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  1. Be sure to give it a few weeks before logging this TB out of your cache. Someone who picked it up could be on vacation and they just haven't logged the TB out, yet.
  2. Team Noltex Here in the South Puget Sound area, it is tough to beat a Team Noltex hide.
  3. Yep, it's all about contrast. It's SO much easier to view the color screen from farther away (on the dashboard of your car for example) than it is to view the B&W screen. No comparison. We had a B&W GPSr for 1 year and then bought color. No going back to B&W for us.
  4. Good idea. Another way is to bring a 3' ladder or stool with you when placing tacks and place them up at about the 9 or 10 foot level. This way they are just out of reach even if spotted and it would take some effort to muggle them.
  5. Hey, quadmommy! While having a bright flashlight is helpful for finding those glint tacks, it is equally helpful where you hold your flashlight while looking for those tacks. If you don't have a headlight, hold your flashlight up next to your head at eye level while hunting for glint tacks. This way the light from the glint tacks will shine right back into your eyes and will appear much brighter. Doing this will make a HUGE difference as compared to holding your flashlight down at your waist (which is what people naturally do without thinking.) I think using this technique is as important as having a bright flashlight when hunting for glint tacks or fire tacks at night. Happy night hunting
  6. I'd have to to say Muggles, as in the term used in the Harry Potter books and movies. Mugglers is just sort of a "geoization" of the word by geocachers, many who probably have no idea of the Harry Potter orgin. Does the official geocaching FAQ still refer to them as "geo-muggles"? I've never seen or heard anyone use that term. I agree with this. I've noticed that people who are familar with Harry Potter say "Muggles." Cachers unfamiliar with Harry Potter are more likely to say "Mugglers."
  7. We use the RAM mounts while riding our quads. They are rock solid.
  8. I was just at The Dufflebag in Lakewood today. It's at 82nd and South Tacoma Way. The 30mm cans are $6 The 50mm cans are $9 OUCH! Seems high but I don't know where else to get them in the South Tacoma area.
  9. Yeah, I can just picture my 92 year old grandmother doing this.
  10. Looks like I won't be placing any caches in state parks. Too much work.
  11. I keep hearing how nice Garmin is at fixing stuff for free. I haven't had that experience. I'm tough on my GPSr's I broke the antenna off my Garmin 60C twice--once on warranty the other not on warranty. It was $150 (including tax) to fix it each time. Granted it was my fault. I broke the antenna but I didn't get any offer from Garmin to repair it for free. The rubber cover that goes around my eTrex Legend tore and fell off. I just wanted another rubber cover. Garmin told me that it would cost $50 just for that piece of rubber! The Legend was off warranty but I still thought $50 for that piece of rubber was ridiculous. It still isn't fixed. I just can't bring myself to spend $50 for that piece of rubber. Sure wish I could buy a broken eTrex from someone and just take the rubber cover off of it. So while they did a great job of fixing my 60c each time I sent it in, it hasn't been cheap. Unhappy with garmin? No. Like I said, I broke the units each time they needed repair. It wasn't Garmin's fault. But no free repair offers from Garmin here!
  12. My bad. I have had no problems loading waypoints onto our eTrex Legend with the two year old firmware using OS 10.3.7 but when I tried to transfer waypoints to the new Garmin 60Cx I ran into problems. Then I switched to our other computer that uses 10.4 and it worked.
  13. Yep, same problem I had. Like I said in my earlier post, OS 10.4 fixed this problem. I was using 10.3.7 and it didn't work. It said that it transferred but when I checked the GPS there was no waypoints on there at all.
  14. We have a couple of Macs and we have found that you need to have OS 10.4 or newer on your Mac in order to download waypoints to your machine. There are a couple of different shareware/freeware programs that will do it as long as you have 10.4
  15. Both this Foxhole and the one in Puyallup are gone. I'm not sure if they've moved or are out of business. Foxhole used to be my source for ammo boxes, too.
