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  1. "Best in sunlight" is relative. You said you think your Etrex 20 is great in sunlight but it's your first GPSr. Have you ever had the chance to compare it to any other units in the sun? The eTrex 20 is manageable. I'm not going to return it or anything. It's just not as good in the sun as my other two units. All of my GPSr's are better in the sun than any other electronics with screens that I've ever owned.
  2. I got quite a chuckle out of reading this thread. If someone today was starting a new thread to talk about finding 25 caches in a day, it would be a complaint because they had an "off" day or because they only had 30 minutes of spare time for caching that day.
  3. I have a Garmin 60Cx, eTrex 20, and a eTrex Venture HC. Of the three, the Venture HC is by far the easiest to read in the sunlight. The eTrex 20 is the worst.
  4. Hydnsek Looks like the lookout will be closed July 28. Found this on the NWHIkers.net site: Warning Maintenance work on the Mt Pilchuck Lookout is scheduled for the following dates: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 thru Thursday, August 2, 2012 Please do not plan to visit the lookout or catwalk during this week. (The work area will be in the vicinity of the lookout - there are lots of good viewpoints outside the work area to enjoy.) We will be repairing major foundation damage. There will be a bunch of volunteers, missing supports, wet paint everywhere, noise fumes and dust - - not your regular peaceful day at the lookout. Speaking of volunteers, if you wish to help, please contact us at LOTM@EverettMountaineers.org Thank You Everett Mountaineers Lookout and Trail Maintenance and Wallace Falls State Park (the Park you visit when you go to the lookout)
  5. GrnXnham

    Camp Muir!

    So how was the trip?
  6. I agree. No way I'd pay $180 for a 7 year old 60CSx but I know others will. Of course I might also give a co-worker more of a price break than someone I don't know on the internet as well.
  7. My eTrex 20 freezes up when autorouting and I miss a turn BUT only when I am viewing the "Active Route" page as I miss the turn. Instead of recalculating a new route, like it does if I'm viewing any other page, when viewing the "Active Route" page, it freezes and I must either remove the batteries to get it to restart or hold down the on/off button for 10 seconds to restart it. It's strange that it only freezes when on the Active Route page. I use Software version 2.8
  8. Yes, mine does the same thing!
  9. Looks like you were right! I'm nominating those cachers who two weeks ago "found" GCD as recipients of the 2012 honor of: "Most Creative Way To Call a DNF a Find!"
  10. I just upgraded from 2.6 to 2.8 and used my eTrex 20 this last weekend. My observations: 1) It still locks up when autorouting if you miss a turn but I have only noticed this happening when you have it set to the "active route" page. 2) My wife's Garmin 60cx is also used and we compare odometer readings after a hike. Up until now, the 60cx has always showed about 10% more mileage at the end of a hike than my eTrex 20. After a hike in the mountains this weekend, the eTrex 20 showed 20% more mileage on the odometer than the 60cx. Based on what others had claimed for the mileage for that hike, the 60cx was closer to the actual mileage. Not sure why there was such an extreme mileage difference. We'll have to use it for more hikes. 3) No problems with finding caches with it or with any slow response at slow speeds.
  11. This is old news around here. But at least there are now LOTS of free maps that you can download for your 2nd unit.
  12. Okay, just trying to clarify.. So the list is really a top 134 currently--not a top 100? We are able to count any caches that are on the current top 100 list as well as any of the 34 that dropped off the old list? And over time the list of eligible caches will only grow as more and more caches get pushed off the list?
  13. Thanks for posting that. I was surprised at how few of these we've actually found. We have a long way to go.
  14. _Shaddow_ I was wondering what happened with this one? Are you still planning to go ahead with this cache? It looks like another good one and we are the proud owners of ONE of the top 100 highest caches! I'm not trying to be pushy or anything--I was just wondering if you had decided to abandon the idea of reviving this cache? Thanks
  15. I've also been having terrible problems with the compass even at 2.73. When it works, lucky if it tracks within 45 degrees. When it doesn't, sometimes it just plain oscillates 180 degrees every second or shows the opposite of correct direction. A user on another forum suggested a VERY slow calibration, it was the way he got his working. Will try that someday... Hope you and the other user sent email to the etrex beta email address. Only way it is going to get fixed is if garmin is a where of the problem. I mentioned it but hearing from others will help with the priorities. What is this email address? I have looked on Garmin's website for a way to post bugs/problems with units and I have found nothing. Apparently they don't want to be inundated with complaints? You would think that they would make it easy to post problems so that they can better track the most common problems and fix those first.
  16. Among other stuff, these are the things that come to mind: Device forgets destination after power cycle Device forgets route after power cycle Device follows tracks/trackback backwards, against the direction they are defined Device says I'm arriving at a waypoint whenever the device is turned on, even if I'm far away Device searches for points of interest so slow it's almost unusable (Can take several minutes) Compass is highly unstable and unreliable, I just keep it turned off most of the time (eTrex 30 only) Google for "Horrible bananaware strikes back" and you'll get an Amazon review. I didn't write it, but I do agree with the reviewer's main arguments. There seems to be no solid framework behind the firmware. They have a lot of work to do still, but at version 2.73b it's starting to become quite usable. My list above is still valid, though. I would add to this that the unit freezes up often when auto-routing. I realize that many people don't use this unit for auto-routing, so they don't have the problem but I purchased the City Navigator SD card for my eTrex 20. If you miss a turn or don't follow the turn by turn directions, rather than recalculating a new route, it freezes up, and must be turned off and back on to function. If you drive past a destination, it freezes up. This is my 6th GPSr and I am luke-warm on this unit. I like the features when they work, but overall the unit wasn't ready for prime-time, yet. Still too many bugs.
  17. Group shot at the lighthouse
  18. The basic yellow eTrex is MUCH more intuitive and easier to use than the eTrex 20! However, the eTrex 20 allows you to do so much more than the old yellow can do that I think the steeper learning curve is worth it. Still I think Garmin could have made the eTrex 20 easier to use but it is what it is I guess.
  19. Hmmmm...not sure why using a different profile would have any bearing on whether or not there is a "sticky" issue? But then again, since no one has figured out what exactly causes the issue with some units while it isn't found in others, anything is possible.
  20. I like the sound of this. I don't use "automotive mode" orientation on my eTrex 20 because the roads are too large/wide/thick at the bottom of the screen. Hopefully, they are now smaller.
  21. Hmmm, but if there was an immediate link to click ( "see full sized image", for instance) that would be better than having to take several steps to get there........ Anyhoo, Flickr account just opened. Will give that a go or, if it turns out to be too much hassle, give up on posting pics. Oh, and BTW, if you are browsing a gallery through a public profile why do you need another (slightly bigger) thumbnail when you already have one.....? Seems highly wasteful.... I just now found this topic as I was frustrated because I haven't uploaded pics in a couple of months and I couldn't figure out why the uploaded pics had gotten smaller and of lower quality. I agree with this person. Having a "See full sized image" option at the bottom of the thumbnail PIC would be a great improvement over the new current multi-step process to see the full sized image.
  22. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, there are lots of words in the article, but it never really clearly explains why they got rid of UserVoice. It sounds like maybe too many suggestions were coming in using the UserVoice and rather than just implement the most popular changes, they decided to just get rid of the entire system?
  23. Good question. I've wondered the same thing. I hardly think the 30% larger screen on the 62s is worth $150. I'm not sure why there is such a price difference between these two units.
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