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  1. As a cache owner, it drives me nuts when cachers don't log DNF's. DNF's tells me that the cache might be missing. Generally if I see two DNF's in a row, I go check on the cache. So logging a DNF is simply being considerate of future cachers. OR If you are worried about your ego, send me an email saying that you couldn't find it and don't log your DNF so less people know that you couldn't find it (as if anybody cares)
  2. The USA coin could be like the German coin icon except with red white and blue stripes. I like the 3D effect on the German coin icon, too.
  3. Will there by a link on this thread pop up at 9AM or do we have to do a search on eBay at 9AM? How do we find the auction?
  4. Have all of these coins been shipped? Still nothing here.
  5. So does this coin "share" the same icon as the Christmas coin? Will all of the holiday coins be put under this same icon? In other words, is it like the Seven Summits coins where if you have both coins you still only have one icon representing both coins and your #'s will say "2"?
  6. I have wondered the same thing but I really don't think it's price--it's scarcity. What I mean by this is that even if Geocoins cost $1 each, if they are only occasionally found in caches, they will still get stolen. On the flip side, if Geocoins cost $10 each but everyone did the honorable thing and kept them moving so they were common in caches, they would not get stolen. I have noticed that the average Travel Bug costs more than a USA geocoin if you count the cost of the TB tag AND the object attached to it, but TB's get stolen MUCH less than USA geocoins. Why is that? The USA geocoins are not as common.
  7. A little plastic folding box that cassette tapes come in. Yeah, that was REAL waterproof.
  8. GrnXnham

    Atv Rider

    I use my Garmin 60C on my quad and my wife uses the Garmin eTrex Legend on her quad. We use the RAM mounts to attach them to the quads. Rock solid. Tree cover is heavy around here. The Garmin 60C rarely loses signal *as long as you are moving fast* under the trees. The eTrex Legend loses reception more but not too bad. We have found that for some reason the GPSr's tend to keep a signal better on a quad than when we are on foot in the woods. Something about moving faster maybe?
  9. COOL! a coin with a bolt through it? How unique! I'd have to steal that if I found it in a cache!
  10. I drilled three USA geocoins and attached a note saying that I wanted it to move. I also bashed them with a hammer several times just to make them that much uglier. One of the coins disappeared right away. The other two are still moving. I released them about 6 months ago.
  11. Looks like a great deal. If I was looking for a new GPS, I would get it.
  12. It's not about "status." I don't consider someone with 2000 finds to be royalty and the person with 5 finds to be pond scum, HOWEVER, when reading comments on my cache pages, the person with more finds carries more weight with their comments. For example. Person with 5 finds doesn't find my easy cache--I wait and see if the next cacher finds it. Person with 2000 finds doesn't find my easy cache--I go out and check to see if cache is still there. So the word here is EXPERIENCE not STATUS. I respect the experience level of someone with many finds. I expect someone with 2000 finds to know most of the good hiding places when it comes to caching, so if they can't find my easy cache, I'd better check on it. The person with 5 finds is still learning the game. They might still miss a fairly easy cache. I know we did when we 1st started.
  13. We have 11 TB's. All are still moving and all are older than 1 year. We have 4 USA geocoins. 1 coin was lost or stolen. 1 coin was stolen. Three of the coins are less than 6 months old. I even drilled holes in three of the coins and attached a card with coin info.
  14. thbriguy Thought your name sounded familiar. We met you at a cache a year ago when we were vacationing in Southern CA. The cache has now been archived. It was GCJ1AB It looks like it met a scary ending. Anyway, back to topic. I would imagine that they blew up the pic just to show you the detail in the icon.
  15. Got my coins today. Look great and I see that they are trackable. Will they be getting their own icon as well? No new icon yet.
  16. Any more info on when these are going to ship? I was going to give them away as Christmas gifts.
  17. I'd like 4 bronze coins please
  18. How do we get the activation codes for these coins?
  19. Isn't it amazing the value that a few people will put on a trinket that most people consider practically worthless. Just think...someday you will die and your family will then be going through your things. They find your complete set of Moun10bike coins that you spent the big bucks on and they simply toss them in the garbage! "I think those are are a part of that game that he used to play using a GPS! No point in keeping them!"
  20. Now that's interesting. Heat made my rash more itchy! However, mine was poison oak--not poison ivy. Maybe they are slightly different poisons?
  21. I see the coin that is selling on ebay. I do believe that they are mistaken about it being trackable on geocaching.com I have the same Michigan coin that you have and I think it's only trackable at the MI website. I have tried the Geocoin club with no luck.
  22. I agree. We remove all business cards that we find also.
  23. Well, let's see....15 minutes ago we were ranked #794th. Now we are 797th. We are falling fast! Websites like this make us want to "get on the stick!"
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