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  1. Congratulations to a real sport. Please say hello to mom and pop floopy for us.
  2. Waterboy


    We made it to the new store today. We arrived at the parking lot and I felt like a little boy back home. (Of course when I was a little boy home was West Side Manhattan.) This place did have plenty of parking, but please remember to bring your hiking boots, it may be a long walk to the entrance. We arrived at about 11:00 AM and stayed a little over three hours in the store. It was crowded. Purchased some new orange ware for hunting season. Forgot to check for Camo Tape, rainwear, or ammo cans. For MissJenn - they have food dehydrators. (You know we would always check out the food.)
  3. We are interested in long distance hiking trails, and would like to receive more information. We think some individuals may be interested in the 4,000 mile North Country Trail, of which more than 1,600 miles are completed.
  4. Waterboy


    quote:Originally posted by Salvelinus:Better yet! Buy a raincoat and get rid of those dumb looking ponchos you guys are wearing in all those pictures! They know who they are! In defense of Salvelinus who missed a golden opportunity to be with these three Wonderful Wet Women. He does have a right to call sour grapes. From Waterboy (Who did not miss this golden opportunity.) Note to MissJenn – Glad to hear how you liked the cantaloupe.
  5. Waterboy


    Thank you Ce’Nedra. This should be a good place to get orange wear for safe caching during hunting seasons. The store is located near the intersection of Interstate 78 and route 61 in Hamburg, PA.
  6. Did a maintenance check on our No Hints, NY Style today. There is no blue sticker on this cache. Observed that a considerable amount of trail work has been done on the trail we took to the cache. Stone steps have been installed on at least two of the steeper climbs. Is anyone interest in Canadian Geocoins. There has been one in this cache since December 2002.
  7. Congratulations. Please continue the fun for the next century or two.
  8. I have two suggestions, both of them about a 10 mile hike, both require a car shuttle, and both use the Appalachian Trail (AT). One in Pennsylvania, the other in New Jersey. First, the one in Pennsylvania: Start at Hawk Mt. Road and hike north on the AT. There will be an accent to Dan’s Pulpit and the Oh Danny boy. Continue on the AT to pick up No Hints #2 and Three County Trek-Almost. Then complete hike at Fort Franklin Road, a.k.a. Jacksonville-Snyders Road. Distance in AT book is 9.3 miles. There will be three views, although none as good as the Jersey hike views. This will also include a visit to the Allentown Lean-to. Second, the Jersey hike: Start at the Dunnfield Creek parking area off Interstate 80 at the Delaware Water Gap. Up Mt. Tammany and take fire road to Helispot cache. Then continue to Turquoise Trail to pick up Dreamcatcher cache. Continue on Turquoise till it end on the AT. Take AT north to Mohegan Road picking up the No Hints Bridges the Gap cache on the way. Small side trails should be taken to see the view at Mt. Tammany and to visit Sunfish Pond. An additional view at Raccoon Ridge is right on the AT. Both these hike start off with 1,100 or 1,200 foot accent.
  9. Happy Birthday Brian. Sorry we are late, but we have 2 excuses: 1. We were off hiking/caching/camping in the Adirondacks and celebrating the Wife’s 58th birthday. 2. We are much to close to 60 to worry about you young kids. (Waterboy’s 60th birthday is in three months time.)
  10. Yes, we would like a good group hike/cache. Magellan315 has the right idea on a 4 or better terrain rating. A good hike that is also a good workout is desired. Our definition of a good hike is 8 to 12 miles. Waterboy will start looking at some that he could recommend. We would also like to thank BrianSnat and Ce’Nedra. Brian for leading a group backpack on 6/28/03. Ce’Nedra for leading a wet group hike for her 100th find on 8/16/03. They are two of our most memorable geocaching experiences.
  11. Congratulations to CAZRAY and Mrs. Caz. Found there 100th cache at Oh Danny boy.
