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  1. My wife says that size doesn't matter.
  2. Anyone know if all the Anthus Firefighter coins were shipped from the coin store, yet? According to this thread, these were shipped about a week and half ago. We haven't received ours, but I see that they have been selling on ebay for several days.
  3. Where do we get activation codes for the LIGO (Long Island) 2006 coin? thanks
  4. Best Personal: Moun10bike v3. Best State: Pennsylvania Best Event: Frozen Bone Biggest Stretch to geocaching: Quebec Beer Coin Best Other: Groundspeak Volunteer Best Trackable: Red Handed Most Valuable: Moun10Bike v3 Best Shape: Screw Geocoin Best Charity: Katrina coin Best Country: Finland Best Icon: Kansas
  5. Same thing here. I went to geocoinclub.com/code.php as it says on the coin packaging of the Mississippi coin. When I plugged in the code, I got a message that says the coin does not exist in their system.
  6. I just purchased three. Apparently, a few are being sold early. The sale only "dropped" for a few minutes.
  7. Simply supply and demand. It goes in cycles. Next week demand might be up again.
  8. 5 minutes and some are still available.
  9. I've had MANY TB's kept by other cachers for 2-3 months before releasing them back into the wild so I would let it go for much more than three weeks. Remember that not everyone gets out caching every weekend. The last time I picked up a coin I had it for about a month because I wanted to make sure I put it back into a cache that was "worthy" of a geocoin.
  10. It was me. I sent you a USA geocoin and you were supposed to send me a Moun10bike coin in return. Don't tell me that you are going to try to weasel out of our deal just because my coin got lost. I still expect that Moun10bike coin.
  11. I think McToys are fine. We have cached with families with small children and sometimes the kids are tickled pink when they get to pick out a McToy from a cache. Whenever we pick up a McToy from a happy meal we save it still wrapped for the next cache.
  12. 56) If there is one pile of doodoo in a 100 acre park, you will find a way to step in it.
  13. I think a lot of the urban caches are being watched by cachers who live nearby and want to know when a cool travel bug or coin is dropped off in the cache so they can make a quick grab. The rural caches are watched because many of these are the more challenging caches and cachers want to hear about other cachers' struggles to find them!
  14. Just my experience but after having placed caches both in urban areas and way out in rural areas, the caches in the rural areas don't get "cleaned out" as much. My guess is that with the easy, drive-by, urban cache you get more caching newbies finding it. These people haven't yet learned to trade up. Rural caches that might require a hike to get to are usually frequented by more experienced cachers who have learned the rules and have learned to respect the game more. That being said, sometimes either kind of cache gets cleaned out. People are people after all.
  15. By all means clean all the good stuff out of your caches and then go sell it on ebay! Other cachers just love it when you do that!
  16. I almost had another one lost today! The Oklahoma coins had been taped to a piece of cardboard. The tape had come loose and the coins were moving around in there. A hole was started at the end but it wasn't quite big enough yet for a coin to slip out.
  17. Very interesting. Now that I look at the package, it looks like the Nevada coins probably just sliced their way through the end of the padded envelope. I'll bet the Nevada coins came in those sharp edged plastic sleeves like most coins do. And every other coin I have received from the Geocoinclub has just been sloshing around in the envelope as well. They don't secure the coins in the envelope at all.
  18. Argh! It was Nevada-28. Do I have any recourse or am I just out of luck?
  19. I got a coin mailer from the Geocoinclub today. A slit was cut in the end of it and the coins were removed. Anyone know what coins were stolen from me? I have gotten a few from the geocoin club lately. What came today? It shipped Feb 3.
  20. Actually, if they are trying to make a claim on an insured package from the USPS, they are looking at more like 6 months before the claim is actually paid if it's paid at all. This is why the USPS "insurance" is basically worthless. It's fairly obvious by the box that you did receive that the company doing the coins did a poor job of packaging. That isn't the USPS's fault. This is probably also why the other box was lost. The company who did the coins should mint the rest right away and then they should wait for their money from the USPS. It's the right thing to do. Just my $.02
  21. 1) Cool Coin Order Liaison--The 3D effect on this coin is amazingly well done--better than any other coin I've seen. 2) Pennsylvania 2005--very classy looking with lot's of detail. 3) Alaska 2005--no color but once again lot's of detail and well done artwork. The moose overlayed on top of the state is perfect for Alaska. Maybe I'm just biased because I used to live there?
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