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  1. I had the same problem. Two pieces of cardboard added to the package made it exactly 3/4" thick. Problem solved
  2. Very interesting! We'll have to try this.
  3. There are a lot of these parking lot caches around here. I doubt that very many cachers bother to get permission to place them there. The reason? I honestly don't think many people understand that the Walmart parking lot is PRIVATE PROPERTY. It seems like a public area because people come and go freely, so people just place caches there without thinking about it too much. Most of the "Walmart" caches around here are placed by geocaching newbies. Newbies are less familiar with the rules and are more likely to want to place a cache quickly (and lazily) so they end up in these parking lots.
  4. Does anyone know what happened to this company? I had been buying all of my stuff from them for the last few years. It's been several months since I checked their website but now the website does not exist. Out of business? Changed their name?
  5. Finally got mine today. Longest wait for a coin, yet. Keep the faith. I had practically given up and now here they are. Thanks
  6. I LOVE ammo cans. Most of our caches are ammo cans. I wish that all regular sized caches were ammo cans But you got me curious here: How does a dryer sheet make my ammo can "critter proof?" Other than maybe a bear, not many animals can get inside an ammo can. And the smell of a dryer sheet simply isn't nasty enough to drive away animals. In fact, I would guess some animals might even be attracted to it. Are you talking about insects? A dryer sheet won't drive them away. You need something like mothballs for that.
  7. This was a local story around here on the 5PM news. I liked the way the media was trying to portray the magnet toys as dangerous and that maybe they should be recalled. First of all, this was a freak accident. Second, why did the parents let an infant play with small magnets (or small anything for that matter?) The product shouldn't be recalled--the parents should be.
  8. No, not at all. The "keeper" is one that has a Sheriff card with it. So if someone says "HEY! you STOLE that!" you can take out your Sherriff card and show them you are legit. I went and did something really strange with these coins. I made them all the same (except a single gold one due to an extra tracking number) and let folks order as many as they wanted! In fact, what do you pay in the US for TB Tags? I think these are cheaper. I really hope these travel. The price doesn't seem to have too much to do with whether or not they will be stolen. The USA Geocoins are only slightly more expensive than TB tags but they get stolen MUCH more, simply because they are more rare. And the sad thing is that the USA coins are many times more common than any of the other trackable coins out there--so good luck getting any other coins to move! Isn't there only about 600 of these coins? There is no way they will move more than maybe two caches tops. Better to give them to people as a sort of a "gag" gift! Ah....but that will have to wait until I get mine!
  9. I totally mangled up three USA geocoins before releasing them into the wild. It appears to have helped a little.
  10. The NY Geocoins are too hot. This will quickly disappear. Sorry, just calling it like I see it.
  11. Your chain has been yanked. Well I'm glad to hear that! Wonder what happened to the "Search" function?
  12. How do you get this double secret "gold" membership? Yeah, I would perform a search to find this info but for some reason that isn't working. This is extremely annoying. I have been a premium member for a couple of years now and this is the 1st basic feature I've seen disappear until I purchase an ADDITIONAL premium membership. Most forums allow you to search before you have to pay. Nice.
  13. Must be just the Columbus area mail that is slow. I sent a few items all the way across the country at the beginning of this week and they still got there in 3 days--the same time as it always takes--USPS First Class.
  14. No red-handed coins here either but weren't they shipped from Canada a week ago? Maybe that takes longer?
  15. Strange. When I 1st opened the envelope and looked at these coins, I thought they looked like keys to a Chevrolet. The phillips screwdriver "slot" at the top of the coin looked like the Chevrolet symbol at 1st! Then I figured out it was the screwdriver slot. Okay, I wasn't thinking too clearly.
  16. As a cache owner, it drives me nuts when cachers don't log DNF's. DNF's tells me that the cache might be missing. Generally if I see two DNF's in a row, I go check on the cache. So logging a DNF is simply being considerate of future cachers. OR If you are worried about your ego, send me an email saying that you couldn't find it and don't log your DNF so less people know that you couldn't find it (as if anybody cares)
  17. The USA coin could be like the German coin icon except with red white and blue stripes. I like the 3D effect on the German coin icon, too.
  18. Will there by a link on this thread pop up at 9AM or do we have to do a search on eBay at 9AM? How do we find the auction?
  19. Have all of these coins been shipped? Still nothing here.
  20. So does this coin "share" the same icon as the Christmas coin? Will all of the holiday coins be put under this same icon? In other words, is it like the Seven Summits coins where if you have both coins you still only have one icon representing both coins and your #'s will say "2"?
  21. I have wondered the same thing but I really don't think it's price--it's scarcity. What I mean by this is that even if Geocoins cost $1 each, if they are only occasionally found in caches, they will still get stolen. On the flip side, if Geocoins cost $10 each but everyone did the honorable thing and kept them moving so they were common in caches, they would not get stolen. I have noticed that the average Travel Bug costs more than a USA geocoin if you count the cost of the TB tag AND the object attached to it, but TB's get stolen MUCH less than USA geocoins. Why is that? The USA geocoins are not as common.
  22. A little plastic folding box that cassette tapes come in. Yeah, that was REAL waterproof.
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