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  1. I sure agree with all of this. As a cache owner, I usually go check on any cache that has 2 DNF's in a row. If people don't DNF, how do I know that there is anything wrong with the cache? I know it seems frustrating that most people don't DNF but I've just accepted it as people being people.
  2. Here's ours. Our new nickel is the top one. We've placed nearly all of the 1000 old nickels (bottom) that we had made.
  3. Yes, Thank you! Thank you! We like the out-of-the-way caches and we like to place caches in out-of-the-way areas also. Sure, you'll get less people finding them, but the log entries will be MUCH more interesting to read! If you put a great cache way out in the woods, some people will write a book about their geocaching adventure. You place a skirt-lifter cache and you get lots of log entries like this: "Got it. TFTH" And from the cacher's standpoint, some of our most memorable caches have been in remote areas. So PLEASE don't stop placing them!
  4. This was the only place that I found that would do multicolor nickels directly on the wood. Some places only do single color nickels and others put the multicolors on a sticker that then goes on the nickel. I didn't want a sticker. Caches get wet. Stickers are not very water-proof. My nickels are water-proof. They've gone through the wash and still look great. http://www.wooden-nickel.com/ BTW, I'M SPARTICUS!
  5. Well that just blows it for me! Can I get my nickels back?
  6. Two Cougs in our family! 1991 BS in Entomology (bugs) 1992 BA in Education Named our first dog Cougar in honor of WSU and he geocached when he could.
  7. There was a thread a few months ago about a Mt. McDonald hike (near Black Diamond) I'm not sure if any of those folks ever went on the hike but we are going up Mt. McDonald this Saturday in case anyone else wants to go. It's about a 10-12 mile round trip hike with 2400 feet of elevation change and 10 caches along the way. Right now the weather report says highs in the mid 70's with no rain. Looks like parking is at GCZ752. To avoid the heat of the late afternoon, we will meet there at 8AM.
  8. The best thing we ever found was in one of the 1st caches we found 5 years ago. It was a Roads & Recreation Map CD ROM for Garmin GPSr's. We had just purchased our 1st GPSr--an eTrex Legend and did not have maps for it yet. This was perfect and saved us $100 at the time.
  9. It's partially because GPS units are so much more mainstream now. Back in 2000, the only people who purchased GPS units were the outdoorsey types who wanted them for climbing, backpacking, hunting, etc. Now it seems like everyone has a GPSr in one form or another including people who have never been off of either asphalt or concrete once in their life. These people look for a geocache while on their way to the mall on a Saturday afternoon instead of on the way to the top of a mountain.
  10. Got nickels today from Wolf * Pack. Looks good! Thanks for the trade.
  11. I agree. I am able to get 1/2 the state of Washington on my Legend using the Roads and Recreation maps that garmin has discontinued but is still available on ebay. No autorouting of course but still much better than the base maps and better than City Navigator when it comes to back roads/logging roads/lakes/rivers/mountains. So it's good for rural caching.
  12. The weather looks good. We'll be there at 9:30AM tomorrow.
  13. I appreciate all the help from people who know the area well. We plan to find all the caches in the park throughout this summer by doing 3 or 4 trips. For this Summer, we plan to do at least one good hike per weekend and say "NO" to skirt-lifters! After we conquer Cougar Mountain, we will move on to Tiger Mountain and Taylor Mountain. Did Squak last weekend. It's part of our weight maintenance program. We've lost 120 lbs between the two of us and we plan to keep it off.
  14. No viewpoints? The map I got off the internet shows a couple of viewpoints along the Wilderness Cliffs trail and the Long View Peak trail. They aren't there? How about Doughty Falls? Can you view that? I've got nine caches picked out between the parking lot and the end of the Deceiver Trail-- making a loop going from Wilderness Creek trail to Deceiver to Shy Bear to Wilderness Peak to Wilderness Cliffs. Caches: Hunk O Junk Skunk Cabbage Doughty Falls Long View Peak Shy Bear Pass Black Cat Cache Wilderness Peak Wilderness Creek Rest Area Texas Loosey We haven't been to this park before but we aren't looking for the easiest hike. We want at least a little bit of a workout. It keeps us from getting FAT!
  15. I got my WestTxCondor nickels in the mail today. Nice nickel. Thanks for the trade!
  16. I'm planning to be up there on Saturday myself, but I'm hitting a milestone at the Coals of Newcastle cache, near Red Town. The Wilderness Creek area is a pretty steep climb, and I prefer the Red Town area myself, since that's where most of the history is. We'll eventually get all of the caches in the park and it looks like there is more history around the Red Town Trailhead but more scenic views near the Wilderness Creek Trailhead. We'll probably make three trips to get all the caches in this park starting at each of the three main trailheads.
  17. After hiking/caching Squak Mountain last weekend, we decided to hike some of Cougar Mountain between Renton and Issaquah next weekend. We will be meeting at the Wilderness Creek Trailhead at 9:30AM N 47° 30.612 W 122° 05.236 We were hoping to get a larger group together for this hike. So if anyone wants to do some caches in the woods and get a little exercise let us know! It looks like it will be a moderate hike of about 7 miles with 9 caches along the way. Elevation change is about 1500 feet.
  18. Are you talking about activated coins or unactivated coins? The selling of unactivated coins has been going on since geocoins first started. A lot of people use ebay to buy new unactivated coins. If you are talking about activated coins, I'm not sure there is much of a market for them. I wouldn't want one. Are they selling activated coins on ebay?
  19. I got them here: http://www.wooden-nickel.com/
  20. I got nickels today from n8turgrl. Thanks
  21. I've now read this thread and I'm still trying to figure out what the point to this is? I can't figure it out. All of the coin suggestions I've seen so far are generally considered Christian values. "treat all cachers like you would like to be treated" is basically "do unto others as you'd have others do unto you" Oops! That's Christian! Can't have that! So you want an anti-Christian theme on the coin? Pro-Satan?
  22. I got slowdownracer nickels today. Thanks for the trade!
  23. A few years ago we climbed Mt. Adams in a day. We camped at the campground at the trail head the night before and got started hiking at about 6AM. It took several hours to get to the top but we brought light-weight roll-up sleds with us and went sledding back down the mountain, using our ice axes to steer. I think we were able to sled about 2/3 of the way back down so going down was MUCH faster than going up. I'd highly recommend bringing the roll-up sleds. It was alot of fun. We did it much later in the year--July. So there was no snow until we were part way up the mountain. The road getting to the campground is a bit rough anyway and with the amount of snow we've had this year I'd think the snow would still be pretty deep on the road to the campground on Memorial Day weekend. I'd wait until summer.
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