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  1. I'm definitely the most familiar with Windsor amongst the handful of people here. If you have to go to Windsor for a conference or something, it certainly is possible to make the best of it. The point remains that Windsor is not a pleasant city to be in, and I would not recommend it as a tourist destination. More than anything, Windsor's problem as a tourist destination is that there's very little in the way of attractions. Couple that with the fact that Windsor is gross in many ways - pollution, litter and hideous infrastructure not being the least of the problems - and Windsor becomes a very unpleasant experience.
  2. Speaking as someone who grew up in Windsor and has been to Sarnia many times, they are gross. Sarnia is mostly gross because it's really industrial. It's not a place that I would recommend as a tourist destination. Windsor isn't either. Between the smog and the general griminess, Windsor is not nice. You can point out the handful of pretty spots just about anywhere, but the truth is that the river front, Jackson Park and Willistead Manor and the old Sandwich Town Hall are about the only places in Windsor that I actually find pretty. A couple of parks, a couple of buildings and a sculpture garden aren't really a reason to make Windsor a tourist destination. On the whole, the push factors far outweigh the pull for Windsor tourism. Windsor is just an industrial city. It's not exciting and it is rather dangerous, unless you're in one of the suburbs like South Windsor, or out of Windsor proper in the towns of Tecumseh or Lasalle. Windsor doesn't boast any interesting architecture, other than maybe the Ambassador Bridge or the two buildings listed above (unless of course, you're Ernie Lamont and simply love the blue-glass building near Ouellette & Eugenie). Windsor is generally boring, there are few interesting attractions, no museums of any real consequence (the woodcarving museum at the library isn't bad... I guess... find my cache while you're there, though!), and if you want to find these things anywhere you have to go out into the county. Neither Narcissa nor myself ever knocked Essex County, where there actually are things to do. John R. Park Homestead is nice, and there are several pretty conservation areas in addition to Point Pelee. Once you get out of Windsor, the area doesn't completely suck, but Windsor certainly does!
  3. Nevertheless, passports aren't necessarily required to visit any country in the world
  4. Americans can enter Canada by land or sea without a passport. The requirement for Canadian citizens to present a passport upon entry into the United States by land or sea is very new, and there are exceptions. I, for example, do not need to present a passport unless I'm flying into the United States because I have an Enhanced Driver's Licence. The problem is that Americans would need a passport if they wanted to return to the United States! Also, under to the Schengen Agreement, anyone who holds a passport from a member state can enter another Schengen Agreement member country without presenting any papers!
  5. One of my all time favourite things off of my 'awesome things seen while Geocaching' list is the pair of skates that I saw thrown over the hydro lines in downtown Hull As for the topic at hand, I propose this - Bring back virtuals and direct those who don't like it to a tutorial on the 'ignore' feature. Those of us who genuinely enjoy virtuals win, while those who don't learn about an interesting feature of the site!
  6. The Romans had 'pens' (styli) that wrote by leaving behind a thin line of lead...
  7. Now, now, dear... The Rouge is in Detroit
  8. I was born and raised in Windsor. I don't have very many nice things to say about it. Lion's Pizza is pretty good, and... um... Festival Epicure... mtn-man, if you want a positive about the area though, try Mexican Town - It's a restaurant in Detroit, and it's absolutely my favourite anywhere!
  9. I have a ten WP multi, but I'm quite certain it goes much higher than that.
  10. Uhh... Some of us like to support the site?
  11. There's a lovely recipe for peach cobbler earlier in the thread
  12. The eminent binthair is definitely our local legend, but you also cant leave out Zartimus or the oldtimers such as mag300 and Markus There's also these guys - Geocaching FAQs... Well, at least the two on the right And of course Narcissa - The most legendary of the local cachers... In my heart :D
  13. Lead by example - Use common sense. In the city, often a micro is going to be the better choice. Don't just indiscriminately put a larger cache in an area that can't support it! That how bomb scares happen
  14. I too love this game because of the wonderful people you meet. Especially Narcissa Narcissa :wub:
  15. You're a socialist. You're a fascist. Elitist.... That's because she is elite
  16. Peach Cobbler Peach cobbler recipe is made with fresh, frozen, or canned peaches, butter, and other ingredients. Ingredients: * 3 cups sliced peaches, fresh, canned, or frozen (thawed) * 1 tablespoon lemon juice * 1 cup all-purpose flour * 1 cup granulated sugar * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 1 egg, beaten * 6 tablespoons melted butter Preparation: Place peaches on bottom of a 10x6x2-inch baking pan; sprinkle with lemon juice. Sift together the dry ingredients; add egg. Toss until crumbly then sprinkle over peaches. Drizzle with the melted butter. Bake at 375° for 30 to 40 minutes, or until bubbly and browned. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or sweetened whipped cream.
  17. Ooh, I think I like this game. hi all i know some of you like popcorn and thats ok!but i think people are abusing that snack and at the same time running snack eating in the ground! i think there should be a limit on how many bags of popcorn one person can make at a time! with a limit of say 5 per popcorn maker that should keep em from choking out the fun stuff! im prolly gonna catch alot of heat for posting this but think about it! thanks for your time... hi all i know some of you like pop and thats ok!but i think people are abusing the 12 fluid ounce size and at the same time running pop drinking in the ground! i think there should be a limit on how many 12 oz. cans of pop one person can drink at a time! with a limit of say 5 per person that should keep em from choking out the fun stuff! im prolly gonna catch alot of heat for posting this but think about it! thanks for your time...
  18. Uhh... You do realise that a lot of micros aren't skirtlifters and guardrail caches... Right? I have several micros. A few of them are tree micros and one is even a dreaded skirtlifter, but what I feel are my two best hides are micros. One is a LPC, but it's on one of those big lampposts without a skirt, but rather caps covering the bolts. I glued a dime in the bottom (top?) of the inside of the aluminum cap and magnetically attached a micro (half a film can). The cap is just quietly sitting with its 3 brothers on this lamppost on a street corner, hidden in plain sight. Another is a bison tube on a piece of fishing line. I dropped the cache down the gap between a park signpost and the municipal sign u-post that is right up against it. Again an example of a good micro. I've seen many other good micros, and I don't think placing a limit on those of us who know how to hide good micros is right...
  19. Save your money - micro logs are very easy to make. I cut 7 strips along the 8-1/2" length of a sheet of printer paper, put a piece of wire (a staple would probably suffice, but I use ~20 gauge wire) at the top to join the pieces, and put tape around the top. Best of all, they probably cost less than a cent to make! Then you can write the cache name, your name, and a brief stash note on the first page, and you have yourself a perfectly good micro log!
  20. stickers/stamps don't have much of a place outside of a PnG power trail. is it really too much to ask a cacher to carry a pen? or... maybe we should just join the sticker/stamp club and pass out a few rolls at the next event and ask everyone to place one of our stickers when they find a cache...they'll be part of our "team" and we can all just amass 1,000 caches a day. Out of curiosity, would you find it different if someone were to use a hand carved, letterboxing style stamp as opposed to a stamp they had commercially made? I've made Narcissa and I (and a couple of other people) stamps, and I can hardly see how they in any way violate the spirit of logging. Not allowing hand carved stamps just opens the whole 'does a log have to be signed in your own handwriting?' can of worms right back up
  21. 'RPRL - MPLC' is pretty standard amongst Francophone cachers around here
  22. Ouais. Our laws require you to log in both Joual and English. Don't forget to stop at a pataterie for some poutine (and maybe a hambourgeois!). You can grab a beer at any nearby dépanneur! (<- Google Translate that one!)
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