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  1. Hi Robertlipe, thank you very much. You solved my problem: "In Settings->Setup Map, there is a tabbed interface. Under Points->User Waypoints, be sure it's set for Auto. " User Waypoint was set to 50m on my device so I changed to "Auto" and now my "new" Garmin 60CSx shows all geocaches on the map as my old one did. Bingo!!! That`s perfect, now I can follow a mountainbike track and can see all caches along that track. That makes me really happy, so thank you!!!
  2. I open the pocket query with MapSource and send them to the device. Then all caches can be seen in the listing (ordered by distance from the actual location) using the Find-->Geocache-Function. But none of caches is visible on the map.
  3. For some years I used a Garmin GPSmap 60csx for geocaching. That device showed all loaded geocaches as closed (or opened) boxes on the map, so that I could see the locations of all caches in an selected area all together and plan my way from cache to cache. Some weeks ago my good old Garmin GPS left me. (R.I.P.) Now I bought another used one and tried to make this to work as the old one. But this device could not show all caches on the map. I can see only one single cache after using the "Find"--"Geocache" Option and starting the search with the "GoTo"- Button. Without using the "Find Geocache"-Option I cannot see any cache on the map. Does anyone know, if this feature (showing all loaded Geocaches on the map all together) depends on the software Version (4.00) or the GPS SW Version (3.00s) of the device? Or does this function depend on the production year of the device? Or is there any other setting to do? I would be grateful for any information. Thank you!
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