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    100th Find

    Looks like good choices, with tough hikes. Choices looks like a good cache. We will put it on our list of caches to do. Thank you Ce’Nedra, we would have ignored this one if you had not pointed it out. (CoFR) Sticks and Stones is a good one also. It is NOT RECOMMENDED ON HOT, SUNNY AFTERNOONS. There is virtually no foliage in the area of the cache/hike. It is extremely rocky and you can bake in the sun. Also rocks may be slippery at times.
  2. No Hints #2 and Three County Trek- Almost March 22, 2003
  3. One if by Land, Two if by Sea May 24, 2003
  4. Grandmom's Basement! June 24, 2003 Also saw some cormorants, a green heron, a hummingbird, and an extremely large snapping turtle, but did not get a photo. Peace Valley in a great place for critter watching.
  5. Independence Day Cache and Eagles Nest July 8, 2003 Also saw rattlesnake at Eagles Nest, but did not get a photo.
  6. Town Commons May 15, 2003
  7. We regularly perform trailwork with the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Delaware Valley Chapter. Particularly we work along the Appalachian Trail (AT) between Wind Gap and Little Gap. This included two spurs leading to the AT. Please note that there are currently four geocaches along the AT in this area. Since we also hike in North Jersey and the Harriman area we are also members of the NYNJTC, although have not performed trail work with them.
  8. This is not a case of wrong datum. It is a format problem. N 43º 04.934 W 077º 25.572 is in the format hddºmm.mmm Latitude : 43.08223 Longitude: -774262 is in the format hddºdd.ddd The first one is in heading degrees, minutes, decimal minutes The second is in heading, degrees, decimal degrees.
  9. Congratulations Jon. Question for other cachers – Will kryptonite slow down Jonboy?
  10. Waterboy

    100th Find

    On your profile sheet you state that you like a “beautiful view and an intense physical challenge”. Considering this we would recommend (CoFR) Sticks and Stones by Manimal, Mystique & Monty or Cary Mountain by Rich in NEPA. Sticks and Stones is the shorter and steeper hike. At Cary Mountain is you will get a homemade souvenir from Rich in NEPA, good memory of the 100th. Both of these caches make great loop hikes. Cary Mt. may be a little to far a drive. Of course another alternative would to go after one of the caches we hid. I would recommend Appalachian Trail Maintenance.
  11. Thank you Brian for your confidence in us. The only cache that we found that we are sue is good for the kids is Normanock by Timpat, this may be a little to far away. Of course we love to recommend our own caches, but “Rutherford View” is a longer hike and not for children. “Rocky Mountain Way” by 4Fun & Dog is another cache we do not recommend for children. We also found “Limpidity-2: ^^^ High Point ^^^” by StayFloopy, but that was so long back we just do not remember if it good for children.
  12. quote:Originally posted by HartClimbs:It's a beautiful spot - just an FYI, the only 'legal' campsites in that area are the two designated AT sites along the AT (somewhat south of the pond). The older maps of the area show two Backpackers Camp Site. Backpacker Site #1 has been closed. There are plenty of campsites at what the old maps call “Backpacker Site #2”. This is located near the intersection of the Appalachian Trail and the Douglas Trails.
  13. Sorry we are a little slow in responding. There are several caches that would require a minimum of 4 miles hiking. In Harriman Park the following (listed alphabetically) are included: cladiµs was here + _0nely blu Herbert Mine cache L.bug No Hints, NY Style Pingyp (From nearest legal parking area) Ramapo Torne Water Tank In North Jersey the following are 4 miles or more: Helispot New York/New Jersey Multi-State Multi-Cache No Hints Bridges the Gap Rutherford View The Love Shack and Beyond Two additional hikes, slightly less than 4 miles but with significant elevation change include: Covert-002 Dreamcatcher These last two can also be combined with others on the list above.
  14. Waterboy


    While hiking/caching this Independence Day we checked the future blueberry crop. The weather this springs will bring the crop in a little late, but it will be a bumper crop. Berries should be extremely large and juicy. RECOMMENDATION – When picking blueberries this year wear steel-toed safety boots to protect feet from accidental droppage.
  15. We would like to add two caches we found recently to the list of great caches of the areas. The first one is Hochste GebirgscRegion Der Berks Grafschaft by Schneeberg Wasserman. It is a nice hike on the Appalachian with a significant bushwhack. Mr. Wasserman puts a lot of work into his caches. You will find a beautifully hand painted ammo can loaded with the best of goodies. A week ago we would never have thought we would consider a virtual for this honored list. (As of a week ago we had never found a virtual.) GPS Guy with his Aircrash 3 has changed that. This is a beautiful, long hike to an interesting location high in the Catskills.
  16. Congratulations to Metaphor on his 100th cache. He is a good and a great hiking/caching companion.
  17. We are a little confused. The Delaware Water Gap is directly west of the George Washington Bridge on I-80. The state of Delaware is south. Please clarify. Also please clarify what you want in a good cache. Part of our definition is that we must spend at least 3 hours hunting the cache.
  18. Long range weather forecast looks good. Mixture of sun & clouds, temperatures in low to mid 70s.
  19. Congratulation and applause. Way to go.
  20. The two of us plan to go. We were thinking of driving up Friday and staying the night there. We have some questions: 1. (For Brian) What is the availability of water in the campsite area. Should we bring our purifier pump? Or do we have to carry it all in? 2. (For Brian) Could you be a little more specific about the location of where we will camp on the evening of the 28th? If we go a day early, maybe we will camp there two nights. 3. (For Metaphor) If you are driving up Friday, would you like to meet and hike/cache that day? 4. (For everyone, particularly Brian) Like Brian, we have extra equipment. If anyone needs something, lets try to work this out before Friday morning. 5. (For Brian) Food wise, is it everyman for him/her self?
  21. WILL YOU MARRY ME????? by LUNGBOY This one is located in Doylestown, PA
  22. Team Jack Quest is significant to both geocaching and to Waterboy With Wife. When we first started looking at the geocaching pages there were about 200 caches in Pennsylvania, eight of those were Jack Quest caches. Our first find was JQ005-Nockamixon. Our most recent find, JQ007-Ricketts Glen. In between that there were four other Jack Quest caches. Thank you for being so helpful. You will be remembered as one of the founders of geocaching in Eastern Pennsylvania. We wish you the best in your new home.
  23. Our longest trip is 8 miles one way on Arrgg! Refugee Cove. This was located in Nova Scotia, along the Bay of Fundy, where you can witness the world’s highest tides. Cache and trailhead are both located just a few feet above sea level. On the trip in we had to ascend to about 800 feet three times, and return to sea level. We did this as a one night backpack. Please note this is in a GEOCACHE FRIENDLY PARK. The main bulletin board had the cache info on it.
  24. Congratulations. Stayfloopy should be renamed stayamazing. (or stayingamazing)
  25. Last Saturday (05/31/03) we hid a cache. Did ¾ of a five mile hike in the rain, some of the rain was hard. Today (06/03/03) we found a cache. We extended what could have been a 2 or 2.5 mile hike into a 9 or 9.5 mile hike. Again ¾ of the hike was in the rain, but it was not coming down as hard. THE RAIN FEELS GREAT, particularly after last year’s draught. What do other cachers think of rain hiking/caching?
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