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  1. Anyone else having problems with the site to get the activation codes? I keep getting a message that the server can't be found for www.activation.geocoin.net
  2. If he is doing this, he will probably lose interest in geocaching very quickly anyway. Give it a month or two and he will probably not be talking about his "finds" any more. It's just not that interesting to talk about "fake" finds. Trust me--this guy will simply disappear from geocaching soon no matter what you do.
  3. Since it's waterproof, why not fill your sink and try it out?
  4. No This would just encourage more coins. I can't keep up with all of them now!
  5. Okay, I got it now for the Yosemite coins: www.activation.gecoin.net
  6. Anyone know where to get the codes for the Yosemite Park coins?
  7. The funny thing about your name is that when I first read it, I pictured you being some kind of bad-boy-biker-dude that just got out of prison for armed robbery and assault! For me, it struck me kind of like calling a really big guy "Tiny." ChurchCampDave is so cute and innocent sounding that I thought you might actually be the opposite of what your name suggests. For that reason I like your name.
  8. How about: "ChurchCampDaveandifyoudon'tlikeityoucankissmya**!"
  9. Now this is interesting. At FIRST, it worked fine. Then I went to another website and came back to geocaching.com and now it looks like your picture above! I can select "trackables, geocaches, etc" but they are invisible on the screen. I'm using Firefox 1.0 on the Mac.
  10. Got mine today. Wow! It's really tough to see the difference between a gold coin and a bronze coin. I can't tell the difference unless I lay them side by side. I'll bet there will be a few bronze coins traded as gold ones!
  11. How do you know for sure who is a coin club and who is not? I say I'm a coin club and I want 200 coins. Plus, the coins have gotten so popular that even with limiting the number that people purchase, they still disappear quickly unless everyone is allowed to only buy one coin. That Lighthouse coin was limited to 5 per person but they were gone almost instantly. I wonder if they would have disappeared as fast if the price had been higher?
  12. Geocoins seem to be getting more popular than ever. It's getting more and more difficult to get every coin because they are getting snatched up so fast when they go on sale. In the last couple of weeks I have missed out on a couple of coins even though I tried to purchase them in less than 1 minute after they went on sale. These were coins with a "normal" price of $6-$8. A couple of other coins that had the "high" price of $10 or more were still available when I went to buy them, even though I showed up to purchase them several minutes or maybe even an hour after they went on sale. Nobody likes high prices but at least the higher priced coins keep the early buyers from loading-up on as many coins and that gives more people a chance to get a coin. I'd rather pay $10 for a coin than miss out on the $7 coin because I was 5 seconds too slow. Yeah, I could trade for coins (if I could buy an extra one fast enough) by mail but that involves packaging, shipping, trip to post office, etc. This costs just as much as paying $10 for the coin in the 1st place. So what can I say--lets keep the prices high????
  13. LOL! Yeah, Stump, just set a date and go with it. If you ask 10 people for a good date, you'll get 10 different dates. No matter what date you pick, some people will be able to make it and others won't.
  14. Have all the Paypal invoices been sent out for these? I sent the email request in yesterday but haven't heard back.
  15. Often when caching in an unpleasant neighborhood, we drive our old clunker pickup. The cops never seem to check us out but when we come back to the truck after finding the cache, we find them checking out our "abandoned" vehicle and running the plates. I didn't think our truck was that crusty looking, but I guess it is!
  16. That was a quick reply! Thanks neilsenc!
  17. I just got the nielsenc 2006 clover coin today. Anyone know hoe to get the activation codes for it? Thanks
  18. That's too bad. I like it the way it is now.
  19. Unbelievable. I got the bronze one ordered in about 30 seconds and it was gone.
  20. If it gets too popular, I'm sure our politicians will figure out a way to tax it. It will be an "entertainment" tax.
  21. For the same reason that all the women on that TV show let their long hair drape down over the crime scene while they are collecting hair evidence. Just once I want them to find a hair and have it turn out to be their own because they didn't wear a hairnet. Are they trying to look sexier for TV? Yes Are they actually looking stupid? Yes But do we all still love to watch it? Yes
  22. Tough question. I don't believe that there is any hard data out there comparing GPSr reliability. I think all you can get here is anecdotal evidence of reliability, which may or may not be accurate.
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