  12. We are not sure how far you are willing to travel, but the best cache we have found in the eastern part of the state is Cary Mountain by Rich in NEPA. Rich puts a lot into each cache, and this one we believe is his best. You will be able to come home with a special souvenir of your 100th cache, made by the remarkable Rich in NEPA. (We picked a Rich in NEPA cache for our 200th.) Other good caches are Choices and (CoFR) Sticks and Stones. Choices was Ce’Nedra’s 100th cache. Of course we would like you to consider one of our caches, we will not put out a cache unless it is at least a two mile hike one way. Eagles Nest is the closest to you, the shortest way in on trails is about 4 miles. (The bushwacking way is quite rough.)
  13. Guess we have a very different way of looking at caches we want to find. When we first started any cache would do. Now the cache or caches must be a challenge, usually that means 3 hours plus hiking. It may include more than one cache if there is no driving between caches. We consider ourselves hikers first, nature observers/photographers second, and cachers third. We will go after a cache only if it gives us our first two objectives. There are 24 caches less than 10 miles from home, we have found only five of them, and do not plan to look for the remaining ones, they all look like “cache and dash.” Now to answer how far we would go: 1. Last October we drove from Pennsylvania to Nova Scotia. Then did a one night backpack (six hours hiking each way) to pick up one tough cache. While driving home we picked up eight to ten additional caches. 2. This week we drove six hours north, backpacked for two nights, picked up two caches, and drove six hours back home. These are two of our best caching experiences. WE WOULD DO IT AGAIN.
  14. Congratulation. Just thinking, it is over a year since we met. Looking forward to meeting you again.
  15. Congratulations to the Pilot. His caching ability always amazes us.
  16. Rumor says that Rich in NEPA made his 100th First to Find (FTF) at the Knifes Edge. We believe he is out celebrating since he has not logged this yet. (Read Tyson Sprandels log.)
  17. Without knowing particular unit it is hard to give details. Your menu should lead to a “SETUP” function and then to “POSITION”.
  18. If you would like to join a retired couple from Lansdale we will be happy to take you (and your husband) along. We are hikers first, nature observers second, and cachers third. We will always take a long hike and look for wildlife. When we go for a cache it is a full day affair.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Kerry:10-20 miles isn't a normal datum issue or a format issue NOT CORRECT. A format error may be larger than 20 miles. Check the distance between these two points N 29º59.000’ W095º59.000’ N 29.59000º W095.59000º These two points are over 35 miles apart. For the above example I took two points in Jamie and Jason’s home state of Texas. It may be a format error.
  20. We are glad to see you have a smiling face with a “I HATE” topic. If you really hate waiting you could drive over to Freeport and pick up a GPSr at L.L. Bean. Recommendation – Visit L.L. Bean at 3:00 AM in the morning. The store is open, and you have a better chance of finding a parking space.
  21. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:Finally, a hiking, or trekking pole is a good idea. You can use it to poke around hollow stumps, in crevices and other places where you'd rather not stick your hand first. In addition to a trekking pole, a pair of gardening gloves may be useful when poking around hollow stumps, etc. Gloves are also useful when the cache is covered by wet, slimy objects or has wet, slimy contents.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Dacxjo:Music and earphones? I have an iPod, but even a small radio can add a soundtrack to a cache hunt. :-) Dacxjo and Beki, Team Esperanto For Safety – DO NOT USE “Music and earphones” IN RATTLESNAKE OR BEAR COUNTRY. Our music is the sound of water flowing over rocks, wind in the trees, and of course, the birds.
  23. Congratulations to Ce’Nedra on her 100th cache at Choices. Congratulations to MissJenn on her 100th cache at NORTH.... TO ALASKA!!!. MissJenn also picked up cache 101, accompanying Ce’Nedra on the Choices cache today.
  24. Waterboy

    100th Find

    To Ce’Nedra and Miss Jenn, We would like to join you on this cache.
  25. On our most recent trip to Down East Maine we noticed Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers had signed log books just before us. On an earlier trip in May we met New Jersey cacher Quoddy. How many cachers from this area go to Maine to cache? What are your favorite caches there? Our favorite is Shackford Head Overlook.
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