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  1. I put in a request for 5 of the bronze coins 24 hours before you announced that they were sold out but I still have not received my PayPal invoice by email. Do you still have invoices to send out?
  2. The simple solution to this is to put out MORE travel bugs. If you have a bunch of them traveling around out there, you won't fuss so much when one or two disappear. People are people, so bugs are going to get lost or stolen by other cachers. There is not a thing we can do about it but release even more TB's!
  3. This is a topic that has been well covered here many times and is well documented with many different GPS units. Apparently on a bumpy road the batteries jiggle off of the contacts for only a microsecond and that is long enough to cause a shutdown. I have had the same problem with my motorcycle and quad and dirt roads with two different Garmin GPS models. Getting a new GPS will not solve your problem. I found Garmin to be of little help with the problem. I came up with a simple solution: Get a tube of di-electric grease/compound from any auto parts store. It's about $2-3 a tube. Place a large dab of the grease on each of the four electric contacts in the Vista. Your problem will be solved. The grease allows the batteries to maintain an electrical connection with the contacts even if you are riding on a bumpy road. We started using the grease about a year ago when motorcycle/quad riding and we haven't had a shutdown since.
  4. No way I'd buy a GPSr from any of the local stores in our area. I found the internet stores to be as much as $100 cheaper on a Garmin 60C than any of the local sporting goods stores. And the sales tax vs shipping was a wash. Bottom line: Check internet prices before buying.
  5. I'll take 5 when they are available.
  6. This cache will be emptied by the 1st three or four cachers.
  7. Are you sure they were hornets and not horse flies? Horse flies swarmed our car recently at a cache stop. Horse flies are attracted to heat. It is thought that this is one way they locate a blood meal. They kept running into our car again and again. Luckily, this kept them uninterested in us since we were a much smaller heat source than our car. It doesn't sound like hornets to keep attacking you at several cache sites. It DOES sound like horse flies which are large and about the size of hornets. --Dave the entomologist
  8. GrnXnham

    Color - Yes/no???

    Color provides better CONTRAST in poor lighting conditions--a real plus!
  9. We are coming as long as Kristie promises to make those little green bean and bacon wrapped yummy things again.
  10. Side 1---tumbleweed Side 2---telephone pole Now THAT'S North Dakota. BTW, I'm from Montana.
  11. I'm sure this has probably been answered here somewhere but I haven't seen it. Why are some states coins trackable on the geocaching.com site and others not. I just got a few Alaska coins. Apparently they are not trackable on geocaching.com. Now I see that the Maryland and New Jersey coins that will be coming out soon ARE trackable on geocaching.com. I followed the design of our Washington state geocoin closely last year. I remember that someone (Moun10bike I think) talked to Jeremy about making the WA coin trackable and it was decided that none of the State coins would be trackable because there are too many of them and it would be too many for the servers to track or something like that. What has changed? Are all State coins from now on going to be trackable? Why some states and not others? I even saw some coin called the Geowoodstock coin that's trackable. I'm guessing that must be some event coin. How about personal coins--are they trackable? Like I said, this must have been discussed earlier but I just missed it. Any info on this? Thanks
  12. I have version 3.10 Should I upgrade? It doesn't seem to have any problems or bugs. Do I get any new features going from 3.10 to 3.70?
  13. The Legend is better--no question.
  14. GrnXnham

    Etrex Legend

    I prefer to use "Roads and Recreation" software on my Legend. The Legend only has 8MB of memory and no auto routing and R&R takes up less memory than Metroguide or City Select. It is however older and less accurate but by comparison I can only get about three counties on the Legend using City Select but I can get 1/2 the state of WA on the Legend using R&R. R&R is also more accurate than City Select on the back roads like Forest Service roads but worse in the city.
  15. While I agree that the cache owner is a *edit*, I would never steal someone's cache to "get even." This just leads to the breakdown of the integrity of our game. It's always good to be a bigger person than the *edit* who deleted your log and simply forget about it and move on.
  16. So how do I create a GPX file of all of my finds?
  17. Good choice! We've had a Legend for a couple of years now.
  18. The eTrex Legend is the best value for under $150 IMHO. It's also one of the most popular models these days. It seems like about 50% of other geocachers we run into own a Legend.
  19. I just did a search and there is no Project Ape cache in Atlanta or even in Georgia for that matter. The only three I could find are in Washington, Maryland, and Illinois. What did you find in Atlanta? Is it a Project Ape cache that has been archived?
  20. It appears that there are only three Project Ape caches left that haven't been archived or changed to traditional caches. My brother lives near Chicago and he plans to go looking for the one near there soon. He already found the Ape Cache out here in the Puget Sound area when he was visiting us last summer. I think the third Ape Cache is on the East coast. Just curious: Are there any cachers out there with 2 Project Ape caches logged? Does anyone have all three?
  21. A dab of dielectric compound on each contact cured this problem for me.
  22. We have purchased both of our GPSr's from getagps.com No problems. Great prices.
  23. How about just putting a smiley face on each printed cache page as we find it? Seems simple enough. It's worked so far.
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