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  1. Well okay. We are hiking up Mt. Si outside North Bend on Saturday (May 30th) if anyone wants to join us. Weather should be warm and clear for some great views up there. Looks like about 6-8 caches also.
  2. If the problem persists, consider putting out more "subscriber only" caches. I'm not certain but I would guess that most thieves aren't premium members. Most serious cachers are.
  3. Ruck has done the climb, and he didn't recommend doing it in one day. Long and grueling, you'd need to be in great shape and able to move pretty fast. Annie could do it; doubt if I could. Agree with doing it later in summer. In August, I can't do the weekends of the 1st (wedding) or 15th (WSGA campout). The latter two August weekends look good. We did it in one day...sort of. We got there in the evening and went to bed early at the campground at the trailhead. We got up at 3AM and started our climb. This way we got back to the campground early in the afternoon. So it is a two day adventure in that you need to spend the night at the trail head so that you can get an early start. You do not want to "meet at the trail head at 9AM" or anything like that because then you will still be hiking on into the evening. Just to be more safe, you want to get back in the afternoon, not the evening. To accomplish this with a large group, you need to start hiking really early.
  4. Jester, I think you missed a couple of trails. We were down in OR this last weekend and we actually found a couple of trails that you HAD NOT WALKED and uploaded the data for. You'd better get on the stick!
  5. We hiked to the top 10 years ago. Better to do it in August so that there isn't a snow problem on the roads. The road to the campground is EXTREMELY rough and I would guess if there was snow on it many people without 4WD would be out of luck. We found crampons and ice axes to be nearly a necessity. Some people were doing it without them but having them made the hike much more enjoyable. We brought plastic roll-up sleds and we slid down from the top while steering with our ice axes.
  6. Yep, same problem here. That's never happened to us before. Oakcoins.com has the GPS Maze Geocoin on their list of coin codes but when I gave them my tracking number it said "That coin's not found in our database ." I sent an email to Oakcoins.
  7. Question. This is a 4-5 year old unit that isnt being hot sinked or downloaded what will a softwear upgrade do for it? Dont know, never had to do it. Hopefully someone who has will chime in. Another choice is to turn off WAAS, that is the problem. The unit is seeing another WAAS satellite and doesnt know what to do. Yeah, this topic has been covered here many times. Turning off the WAAS fixes it OR updating the firmware fixes it. My Legend was old, too and I updated it without any problems.
  8. From the March 5 Seattle Times article: Restrooms and gates would be locked. Services and routine maintenance would be halted. The public could still walk into the parks and use them during the day. "We won't cite people for being on the land," said Painter. Thank you! That is good to know. Hopefully, nothing gets closed but if it does at least the parks won't be off-limits.
  9. So if they were "mothballed or abandoned" does this mean that we would lose access to them or does that mean that only the facilities within the park (restrooms, picnic tables, road maintenance) wouldn't be there any more? Are they going to erect heavy gates and barbed wire to keep people out? What's to keep people from still using the land for activities such as geocaching?
  10. Okay, I now take back what I said earlier. What was I thinking?
  11. I would have never even thought of a reason to delete these notes. It's never crossed my mind. But now that you explain it here, it does make sense to do so. Did you try sending an email to the person who deleted your log to explain this to them? I'm with the other poster who said that they may not understand why you deleted a "dropped TB" note. They may think that it messed with the mileage or that you were doing it just to irritate them or because you didn't like them. The fact that they deleted your log entry shows that they feel like you have "wronged" them in some way and they have held a grudge ever since. I can't imagine any reasonable person still being angry or holding a grudge against you if you were to explain the reason for your note deletions like you explained in your OP.
  12. This just keeps getting better and better! Thanks Moun10bike!
  13. Some of these problems could also be prevented if the cache owner actually got permission before placing these caches on private property.
  14. WooHoo!!!! Check it out! A picture from this event made it on the banner pics on the front page of geocaching.com We are all officially CELEBRITIES! Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame everyone.
  15. How strange. I run my batteries dead all the time on all five of our GPSr units and we've never had any problems with it "killing" the GPSr. I'm thinking it was probably coincidence that it happened to you, but with a unit that expensive I guess there is no point in "testing" it again.
  16. We are really looking forward to this! The weather looks cold but nice and dry. Hope to see lots of people there.
  17. GrnXnham

    Mac to Legend

    With problems like this you need to say which Mac OS you are using.
  18. I think this is a good trend for geocaching. There are getting to be too many cachers. We need to weed out a few. This is a good start. I would like to see more posts like this one from RockyRaab. Keep 'em coming, people!
  19. I don't know what's up with the PO lately! Got nickels from The Weasel and Ziggy Crew. One of the Weasel nickels was broken by the PO! First time I've ever seen that. Other than that, the nickels and poker chips look great. Thanks for the trade.
  20. Yeah, your smiley coin was split in half, and one of the weasels was broken too. No biggie...I got wood glue and they will be fine. Sorry about that. I can't imagine how the PO broke that nickel. I'll drop a couple more in the mail for you.
  21. Bergie Bunch, my nickels were broken????!!! If so I'd be very surprised. Have you ever tried to break one of these wooden nickels? It takes some force. I've never had anyone tell me that my nickels arrived broken before. Let me know if they were broken and I'll send you new ones.
  22. Wow! This thread came alive during recent days! Just got nickels from softball29 and poker chips from Bergie Bunch. Thanks for the trade!
  23. Got the new Consumer Reports today and it rated portable GPSr's. Not surprisingly, the Oregon 400t took top honors but it was also the most expensive model tested. Consumer Reports said that none of the units that they tested could autoroute?! This was a little misleading because several of the models tested can autoroute if you buy the additional software. Many can't correctly autoroute with only the basemap.
  24. Been happening to me, too. Last 12 hours at least.
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