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  1. No, it's like Patrick Kane skating down the ice after scoring the winning goal and nobody sees it. Wait, this isn't about marathons anymore. Not unless you're this guy Wait, so when you don't find the challenge cache, it's like not getting stitches after you've been slashed in the face? Gotcha. Exactly.
  2. No, it's like Patrick Kane skating down the ice after scoring the winning goal and nobody sees it. Wait, this isn't about marathons anymore. Not unless you're this guy
  3. No, it's like attending an awards banquet six months later. No, it's like Chris Pronger stealing the puck after someone else achieves a milestone
  4. you don't post logs to your own profile, you post logs to a cache listing. them being linked to your own profile is merely a side effect. For the record, the cache that Narcissa chose to post TFTC on was probably one of the most poorly thought out caches that I've had the displeasure of finding. We were uneasy about finding it in the first place, but I had a pretty good guess as to where it would be (it was not a skirtlifter) and was able to find it very quickly. When I eventually find the time to catch up on my logging (I'm so far behind because I refuse to write single-digit word logs), I likely won't choose to bite my tongue, as Narcissa did.
  5. Some of those Multis might not be the first either. 300mag claims that GC958 is in fact the first multi, and that others were changed later. I'd like confirmation on this, but it does call all of the other so called 'firsts' (save for the first traditional) into question.
  6. Hey! That's great news! Now, if only the gubment would close the other 85! Then Pennsylvanians won't have to worry about paying to place caches, and they'll have a whole bunch of new parking lots to place 1/1 traditionals in!
  7. No. There is a box in the top right of the cache page. Click on 'Log your Visit' and write about the find. Oh, and remember, a lot of cache owners like it if you write a little something about your experience. Hope you enjoyed yourself!
  8. My favourite place for Lock & Locks is actually Home Hardware. They don't have the best price by any means (they're not bad, but...), but they have an amazingly extensive selection of sizes.
  9. Out of curiosity, have caches ever been outright banned in NC state parks ever? I think a big part of the reason that we and other Eastern Ontario cachers that we know would be willing to pay the fee is that caches have been banned in Ontario Parks. A $25 fee is much better than simply not being allowed to hide caches in Ontario Provincial Parks.
  10. You don't have the authority to let me place a cache in an Ontario Provincial Park.
  11. A SIMPLISTIC PLATITUDE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS IS WORTH MORE THAN A PLATITUDE WRITTEN WITH PROPER PUNCTUATION AND IT ALSO MAKES ME MORE RIGHT THAN YOU. Oh, wait. Just saying actions speak louder than words.... Again - Convince Ontario Parks to let us hide caches in exchange for $25 and we'll be sure to go out and hide a couple.
  12. We would happily pay $25 to place caches in Ontario Provincial Parks, and would love to have the opportunity to do so. There's no need to yell...
  13. Oh no, I pay, I pay plenty. My taxes get paid to Harrisburg, not Albany, not Trenton, Sacramento, Olympia or Ontario. I think they are high enough already. The $25 fee? I don't mind. If my town charged the same for my park hide? I would pay. That would be Toronto
  14. We would definitely have caches in Provincial Parks if they were allowed. Even if we had to pay a fee. I'm also quite confident that there are many others around here who would happily do the same. Narcissa and I frequently go camping in Provincial Parks, and would love to be able to place caches in our favourite spots! Good for you. Narcissa and I would.
  15. My taxes also pay for transit services, doesn't mean that I (well, I have a pass, but some people) don't have to pay $3.25 whenever they take the bus! Also, hikers generally don't go off trail, thereby creating potential damage to the environment.
  16. I can't possibly maintain a cache in Pennsylvania. Convince Ontario Parks to let us lace caches at $25 apiece, and I'll do just that!
  17. It is still their land to manage, and the increased traffic it would cause in (potentially) sensitive areas will require increased maintenance. I'm quite sure that reducing the number of caches placed without entirely banning them, is a big part of implementing a fee/permit system. If I want to call the tune (i.e. place a cache on public land), I have absolutely no issues with having to pay the piper.
  18. I guess you didn't look that well! Here's what I had to say-
  19. Well, we still don't have Mr. T on board. I'm on Narcissa's ship
  20. I hope not. I wish more people used multis in parks. They're a great way to encourage cachers to follow a particular route to a cache, so they can be used to keep people on the trail. Psst, multis are way less maintenance and way more fun when you use things like signs and plaques instead of containers. And, that way they only drop one proximity circle, instead of several!
  21. Did the owner of the Alien Head caches also authorize this? We did not move these caches. Why not? These are a different series of caches(pretty obvious). Maybe you can come on down and DOUBLE your find count! Good lord! Why would we want to do that? Numbers don't give you status, and if we're going to travel such a great distance to cache, hours of repetitive nonsense is not what we would be looking for. Doing one of these power trails would probably just make us angry. Maybe we'll go down there on a mission to see if permission was obtained to hide all of these caches...
  22. Was it a Delaware one? The site had some sort of glitch where a bunch of people accidentally got a Delaware souvenir.
  23. Fort Frances was nice. I can't imagine that Rainy River or Kenora are too gross. And Dryden gave us Chris Pronger!
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