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  1. Yes, I do - I keep a book with the name and Co-Ords (and hint if applicable) that I take out with me I typically only write the Time and Date that I found the cache, but I sometimes record other things such as TB activity The cover is falling apart, thanks to the Ottawa Winter, but it's mostly held together with Camo Duct Tape It's my bizarre, really inefficient non paperless caching
  2. One of my caches shares it's name with Brian Tobin's book - Don't worry, it has no political agenda, it just conceals a hint (that I made really obvious)
  3. The few (very few) times that I've managed to forget a pen, I've either borrowed one off of someone (most recent was at MNH on the way to TRU) and I borrowed one off of a fellow in the nearby parking garage (If you have a brand new hockey stick in your hand, you look less crazy I guess), and the other times, I've just taken the log (put the cache back so that if somebody does come along for it, they don't have to log a DNF) and borrowed one at a nearby convenience store Ah, isn't Urban caching great For that matter, I don't like it when I have to sign a log in something other than green ink - I am the Taoiseach after all - I guess Orange would work as well And in case you're wondering, no, I've never considered signing a log with my Bloody red hand of Ulster, as it were (And I probably wouldn't cut off my hand, even to win the throne of Ulster, either)
  4. Well, I said that right at the start of the thread... Did somebody suggest that seriously??? I would love to be able to log that sundial of Colonel By's though
  5. I guess you could always chisel your name into the Virt
  6. Well, my one cache should prove to be more winter friendly than summer friendly, due to the absence of leaves and muggles But as for winter caching - Snow shouldn't stop you
  7. I say they allow locationless caches back for one day, so that I can log 1 (joking... joking... ) They did!! Yesterday!!! <chuckle><chuckle> There's a sundial one that I saw the other day, and I wish that I could have logged Colonel By's sundial on Parliament Hill - Oh well, I'm not too torn up about it though - This is the price of only hearing about caching in 2007
  8. I did a Wherigo cache without special equipment...all it takes is a friend with special equipment. ...Or you could always stumble upon one a la the muggles
  9. I say they allow locationless caches back for one day, so that I can log 1 (joking... joking... )
  10. Ammo boxes that are actually worth something (even if it is $5) - Sure, but for a tupperware, Altoids tin, Film Canister (that I get for free) then no - The log and any trackables are more important to me
  11. Well, at least he left the log If the mugglers could just leave the log and all of the trackables, we'd probably be able to put up with them more
  12. Next time I'm up in the Bruce (Tobermory) I'll be looking for the Sens one
  13. what about this one that is just across the bridge from Ottawa: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...02-126099aa0046 Well, the problem is that that one is about the only one that I can get in a day trip, realistically - Any of the other (8) would require a longer trip - And I can't see my doing that while I'm still in University. As for developing one of my own - I want to try to put one in Gatineau Park somewhere - The obvious place for one in Ottawa (Mer Bleue Bog) already has one wait until I get a few more out for the building stone tour. Unless of course, you want to log a dozen glacial erratics. Well... I'd rather see something interesting, even if it meant waiting for my pin
  14. Can I have a find for trying to pronounce Qikiqtarjuaq?
  15. Silver level would be a gimme for me... If only there were more in Quebec I'm planning to grab several in Ontario and Michigan over the course of the summer, but Quebec will seem to be a problem Calgary, you say... Hmm... There may need to be a trip out there one day - Earthcaches and a Wild/Flames game
  16. Dw i'n arfer y map (Does the OP (Evil Wolf) understand this? ) For that matter would Cymraeg qualify as odd behaviour when entering logs - Write a log in cynghanedd... I like to look at where I've been in the day while I'm logging my caches
  17. I think I can walk on the hard crust on top of the (5 feet deep) snow... Usually works for 70 or 80 yards... **THUNK**
  18. Yea, I had the guideline waived for one of my caches for this reason (cough, Cough... ) - You didn't hear that I basically just said to Cachedrone that 'Sure they're less than 528' apart... but that one step's a doozy' - Also it helps that to walk down and around it's almost 1500' Of course when you're from Windsor, any elevation change is a 1000' cliff
  19. Beautiful That's going to make bronze and possibly silver a gimme Thanks!
  20. The guidelines for the programme say that each level is X number of caches in X number of states/countries I was wondering if different Canadian provinces (i.e. Ontario & Quebec) count as different entities Does anyone know?
  21. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e0-804c0b936c02 Favourite - Strathcona's Folly - Why? - I liked the park, and it goes along with my philosophy of 'Winter Unfriendly is no reason to not try' I just had a fun time in the deep snow with this one - I think it was one of my first 10 (maybe 20) caches, so I guess I just have warm (haha) memories of it Imagine the best multi... Hmm... It would involve a 10+ mile walk, involve urban micros, historical plaques, waypoint projections, leading up to an ammo box hidden in a rock wall in the middle of a forest - Maybe requiring a boat to get a redirect on a tiny little island in the river
  22. Semi-Muggles? "Smuggles" Some of them may be 'squibs'.. So, what then would a Mud Blood be? Rogue cachers who go around stealing caches, despite their premium member status & Garmin Colorado?
  23. 1. The wind 2. Chickadees, red tail hawks, oven birds, etc. 3. Brooks and streams 4. Planes, Trains, Automobiles 5. Odd City Folkel
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