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  1. I got my Boots... and Dardevle nickels today. Thanks for the trades!
  2. So has anyone else done this with their wooden nickels? http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=478000
  3. I can't speak for the ink used with the rubber stamps but the wooden nickels that I got from wooden-nickel.com have gone through the wash (left in my pocket) and came out still looking perfect. The ink didn't run at all. No need for any protective finish here. Knowing that a lot of geocaches end up getting wet inside, this was exactly what I wanted.
  4. Okay, I've got nickels in the mail to the following people: slowdownracer Frank n Beck dardevle Anyone else want to trade? I'm surprised the wooden nickels haven't caught on more with people who want something to drop in every cache. I'd like to have a geocoin but it's just too expensive for most people to drop them in every cache. I've collected about 250 different geocoins but only about 70 different wooden nickels so far. In some ways I actually like the nickels more because they are much more likely to be found in a cache. It seems like around here, I find someones wooden nickel in about one out of three caches. It's much lower with the geocoins.
  5. I'm not sure what all this Nascar talk is about but we now have a new nickel to trade. The old nickel is below (front and back) and our new Nickel is the top one. I'll trade for anyone's printed nickel that I don't have. I have only a few of the old nickels left but plenty of the new nickels.
  6. I read your cache page. You did it correctly. It is a mystery.
  7. Same problem here. 2555 finds but INATN only shows that we have 2549 finds. Six finds disappeared.
  8. While logging a FTF way out in the woods last summer, we found another cache about 50 feet away. The cache had been archived about a year before. The owner had given it a 5/5 for difficulty. It had never been found. We ended up with two FTF's about 30 seconds and 50 feet apart.
  9. Yeah, this would work. Or another way to cut back on costs is to only let each cacher upload their stats once per month instead of once per week. This would be far less strain on the servers and really how much do your stats really change in only a week?
  10. I am happy to pay something to support this site. $20-30/year is fine with me. I love the maps especially the county maps.
  11. travisl, your basic problem is that you are hunting for too many urban caches. Head out of town and enjoy a nice hike in the woods. No sprinklers or electrical boxes to mess with and many rural caches usually don't get visited enough to worry about trampling vegetation, destroying the landscape, and creating geo-trails.
  12. Maybe we should start even earlier? Definitely need to eat my Wheaties that morning. This shouldn't be necessary unless we are moving extremely slow. A 10 mile round trip with 2500 feet of elevation change should be easily doable in a day by starting at 8AM. I would guess that even with stopping 10 times looking for caches, we should be back by 3PM at the latest. This is assuming of course, that we actually start heading up the mountain at 8AM.
  13. We've been looking at those Mt McDonald caches for a while now, thinking that would be a great hike. We'd be interested in joining this event if the weather isn't too bad. Looks like roughly a 10 mile round trip hike with a 2500 ft elevation change. We'll put this on our calendar. Put us down for two people and two dogs.
  14. Agree with everything here. I think this is a case of "letting the market decide." If people want more of the hikes in the woods/nice view/cool container type caches, people will hunt for them and that cache type will get more common. If people want more caches in the Walmart parking lot, people will hunt for those instead and that cache type will get more common. Most of our caches were placed in 2003 or 2004. Most involve a trip to the woods and are associated with a nice view or something interesting to see (IMO) I've noticed that the find rate on our caches has dropped some in the last couple of years despite the increase in the number of cachers out there. Meanwhile the local "1/1" on the city street corner is more popular than ever. I guess for now, for better or worse, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! Caching in the Wally World parking lot is more popular. We'll see what the future brings.
  15. There is also a lot of hillbillies out in the woods like those guys from "Deliverance." I think we should have an attribute warning us of those guys, too. How about a simple letter "D" (short for Deliverance of course) on the regular attribute icon. This would be helpful and serve as a warning to cachers to look out for guys named Bubba who live in the woods.
  16. How does GPS accuracy compare to speedometers and radar guns for determining the speed of your moving vehicle? I would guess that it would be more accurate than most speedometers but less accurate than a radar gun? I would also think that GPS would be more accurate the faster you go.
  17. Remember that you are always free to adjust your cache rating if say the 1st few finders all say that it's over rated/under rated or something. In other words, picking your initial terrain rating isn't set in stone. If you are unsure, just pick what you think is a reasonable terrain rating and usually cachers will give you feedback.
  18. Wonderful! Who REALLY is "Ice and Wind?" Tell us! We wanna know! No fair staying anonymous!
  19. Steve I might be able to help with this event depending on when in July it is. We are tied up for a couple of the weekends in July. Dave
  20. We agree with you 100% We only recently "discovered" that there is a Washington State County Challenge cache. We went through our cache finds to find out which counties we had already discovered caches in on our way to the final. Then I saw the rule that most of my county finds do not count because we have been caching for four years and several of the old caches had been archived. We would have to find "new" caches in several counties. Why shouldn't the old finds count? Back in 2003 when we started caching, caches were fewer with more miles between them than they are now. It was MORE of a challenge back then because there was less caches to find especially in places of Eastern Washington. As for FTF, we couldn't care less who gets FTF. We've noticed that the "FTF Craze" has worn off quite a bit anyway since we started caching in 2003. It just doesn't seem like being FTF is that big of a deal anymore to a lot of cachers when there is so many caches out there. So we ended up kind of annoyed at the date and archived caches rule and lost interest in the Washington State County Challenge.
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