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  1. I think you have the right idea, the cache should stay there. AFAIK, the cache was archived because the city had a project of reactivating the abandoned railroad line very near the cache. The project has been abandoned after a few months, but the city left the no trespassing signs up, so the cache will remain archived. But leaving the container there really doesn't hurt anyone (not a natural setting or a place where anyone will stumble on it), and more cachers might get a chance to experience this very memorable hide. I know I certainly never would have gone there if not for the cache. Took me 3 visits to dare it... Now, it would be nice if the original poster updated us on what cache he found, geocachers are curious people Yea - It was something about extending the O-Train into either Hull and/or Aylmer wasn't it? Hopefully something will happen & Zartimus will be allowed to unarchive it
  2. Do I see a Morgan Dollar and some Mercury Dimes in there? Wow - My two hobbies combined
  3. At least a 4/4 multi with a 15 to 20 mile total hiking distance. Excellent. The PMOC designation wouldn't provide any stronger bozo filter than the hike. I'd leave it open to all members. Hiking a total of 20 miles is a far greater indication of commitment to Geocaching than shelling out three bucks a month. This is the sort of cache that I want to be able to find I don't get out into the country too often, so I haven't been able to get something like that - Maybe I should hit Gatineau Park... Also, I agree about not making it PMO, not to mention the fact that the Prime Minister's Office doesn't usually hide caches () - The hike is deterrent that you were thinking PMOC status would bring I don't think I've seen one PMOC around here, and I think that they're somewhat elitist, as it implies (this is just to me) that PM are in some way 'better.' I doubt that there are many rogue cachers who go and take every cache they find, thereby getting they're find and ruining it for everyone after them. Besides that, if anyone was that hellbent on being such a (insert favourite swear here), then they would probably just pay the $3 to go and get it Now, I've heard the 'It's a reward for supporting the site' argument, but to me this takes away from the pure spirit of the game Before I start something, I should mention that I'm planning to upgrade my membership for the Fall (the start of my next semester)
  4. Add the Earthcache challenge to my wish list
  5. Agreed. There are caches that are still active in the wild though archived here. I found one the other day I hadn't realised that it had been archived for 3 months
  6. I would imagine that 1/5 and 5/5 caches would be few and far between I really want to do a 5/5 cache - I guess that isn't an out there goal however Out of curiosity, how did you make that chart? - Or did you make it yourself?
  7. Actually it's named Cache Saturation. Another vote for a change in the .2 to .25 direction, if any change were to be made at all. And I don't seriously expect any change. Increasing the saturation distance would hurt urban caching, especially around here IMO Truth be told, I'm quite happy with 528 feet
  8. First thought, use the degrees that are the co-ords for your area, and maybe the minutes as well if you know roughly where it is, and use this as a base for how to solve it In puzzle caches around here, I obviously know that it's N45 W075, and at that it's probably N45 2_.___ W075 (38-41).___ That's how I start these
  9. Just curious--- do brownies baked in a centigrade oven taste better than brownies baked in a Fahrenheit oven? If so, anyone want my old oven (Can you imagine the landfills scatted with perfectly good working ovens)? And will anyone help me convert all my recipes? Ok- Now for real--- I am traveling to Germany in June. Will my American based GPS work 'over there'? I would like to grab a few TB's while there (and maybe even bring some along). I'm certain the fahrenheit oven would taste better But I doubt you would have any problems with your GPSr in Europe - It's still the same satellite network orbiting the Earth - Mine has waypoints for foreign cities pre-loaded in it And as for your location - 'The State of Hockey' - Is that a reference to Minnesota? The Wild are my 2nd favourite team
  10. I have the same problem I've found that it works to just print the cache page (i.e. not the Printer (un)Friendly version)
  11. I looked up Terracaching the other day - There's 1 in Ottawa (Within 100 Miles of downtown, so that included the Quebec side of the river) and it wasn't even a physical cache
  12. I would love to see this happen - Actually 396 feet is 0.075 of a Mile There are several good hiding spots in downtown Ottawa that can't be, and if the saturation halo was reduced, it could very easily open up several of these places But as for the price of gas - My drink of choice while caching is usually Ginger Ale - I tend to keep away from the petroleum products, they tend to give me heartburn
  13. I'm thinking that the next time I break a blade off of one of my hockey sticks - That's what I'm going to turn it into
  14. Well, this is just more evidence why we should just restore the Imperial System And NASA should send me a cheque for the $125 Million that I'm saving them
  15. ^^ Yea - That's the gist of the one here in Ottawa - I just didn't want to give it away by giving the name ^^
  16. Let me just say that this tool is quite efficient I will be adopting the 6 caches owned by a local cacher who is moving back to his native Sweden We did one just as a test, and it worked perfectly, now the next time he gets a chance he'll have the other 5 to me with no problems
  17. Well, I constantly see things in football fields - Only I visualise a 110 yard length with two 20 yard lengths on either end Go Imperial! It's the way of the future
  18. I like it when one of the reporters on the local news is standing near a cache location when they're doing their story My favourite was when one of them was doing the story right near Tiger Lookout (I'm originally from Windsor, and I see these two guys just sort of standing there waiting - I wondered if they were trying to wait for her to leave (or at least get off the air) to try to retrieve the cache But yea - I see cache containers everywhere as ell I was on the bench one game just after a shift where I blocked three shots - One of them hit right in the half inch between the top of my skate and the bottom of my shin pad I was walking around behind the bench walkin' it off when I saw a broken composite stick in the garbage - I thought I should (and I'm still planning to do this) take the shaft, cut it off so that it's smooth and plug the ends - Making a cache out of a broken stick shaft Be a great cache to put behind an arena or something
  19. Actually, on second thought, that kinda gives it away, maybe I shouldn't have said that
  20. Walking on that abandoned Railway bridge yesterday, high over the Ottawa River, then having to walk to the other side on the narrow ties, then having to crawl down under the ties down on to one of the support pillars to get the cache I loved the cache (GCA846) but it still scared me quite a bit - Heights aren't really my favourite things
  21. No there wasn't anything like that in there (thankfully) I just left what was in there (the really cheap swag and the two log books) there It's a nice cache - pretty scary to get there if you're at all afraid of height I'd like to leave the cache there and maybe spread it through word of mouth - It really is nicely done - Probably my favourite cache I've found, just because of the ' ' location
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