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  1. Once again, I am a Canadian, and I use the Imperial system for everything Any time people give me something in Metric, I have to stop and think The byproduct of being from Windsor ON
  2. Was the GC# there? If it was you can find it that way (I found a cache yesterday that had been in my book for some time - I hadn't even realised that it had been archived for three months - I found the listing with the GCA846) - This will also guarantee that you have the right one if it's a mystery or Multi If you can't find it that way, I'm sure the hider would have signed the front page of the log, and if you search for caches hidden by and enter in the hider's name, you should be able to find it - The problem with this way though, is that if it's a Mystery or Multi, and you have the final, the co-ords obviously won't be right, so you may need to contact the owner (this is if you still can't find the cache name on the list)
  3. Well, On the other side of the coin - I'm a Canadian Cacher that uses the Imperial system More sensible than Metric IMO Then again, I'm from Windsor ON (Just south of Detroit) so the US influence in my upbringing and the fact that in school my teachers tended to not care which you used...
  4. E-mail me me know if you're ever coming, I'll give you a list of a few of my favourites
  5. Good for you! Multis can be a lot of fun! It sounds like you are off to an awesome start! Thanks! I like that one because it takes you to a couple of really nice spots in the city - The first of which being New Edinburgh Park by the end of the Rideau River (I obviously won't tell the other ) When you get to stage 1, you get a list of 5 possible locations for the final - They're all very nice spots - They're all ~a mile apart It was great waiting for the FTF
  6. I foiled one of Ottawa's ranking cachers on my very first one
  7. I have 7 without my GPSr (8 if you count an event) This was during the week my GPSr was in the shop Some guy around here got A LOT of them using Google Earth and nothing else
  8. I just carved 'TAOISEACH' into a vinyl eraser
  9. Cool, I'd love to find one of those in a cache - I have 3 or 4 of them back down in Windsor As for the thread topic - If I leave anything, it's usually a foreign coin and to be perfectly honest, I can't recall finding anything worth taking (other than TBs obviously) since my first day of Caching when I took a couple of things purely for the novelty of having something to commemorate my first few caches
  10. Wow... 2005 and no diving cacher has got the FTF on it yet???
  11. Well, In Ottawa we had this 'binthair' fellow who liked to hide the most difficult caches he could - He hasn't been around since 2005 (apparently engaging in other pursuits) The local caching community maintains his caches and it is considered an achievement to complete 'The binthair Challenge'
  12. Sometimes a reviewer will archive the cache for one reason or another, and the CO will never go and get it There's one that I'm going to try to go after either later this week or this weekend that was archived a couple of months ago - Nobody has found it since, but it's not exactly winter friendly - I'm hoping that it's still there Is it owned by a particularly renowned cacher and there are people who are trying to find all of his caches?
  13. The very first day I went out caching - right after my first cache I looked across the Canal and saw an elderly gent wearing a beige trench coat and a hat that looked exactly like a friend of ours that had passed away a couple of years before I had just glanced across and then looked back down at my GPSr for a second and then clued in to what I had just seen - Needless to say I immediately looked back across the Canal to see nothing Now, this little section of the canal (i.e. the path on the West side of the Canal, a little bit south of the Laurier Street Bridge) is sunken in a little bit (such that it is more or less level with the East side, rather than the higher ground on the west side) and there were no stairs until right beside the Laurier Bridge He was always an adventurous fellow, so I figure that he just found what I was doing fun
  14. I have several in my area. Some are 1.5 difficulty. Waller By Night And it's second on my finds filtered out closest to home list (3rd overall)
  15. Well, I plan on going to Bingo one day, hopefully in the next couple of years to see the B-Sens play I look forward to finding one of these
  16. By the sounds of it, an Ammo Can would be the best Lock 'n' Locks are good in that they stay closed well, however they are still plastic and therefore brittle when frozen
  17. I trust you've been using the navigation page (the compass one) like I showed you right?
  18. I know if I did that the combination would be in a film canister better than a mile away ] But yea, that is a great Idea!
  19. Well, it always helps too if NDSK doesn't put the waypoint right in the middle of Tecumseh Road Speaking of which, did you ever find it? (BTW, I'm the cacher you met going for the FTF at Kennedy's Cache)
  20. Very nice! I got my 100th on Tuesday Congrats!
  21. Well, in Ottawa we have this type of land that is quasi-public. We're a city that seems to think that five levels of government just isn't enough Anyway, the National Capital Commission runs several parks and other pieces of land in the area I simply asked, explaining to them that it would cause no harm and often attracts a very desirable element (I threw in CITO here) - They had no official policy concerning caching, so I was able to get permission (for myself though - A precedent anyway) to hide on NCC land For a private business, I would just inform them that this could attract potential customers, and again that it would not cause any harm
  22. Be careful doing that - I'm pretty sure that that will void the warranty - So if you don't re-seal it right and water gets in... Raytech is very good and they only take a couple of weeks I had the exact same problem (the page button was gone as well) and they sent me back a refurbished unit
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