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  1. I miss actually being able to make money selling coins on ebay!
  2. We feel baited and misled. Jeeper Rick implied there would be one in this thread and in a private email, but it was up in the air. Hey! The icon finally showed up! Cool! Thanks Jeeper Rick!
  3. I ordered the Texas coins only but haven't received them yet. Have they all shipped by now?
  4. I have heard this is a problem with waterproof flashlights. Apparently it is relatively uncommon. My Princeton Tec Surge flashlight has some pellets inside the flashlight to absorb any gas escaping from the batteries. I have several waterproof lights but no explosion here, yet. One thing you can do to help prevent it from happening is to not let the batteries in the light get extremely low. Dead batteries are more likely to out-gas than new batteries. I hope your husband is alright. I've heard that some people drill tiny holes in their waterproof flashlights in order to let the gas escape rather than take the chance of an explosion. That's okay as long as you don't need your light to be waterproof.
  5. Absolutely true. The most dangerous thing that we as cachers do is spend a lot of time driving around in our cars. You are MUCH more likely to get into a car accident than you are to get attacked by a rattler or a cougar. You want to be safe? Drive carefully and wear your seatbelt.
  6. I think Garmin and Magellan make most of their money selling the mapping software not the GPSr's. It's kind of like the makers of printers practically giving you the printer and then they charge a fortune for the ink. This is why there isn't any free maps. I think Garmin and Magellan would go out of business if it was free!
  7. I can't seem to find much of a price difference here. By doing a little searching I found the Legend Cx for $244 and the Venture Cx for $209. So is the only difference the 32MB card or is that $35 costing you something else? Kerecsen must have found a bigger price difference than I did. I can't get a tank of gas for $35 much less a tank of gas with a card reader and memory!
  8. Interesting avatar to go with that response.
  9. I wonder whatever happened to the icon for this coin? It's strange. It's the only coin I have other than personal coins that doesn't have it's own icon and I've had the coin for a few months now. Did the maker of this coin drop out of geocaching before submitting an icon? Just curious...
  10. Nope. Coins are travel bugs. You can take one. You can leave one. You don't have to trade for one.
  11. You live and you learn. Navigator is for use only with high end GPSr's with lot's of memory. This is not what the Legend is. The Legend can still be purchased new but it really feels dated at this point. We use a Legend as our backup GPS. We use Roads and Recreation software on it. This is older software that takes up less memory. I can get 1/2 the state of Washington on my Legend.
  12. After reading this, I went back and looked closer at the coins that I got. I DO see tiny scratches all running in the same direction on the silver area, however, since I have seen this same thing on several other coins and it's actually fairly hard to see, I'm not going to worry about it. I can find flaws that minor on nearly every coin I have. Perhaps your scratches are worse.
  13. Got this coin today. Great looking coin! Thanks!
  14. Coin prices are going up? News to me. I just bought a couple of trackable coins for $5 each.
  15. Gotta agree with this. I believe the best strategy here would be "don't buy it!"
  16. They may be in Seattle but not Tacoma. Still nothing here.
  17. For me it's the incredible stuff that I find in the "members only" caches. In one members-only cache I found a $100 bill! In another I found a Garmin 60c which I use as my main GPS now. It's amazing how much more generous everyone is when it comes to these members-only caches. I know I am. I usually just put the McJunk in the regular caches but I save the good stuff for the members caches. Last week I placed a bag containing 25 different unactivated geocoins in a members-only cache! A few months ago, I left some tickets to a Seahawks game in another one! Well worth the $30 for this perk alone!
  18. I used the Legend for a year before getting the 60c. While I thought the Legend was great while we used it, I now find if hard to go back to using the Legend. The color screens have MUCH better contrast than the Legend screen. I am glad we kept the Legend as a backup unit but my eyes thanked me for going to a color unit.
  19. We are coming from the Seattle area and will be in the Marietta/North Atlanta area for a few days. We'd like to do some caches while we are there. Any must-not-miss caches in this area? Thank you for any ideas. Dave
  20. Gotta disagree here. We have two units--Legend and the 60C. On both units, when it is raining, reception is worse than if it is a clear day. Yep, I've read here on this forum again and again that weather doesn't affect reception but it does. We've been geocaching for three years both in the rain and in the sun and we can always see the difference in reception.
  21. Not only is this a great looking coin, it's the BEST packaging job I have seen on a coin, yet! My three coins were triple packaged! My hat's off to crake!
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