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  1. I use a Princeton Tec Apex available on-line at many stores. This headlamp is one of the best with several different lighting levels and it is extremely bright. It also has a lifetime warranty. The downside is that it is about $70. IMO, it's worth more than that but it might be a little steep for someone who only uses it occasionally while caching. Yes, those crank lights are worthless! You get what you pay for.
  2. IMO, a cache owner can't make rules about travel bugs. Only the TB owner can make rules about their own TB. That being said, I have never taken all of the TB's in a travel bug hotel. I try to take some and leave some. But if it looks like it has become a TB prison and some of the bugs have been there for months, I might take more than I leave.
  3. Let's be fair to the reporter, it was what the police said. I think everyone spent about as much time on this story as appropriate, almost none lol Actually this is a good thing to add to the article. If Boy Scouts play the game, it MUST be harmless. Wally World wouldn't want to shut down an educational experience for Boy Scouts, would they?
  4. Because organizations such as “The Cascade Grotto” (Seattle), “The Oregon Grotto” (Vancouver) and “The Willamette Valley Grotto as well as The Boy Scouts and others have all done Ape Cave clean up’s. Some of the trips I was personally on was: 1. Trips to remove pant. We took in 5 Gallon Water fire fighting bladers into the cave to wash off pant. 2. Trips to pick up garbidge. 3. Built 1 1/4 mile of trail from the main entrance to the upper entrance. It took all one summer 4. Removed wood that was thrown down the skylight. 5. Trips to replaced damaged steps in the stairways. So why hasn’t Ape Cave been Trashed? BECAUSE WE KEEP PICKING IT UP! Well, there you go then!
  5. GrnXnham

    Stolen Geocoin

    Like JEEOCACHER, we drill a hole in our coins and then attach an instruction card to each coin before sending them out into the world. Seems to help some but there will always be geocoin thieves out there.
  6. Looked last night. Didn't look much different in the 12.5" Newtonian reflector compared to the binoculars so I wouldn't recommend running out and buying a telescope just for this. Very interesting and worth a look with binoculars, however.
  7. Ditto this. Same problem here. Running Mac OS 10.3.9 with Firefox
  8. Of course, all of the rules for this challenge are determined by the cache owner. That being said, however, I agree with 100% of everything you say here, sciuchetti. The more you nit-pick over certain difficulty combinations on the grid, the less fun it is. This is a game, right? Isn't it supposed to be fun?
  9. Nick I thought you sold your quad? Change of heart? I think we've found all but two of the caches in Capital while riding our quads but we are always up for a ride. Dave
  10. Nick Just an idea: If you want to go for another order of ammo boxes, you might want to get 50 cal boxes this time. I don't want any more 30 cal boxes but if you got 50's, I'd take a few. It's nice to have some of each size for different uses.
  11. Yeah, great looking cans Nick. I just got all of ours cammo'd and ready to go for the next cache placement!
  12. We are the owners of the cache that Mudsneaker was looking for. The place where he describes the blood (or whatever) as being is quite a distance from the actual cache. We didn't have anything to do with placing the liquid there.
  13. All 3 of our Garmins are always accurate to within 6 inches. The Magellans that I've seen are all only accurate to about 300 feet. Obviously, Garmin is better!
  14. We had the same thing happend with our eTrex Legend. As it turns out we noticed the "sluggishness" right after buying a Garmin 60Cx. We used the 60Cx for a while and then went back to use the Legend. It sure SEEMED slow now! I hope you aren't just comparing the speed of your Vista to a newer unit you just purchased. Just a thought.
  15. We have probably found 3 dozen caches while out riding our quads. It's kind of fun to combine the two activities.
  16. like this? http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....mp;ProductID=61 We saw that one but unfortunately 3" X 3" is way too small for anyone to see very well from another car. We want it to stand out from a distance. Thanks for the idea, though.
  17. We are looking for a couple of nice full-color geocaching logo stickers for the back windows of our cars. We have one on one of our cars. It's about 5" X 5" using all four colors (yellow, green, blue, and orange) of the logo instead of those boring all white ones that you see. This sticker was given to us, so we have no idea who made it or where we can buy it. We have been unable to find more of these color stickers anywhere. We'd like a bigger one--maybe 8" X8" full color geocaching logo to stick on the OUTSIDE of the window. It's hard to see through the tinting and see those inside stickers. Does anyone make "official" geo-logo stickers for your car window that are color and large any more or are we stuck with white? Thanks for any ideas.
  18. Thanks for the help. CenTexDodger I'm not sure what "Demo Mode" is. I couldn't find any info on that in the manual so I don't know how to use it. Hertzog your method will have to work until Garmin someday adds this feature to their Units.
  19. I have the Garmin 60Cx with all the autorouting maps loaded. I'm not sure if it's possible to do this but is there a way that I can get the travel time by road using autorouting between two points when I am not located at one of the two points? In other words, let's say I live in Seattle but I would like to know the drive time between Boston and Los Angeles by road using autorouting. Is this possible to do? I know I can get the mileage and drive time between my location and anywhere but can I do it between two points when I am located at a third point? Thanks
  20. We used a Legend for the 1st year we geocached. All of this "bouncing around" sounds normal to me, especially in areas of poor reception.
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