find out which active caches are the oldest? Has it always been this same numbering system (GC##) or did it start with a different numbering system? Was there EVER a GC2 or GC15 etc? Thanks Dave
  19. I already checked on this one last summer and I did not see it listed as a benchmark.
  20. GrnXnham

    Best Prices

    www.getagps.com has good prices
  21. I've been thinking that we need a new cache type--The mystery multi-cache. By definition a multicache has more than one waypoint while a mystery cache is one where the real coords are not given. You must solve a puzzle to get the real coords on a mystery cache. But what about caches that involve a puzzle AND multiple waypoints. I've noticed that about half of geocachers that place these caches call these multicaches and half call them mystery caches. Which is it? It's both, right? So shouldn't we have another category called mystery multicaches? I guess that there could always be other combinations as well like a "mystery event cache" but the mystery multi cache seems to be by far the most common type of combination cache so it is more deserving of having it's own category. Fire away.
  22. We have found a couple of USA Geocoins now and we have logged them in at geocaching.com. It's cool how they show up as items found under your profile. Today, for the 1st time, we found a Canada Geocoin. It, like the USA coins, has a unique number stamped on it. But when we went to log it in at the geocaching.com site, it told us that the coin number was not in their system. Instead, we needed to go to www.geocoins.ca to log in the coin. (This was the info found on the plastic bag that the coin was in.) So we logged the coin in at the geocoins.ca website. I'm guessing that this site must not be linked to geocaching.com because the Canada coin still did not show up anywhere on our profile. Too bad. I thought it would be a lot cooler if all the different types of geocoins could be logged in at geocaching.com as long as they each had a unique number. Why can't they do this? What's wrong with the Canada geocoins? Why can't we use them like a travel bug at geocaching.com? After all, the coin itself says www.geocaching.com on it and has a unique number!
  23. I read the history of geocaching and it mentions that the 1st cache ever was outside of Portland. We will be traveling to Portland soon and we would like to look for it. Is it still there? Does anyone know the name of it? I can't believe that if the 1st cache ever was plundered that it would not be replaced just to "honor" our game! If it isn't there, someone should replace it now. Dave
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