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  1. I think that the nickels are quite common but few people are interested in trading them by mail. Most people just have them made in order to place them in caches. It seems like every time we travel to a new area in the country, we pick up 2 or 3 new ones in caches placed there by the locals. I don't think we've even scratched the surface when it comes to finding/collecting all the personalized geocachers' nickels out there.
  2. Well, dinner last night was burgers and fries - homemade, not from any fast food place. Tonight, I'm not sure yet. Anyway, here's my tally. I only counted individual, unique nickels and chips with a distinct geocacher's name on it. 137 wooden nickels of various sizes 31 poker chips, all standard size My son Justion's collection has all the duplicates I've ever received, and he has probably 30 to 40 nickels and chips. I started trading in the spring of 2006, and 2006 and 2007 were very busy, usually 3 or 4 trades a week. 2008 has been kind of slow, but things pick-up once and a while. Many thanks to all I've traded with so far. Furthermore, I'm ready to trade any time, just e-mail me thru my profile. Well you've got me whipped. I've been collecting them since 2005 but most of mine have been collected out of caches so I have mainly local cachers' nickels. I've only traded a few through the mail.
  3. Well just take your time then! What's for dinner?
  4. Okay, so who here has the MOST different wooden nickels? And I'm only counting wooden nickels put out by other geocachers--no nickels found at bars, casinos, and other businesses. Also, no counting geocoins--only wooden nickels and poker chips. 103 different geocaching wooden nickels here. Who has more?
  5. And it's basically the same politicians that want to ban guns that want to ban or over-regulate geocaching. Keep in mind that it is an election year. If geocaching is important to you, consider voting for politicians who are going to support it.
  6. Before you condemn the 2 people who DNF'd the cache, consider the possiblity that two different people wrote on the cache page. The cachers wrote "DNF" and then accidentally dropped the cache page. Then some muggles (kids obviously) found the cache page and wrote the "F" word on there. It DOES look like the same writing, however, I'm just saying that there is a possibility that neither of the people who DNF'd your cache wrote the bad word on there. Just trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
  7. We have a wooden nickel that we place in every cache but because they really aren't worth much, about the only thing we take in trade for our nickels are other cachers' nickels.
  8. No We cache more and drive further now than we used to. Now there is a lot less people out there getting in our way and slowing us down on the roads!
  9. It also seems like coins travel more overseas without getting stolen if you can get one over there. So cachers in the USA are simply more dishonest than people in other countries? Oops...did I just say that?
  10. $40 is a good deal for a used Legend. Go for it.
  11. We got the JUMBO nickels from TeamSmedley/3MonkeysSafari today. They look great! Thanks for the trade.
  12. Can you autoroute with the Ibycus basemaps? How much memory does the Ibycus maps use? Can the maps be divided up for use in GPSr's with limited fixed memory?
  13. When I used my Garmin 60C in the woods, I used an external antenna sometimes. It gave me reception of three or four more satellites so it was a big help. The downside was that I had a cable running from the GPS to the top of my hat and sometimes this cable would get hung up on branches and other things. The antenna was only $30 and it did increase the battery usage of my GPSr but sometimes it made the difference between having a signal or not.
  14. I see that previous cachers at Melakwa's Heaven recommend against taking a dog to this cache because of the really rough boulder field. We always take our dogs with us hiking. We'll probably pass on this one. I didn't see that in the logs or here. My recommendation was merely to let them rest. I didn't take my dog up because we ended up being the last in the group to arrive to Melakwa Lake and my dog was not rested enough to make the additional hike up when the group struck out to Melakwa's Heaven. I chose to stay at the lake with Snickers and Criminal's Patch and allow them to rest for the hike down. My post was by no means a recommendation against taking your hiking buddies. I read all the logs for Melakwa's Heaven. Criminal recommended against bringing dogs to that cache and he is probably right. Boulder fields are tough on dogs and one of our dogs has enough joint problems. The weather for Saturday isn't looking too good right now either. It looks like the view from the top might be nothing but clouds and drizzle but of course that might change by Saturday.
  15. I see that previous cachers at Melakwa's Heaven recommend against taking a dog to this cache because of the really rough boulder field. We always take our dogs with us hiking. We'll probably pass on this one.
  16. Do you know the approximate distance and elevation change for this hike? Thanks
  17. You can no longer print out a decrypted hint with the comments for a geocache. You can print a PDF file with comments but without a decrypted hint OR You can print a "simple no logs" with a decrypted hint but with no comments. Why was this feature removed? PLEASE bring it back.
  18. Got nickels today from jbhodj & Drake. Thanks for the trade!
  19. Check it out! A pic of Team BUGZ 1 made the banner on the geocaching.com home page! Just keeping refreshing the homepage until it comes up!
  20. Interesting to find this topic since I just printed out a few caches from the Winchester Bay area for our upcoming ATV trip. I only found three that were specifically for ATVers. Try: GC13TAQ GCNTFD GCNTFQ I hope someone puts out some more caches in this area! We would but we live too far away.
  21. Wow! This thread just won't go away! I have to admit that it has been one of the most interesting threads ever in the NW forum.
  22. I'm just curious but what sort of "backlash" would you expect from a DNF? Have you known cache owners to get angry if you log a DNF? I'm just wondering. We've never encountered any backlash that we know of and we now have proudly logged 130 DNF's as of today.
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