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  1. Yes, I have noticed that. It really only becomes an issue when you're trying to enter something in (be it text or co-ordinates). Panning on the map has never been an issue for my. What I've found is that you have to touch slightly above where you normally would, though I suspect it might be slightly different on other units. For example, if I try to hit M (which comes up when I'm putting the time into my field notes), it will think I hit Q (the letter immediately beneath it) in cold weather. Once you get used to it, you figure out where to touch pretty quickly.
  2. I'm waiting for either the Garmin Minnesota or one of the eastern states. Of course a Garmin Québec (or one of the other provinces) would be ideal! But seriously, I'm not in the market to upgrade any time soon. I'm very happy with my Oregon 300. My wife happened to win an Oregon 450, and I rather like the notion of having 2000 waypoints and 5000 caches, however the 1000/2000 capacity of mine has never caused me any real inconvenience. If I had anything lesser, I'd likely go for the 450. The 550 has a camera, but I don't really find that necessary. The other perks, are that it has a touch screen (this can be a challenge in the winter if you're not used to it), and I generally find that more user friendly. It's chirp compatible, and you can beam caches/waypoints/etc. to other Oregon/Dakota/Colorado/(Possibly Map62, though I can't remember) users. I don't use it very often, but the Oregon is also Wherigo compatible. One thing I don't like though, is that you can't make notes in the calendar. If that's my biggest gripe, I think that it's obvious that I'm very happy with my unit.
  3. It was in downtown Hull, PQ that I saw one of my all time favourite sights while out caching - Somebody threw an old pair of skates over the telephone lines! It's a shame that I didn't have my camera!
  4. Why? Did I missed the part about inept provincial government?
  5. My mind is made up. Your cache was in violation of the Commercial Caches guideline, because it requires cachers to go into the business to find the cache. You were seeking special treatment, and are wrong to be upset with the fact that Groundspeak chose to uphold one of their more important guidelines. You were well within your rights to appeal the decision, but you did not argue your case well enough.
  6. Generally, it is gear that allows one to run 24 to 48 hours in the mountains at one time. Special running shoes, calf sleeves, cold weather gear, videos on ultramarathoning, books on trauining, one-on-one coaching, photography services, etc. I think they are able to stay in business because there are a lot of ultramarathoners in northern California (that is where the 100 mile trail run in the USA started) but hardly any of them are also geocachers...I believe this is true based upon polls I have taken and interactions with other ultramarathoners. I am happy to hear from other ultramarathoners here. Cool! Sounds like a pretty intense sport.
  7. You did, and your request was denied because you did not present a compelling enough reason for an exception.
  8. I have to know. If this shop caters specifically to 'ultra-marathoners,' what could they possibly sell? I'd understand if they catered specifically to high level athletes/runners, but what specific equipment would an 'ultra-marathoner' need, that somebody who frequently participates in local fun runs wouldn't? And how is there so much equipment that a speciality store like this could possibly stay in business?
  9. Absolutrely - but blinkies bore me. This cache was intended to bring families to a historic site and supply them a wonderful cache...not a chance to sign a slip of paper and add 1 more to their overall fund count. A hide-a-key may have lasted a week at most before being muggled. I chose not to move it but publish it on other caching sites. I accepted that. Others here (you) seem to have a problem with it. Is there no green space with a mile or two of this theatre? A park, or something? The final doesn't have to be right at the theatre, you know. You can just make that a 'question to answer' waypoint.
  10. uh... That's simply not true. You just don't have a case. Appeal rejected! Next case! Did you or your wife write that? Nice open mind. You're acting like it's some big injustice that they're not letting you place a cache in your friend's store! If you have a compelling reason as to why you should get a guidelines waiver, please! Tell us what it is! Evidently it isn't what you told the appeals folk, as they certainly didn't buy it. Seriously! If there is some extenuating circumstance at play here, let us know! The guidelines are flexible, but if you're trying to bend them, you have to provide a good reason for doing so. I'll give you an example. One of my caches is too close to another cache. I pointed out to the reviewer that although the caches are more than 100' too close to each other, mine is on an island and by the time you walk to the bridge, over the river, and back to the other cache, you end up going far more than 528'. Also, you'd have to be an idiot to try to wade across the Ottawa River, even if it is the more minor part that goes between the island and the shore. Another one of my caches was even closer to another cache! The extenuating circumstance? To walk straight from the one to the other would require scaling a cliff!