  16. Well it looks like we have 3 caches in or near the Carbon Copy Fire NW of Mt. Rainier. You can see the smoke nearly every day from the Puget Sound area. Luckily, all 3 caches are ammo boxes. I wonder what a Tupperware container would look like after a fire?? We can't wait to go up there after the fire is out to see what our ammo boxes and their contents look like! I'll bet if there are any McToys inside, they will melt but hopefully the ammo box will survive. Has anyone else experienced a cache going through a forest fire?
  17. Yeah! Got our Jeep today! Man, this is one ugly color of green! Hopefully, the ugly color will mean that it will be less likely to get stolen out of caches and people will move them on!
  18. Doesn't take long for any debate to degenerate into accusations of impure motive. People who don't log DNFs to your standard of purity are protecting their egos, right? Making statements condemning others' impure motives and implicity congratulating oneself is strong medicine for the ego, too. The never-DNF guy might just want to fail privately, but the DNF-scold is boasting publicly. This wasn't an "accusation." Nor is worrying about your ego an impure motive. It's completely human to be concerned about your ego. I know I am concerned about mine. I'm no different than everyone else on this planet as far as that. When we 1st started geocaching, we didn't DNF either. After a while, we saw the value in it and now we always post our DNF's despite our bruised ego. A lot of cachers I talk to don't seem to understand why people DNF. I'm simply offering an explanation for it. I'm not angry at people for DNF's. I totally understand and expect it. I'm sorry if you thought this was some kind of attack on other cachers. None intended at all. Just pointing out the human nature that we are all a part of.
  19. It's very simple. People are VERY worried about hurting their ego. When they log a DNF, they feel it hurts their ego, so most cachers do not log DNF's. The funny thing about this is that almost no cachers I've talked to who refuse to DNF will admit it's about their ego. After all, it hurts your ego to admit that you are worried about your ego!
  20. The Apex put out 3 watts, the Tec 40 puts out 4 watts the Apex is about $65.00, the Tec 40 is about $17.00 Of course the Tec 40 is a flashlight rather than a headlamp, it will still take the Tec 40 or the Apex. I can buy a lot of batteries for $48.00 Neither of these lights "puts out" any wattage. Watts is a measure of power consumed, not light output. The Apex is actually slightly brighter than the Tec 40. The Tec 40 has slightly better throw. But it's really comparing apples and oranges anyway. These two lights are very different from each other. But if you really want to compare... The Tec 40 is a hand-held light. The Apex is a headlight. You end up paying extra to have a hands-free light. Personally, I like to search for caches in the dark with two hands, not one. I'll pay extra for that convenience. The Apex is also regulated for constant brightness. The Tec 40 is not. The Apex has a battery level indicator. The Tec 40 does not. The Apex has 5 different lighting options. The Tec 40 has one. The Apex bulbs will never burn out or "blow" when the light is dropped. The Tec 40 is an incandescent, so the bulb will fail (usually at a bad time). So while I do think the Tec 40 is a good light for the money, it just doesn't have some of the features that the Apex has, and yes you do have to pay for those features. So why not just go down to Walmart and get one of their 99 cent flashlights (batteries included!) instead of the Tec 40? I could spend the extra $16 on a lot of batteries?
  21. Several of you seem to think that LED's aren't very good. I used to think the same thing until I purchased a flashlight with a Luxeon LED. These are much brighter and have better throw than the old LED lights. The Luxeon LED on my Princeton Tec Apex (headlamp) has light output approximately equivalent to a 4D Maglight but with a much longer runtime!
  22. I have one of the best--the Princeton Tec Apex. Yes, they are pricey at $70 but they are MUCH brighter than the PT Scout and worth more than $70 IMHO. It has a flood light and a spot light. As far as I know, this is the brightest headlight you can get for under $100. You get what you pay for.
  23. I understand we cannot bring any electronic device (thanks since mine aren’t wireless) to help us, but can we bring references sources that we have available? After solving many mysteries, I have pages printed out that helped me solve various caches (such as the Temple of Quack) and was wondering if I could bring them or would that be considered wrong? Are other teams planning on bringing references? P.S. I think anyone who heckles should at least have cookies or chocolate to make the words a bit sweeter don’t you think?
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