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  1. Nova Scotia, what a beautiful place. We are a team of cachers from Pennsylvania, with 286 finds. Our favorite find is in the province of Nova Scotia. It is Arrgg! Refugee Cove. I believe it is a about a three hour drive from Halifax to the parking area. However, the hike will take longer than the drive. You should try this one. This cache was hidden in 2001 and to date there are only two finders. LET US SEE IF METALIKLABS IS THE THIRD FINDER. This cache is worth a twenty plus hour drive from Pennsylvania.
  2. TeamK-9, I notice you and I are both from Pennsylvania. Be careful when using a magnetic compass in or near old iron mining area. You may see the compass bouncing around more than the GPS. Bring both and use common sense.
  3. We were out in the cold today. The temperature at the start of the caching hike was 3ºF. At completion it had doubled, going up to 6ºF. We just do not like to see good cold being wasted when there is little or no snow.
  4. Wow. Congratulations Brian. Brian should be remembered for all his positive contributions to hiking, caching and archeological work. KEEP IT UP BRIAN.
  5. On the second day of this year at the Eagles Nest Klatch picked up number 300. CONGRATULATIONS
  6. That is correct. It was December 21, 2002, a couple of hours after we met you.
  7. Jonboy, we second the motion Photo shows Mrs. Jonboy, Jonboy, and Mrs. Waterboy. Three big smiles in the snow.
  8. Waterboy


    Today we went for a hike and a single cache. We had a very enjoyable DNF/hike. Our biggest disappointment to date is a quick easy find on a north Jersey cache that had a difficulty/terrain rating of 3.5/4.5. We are far happier with a good DNF than a camouflaged 3.5/2 or a legitimate “Lameo”.
  9. Try buying Garmin Rinos. You can "beam" waypoints between two of them. (If you pretend the FRS is IR.)
  10. Our tally by state (alphabetical order): Connecticut - 1 cache found Delaware - 2 caches Massachusetts - 1 cache Maryland - 1 cache Maine - 21 caches New Hampshire - 2 caches New Jersey - 82 caches New York - 62 caches Pennsylvania - 100 caches Rhode Island - 2 caches New Brunswick (Canada) - 4 caches Nova Scotia (Canada) - 3 caches Goals for 2004: 1. To find a cache in the beautiful Green Mountain State. We consider it shameful that we missed Vermont on our list. 2. To make a trip to pick up some tough mountain caches in both West Virginia and western Virginia. 3. The toughest (and most rewarding) cache we found to date was in Nova Scotia and is named "Arrgg, Refugee Cove". We would like to do more in Nova Scotia, and get up to Newfoundland. 4. We have found 16 caches in the Adirondacks area of New York. We believe it is the best area for tough caches in the northeast. We shall return.
  11. Congratulations. Looking forward to meeting you again, preferably on some remote trail. Also, we will be looking for some more of your caches.
  12. Saturday June 5, 2004 is National Trails day, sponsored by the American Hiking Society. This may be an excellent day to perform either CITO or other type of trailwork. Combining with other organizations may bring excellent publicity to geocaching. Although we recommend June 5, we expect be doing trailwork with the Appalachian Mountain Club, Delaware Valley Chapter on that day, and thus be unable to attend your event. If another date is selected we will make every effort to attend.
  13. This is about change. Why would someone in a high tech hobby worry about things changing? Some day there will be pocket GPSr units that are accurate to a centimeter, is that going to make all previous finds on caches less? We did find the cache in question, it is fine with us to change it to a letterbox. We should add that we are sorry to see the old cache go, it was unique. It allowed us to connect our caching hobby with our gardening hobby. (Our bird watching and photographing hobby was also used.) This cache will be remembered with special fondness. Until we found this cache we could not have imagined saying this about a 1/1 cache. Ce’Nedra, you gave us a happy experience, no changes can take that away.
  14. Congratulations. Liggles, it was nice meeting you and caching with you for the Hook Challenge. Diggles, looking forward to meeting you sometime.
  15. Congratulations to etoast on his 200th find. Done on his GC anniversary.
  16. Taking a look the information you sent it was not a problem to discover which geocache you were referring to. (I will not mention the name since the hider of this cache may not want this info publicly available.) Please note that this cache is only rated 1.5/1 stars. It should not be too difficult. Given a bearing from due east is a rather odd form, but understandable. Using everything in meters and grid makes the problem easier. With this info we can derive the equations: E(f) = E(i) + D*cos( N(f) = N(i) - D*sin( Where: E(i) = Initial Easting coordinate N(i) = Initial Northing coordinate E(f) = Final Easting coordinate N(f) = Final Northing coordinate D = Distance (in meters) B = Bearing angle in reference to east direction This uses straight forward two dimensional trigonometry, looking at the cache sheet I believe this is what the owner of the cache wanted. The math above can be done with a pocket scientific calculator, like the one on my Garmin Rino 101. Can this problem be solved with a Magellan in projection mode? Sorry, I do not own or know much about the Magellan equipments. I will be emailing you with more details, that should not be on the web.
  17. Reading Brian’s list I feel it is incomplete. There are two reasons: 1. No list of top North Jersey caches is complete without any caches by Brian. Our favorite of his active caches is Terrace Pond. 2. He ignored several good caches in the northwestern part of the state (near Delaware Water Gap). No list would be complete without Dreamcatcher. There are 24 account(s) watching this cache, a quick check does not show any other north Jersey cache that has more than 10 watching. Dreamcatcher and adjacent Sunfish Pond are particularly beautiful in foliage season. Another good cache in northwest Jersey is The Love Shack and Beyond. Please consider the three good ones that we have hid in northwest Jersey.
  18. BrianSnat - All round good guy Many in the geocaching community throughout the world know of Brian as a great cacher. He has a large number of caches hidden and has offered numerous helpful comments on the forum. Those of us the in Northeast know of him for other good deeds: 1. He is an active volunteer with the NY/NJ Trail Conference and Trails Supervisor for Ramapo Mountain State Forest. See this thread. 2. He regularly does volunteer work at Lenape Meadow Archaeological Excavation.
  19. Originally posted by jarja_grl: I'm still getting my geocaching skills honed and it's easier if I make sure that the cache is highly likely to still exist. The more remote caches are far less likely to be plundered by neighborhood humans than the cache that is an easy 200 yards (or less) from the parking lot. Although there is a slightly greater chance that the remote caches may be plundered by some four legged hairy critter. If plundered by a critter you will usually find part of the cache, and be able log a find. (Be ready to CITO the cache.) Another way to increase the probability that a cache is still there is to hunt one hidden by an experienced geocacher.
  20. The trip to the Hook Challenge was a sad but memorable trip. Photo above is of MissJenn with the bag of final remains of the cache. Thank you MissJenn, Salvelinus, Enfanta, Ce’Nedra and Liggles for being part of a wonderful bitter-sweet day. Our log and photos.
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