  11. uh... That's simply not true. You just don't have a case. Appeal rejected! Next case!
  12. This forum would quickly become very boring if people didn't get mad over this. Indeed. Hey! Why does my post say caccbag?
  13. This forum would quickly become very boring if people didn't get mad over this. Indeed. Hey! Why does my post say caccbag?
  14. The Ontario reviewers seem to draw the line at naming the store or requiring people to go into the store. This cache involves neither. You can report it if you wish. No need to as it has been archived due to the cache owner's inability to comply with the guidleines requiring maintenance. Her violation of the rules resulted in its archiving already. No, that cache is still active. You may report it if you wish. Sorry, confused it with your other 10 archived caches due to your rule violations. And no I won't report, unlike you I get no pleasure making caching less fun for others. So long as families can still enjoy a cache, that is what I think is important....sorry if allowing your cache to stand offends your sense that others need to abide 110% by all guidelines. Hope my willingness to let your cache cross the iron-clad lines of the guidleines doesn't upset you as much my attempt to use published procedures to sek an exemption. Kindly read this.
  15. The Ontario reviewers seem to draw the line at naming the store or requiring people to go into the store. This cache involves neither. You can report it if you wish. I can go muggle it! I'm going to muggle you. Not if I muggle you first! :wub:
  16. Lets sum this up shall we? caccbag - Tried to hide a cache in his friend's shop, the reviewer denied it, and the appeal was rejected. - Thinks that the guidelines should be changed/waived to accommodate him, because there are other caches like it that were approved. - - The guidelines address the fact that the publication of a cache does not set a precedent. - - - Feeling that your cache should be published anyway demonstrates a lack of understanding of the guidelines. Narcissa - Was not able to maintain her caches in a timely manner. - Those caches (some of them anyway) were archived by CacheDrone. - She has no issue with this, as he was upholding the guidelines. ---------------------------- There's a big difference between having your cache archived because you weren't able to maintain it, and complaining about the fact that a precedent did not justify the publication of your cache. The former indicates that circumstances change, and that caching is not the top priority in everyone's life. Archival is often the consequence of not maintaining your caches, however that is not necessarily disregarding the guidelines (or a case of not understanding them), it is simply waiving your right to not have your cache archived by the reviewer. In the case of the latter, it is either a disregard or lack of understanding of the guidelines. Why? Because it tries to make use of precedents - something that the guidelines expressly say don't exist.
  17. The Ontario reviewers seem to draw the line at naming the store or requiring people to go into the store. This cache involves neither. You can report it if you wish. I can go muggle it!
  18. Subway Cache in Rochester, NY, though archived, is still my favourite cache. I'm sure it wasn't the healthiest cache I've ever done though... Another Ottawa area cacher made the same observation that I did when we got out. I blew my nose and could taste copper!
  19. I too am not pleased. If Groundspeak is giving out this icon type, they should give the people who actually want it a chance to get it. Why are the armchair cachers being rewarded like this?
  20. It's because people edit their posts, and in changing it, they can make replies seem out of context or downright stupid.
  21. That would rust out in a day in an Ottawa winter
  22. Seven to nine countries in 7 days, if I read your post correctly. That is quite the push! You had better search for caches only in train stations if you are going to pull that one off. That type of speed traveling is sometimes referred to "tagging cities" among backpackers. I wish you Godspeed on your journey. Agreed. Try to spend two or three days in one place. Košice is going to be a big part of our trip when we go. It seems absolutely beautiful from the pictures I've seen, plus it's one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2013!
  23. Oh no... The containers can just be amassed and made into another hideous power trail Maybe we can get rid of the proximity rule and just move them all into a single Canadian Tire parking lot
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