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  1. Steps to follow to get position: 1. Find out what county in West Virginia this property is located in. Go to the county seat and locate the office that has Deed Book 136 and open to page 819. The deed for this property should now be read. The surveyor, date, and other information should be outlined in this deed. 2. Note that this is a hand written copy, and that the property does not have closure. It is possible that there is a copying error. Verify all numbers. 3. The initial point where the survey starts in many states will read a distance and direction from an easily found point. An Example: Starting from a point on the centerline of X Road 2,345.67 ft northwestly of the intersection with Y Road. If this is all the information you are given, the job is difficult. 4. In some states the deeds are required to be in “State Planar Coordinates”. If this was required it will make the rest of the work simpler. (I do not know what the local laws are.) West Virginia uses two state planar systems, one for the north and one for the south. It also may be either NAD27 or NAD83. The Army Corps of Engineers has a free downloadable program named “Corpscon” that will convert the State Planar to Lat-Long or UTM. 5. Before going into more details on how to proceed, please study the deed and any documents the deed references.
  2. Yesterday (03/30/05) we performed a maintenance check on our “Go Take a Hike” geocache. It was wet and muddy, but almost zero snow could be seen. “Go Take a Hike” is only slightly south of the NY/NJ multi cache, I do not believe you will see much snow. PS – If the weather is good and you go on Sunday, look for us. We plan to do a maintenance run on this cache then. WATERBOY WITH WIFE
  3. Are you aware that LL Bean has two stores in New Jersey. There is a retail store in Marlton and a factory outlet store in Flemington. It would require some luck to find what you need in Flemington, but the Marlton store will probably be good. I would not recommend buying boots by mail. Both the wife and I have bought boots from Bean but we always purchased them in the Freeport, Maine store.
  4. Shortish-but-wide feet, just like mine. Traditionally hikers with wide feet recommend Asolo wide boots. I personally believe the Bean Cresta is just as good. Currently I own one pair of Asolo and a pair of Crestas. Good luck. Please go shopping with plenty of time and patience.
  5. It was a beautiful cloudless day here in the northeast. Our friendly groundhog saw his shadow. MORE WINTER FUN IS AHEAD
  6. If you do not mind placing it outside a geocache, please consider our cache Helispot. Plenty of room behind the ammo can without destroying the integrity of the cache. Waterboy With Wife PS – You may find our trademark water (or ice) bottle there also.
  7. If you are in the US with some computer format knowledge you may want to try the Geographic Names Information Service. It probably has a lot more than you need, like coordinates of almost any feature that appears on the USGS maps. I have looked up summits, lakes, swamps and more. Although this is unimportant if you are only looking for cities of 10,000+ population, most coordinates are in NAD27.
  8. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Waterboy With Wife
  9. Today (Dec 14) we confirmed that another one of our Pennsylvania caches is missing. This missing one was Rock Garden, last visited on June 26 of this year. Although we did not mention it above our Wilkum to Rocksylvania cache was also vandalized. This was discovered on September 26. The co-ordinates were removed from the second of three caches in this multicache. The removal was not an easy task, and the cache container (water bottle) was not removed. With today’s disappointment we are considered more strongly archiving our Pennsylvania caches that have vanished. Final decision will not be made until we complete maintenance on our other caches. We would like to thank all those who responded to our earlier request. We appreciate your concern and your kind words. Waterboy With Wife
  10. Your current list only includes books about hiking areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Thus my additions will only mention those areas. First, look at the books supplied by the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference (NYNJTC). A good set of Pennsylvania books are supplied by the Keystone Trail Association (KTA). Another book for Pennsylvania not listed by the KTA is “Hiking Pennsylvania" by Rhonda and George Ostertag. A note about “50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania”. The latest edition is by Thwaites, there is an earlier edition by Carolyn Hoffman. I own both copies and there is very little that is redundant. They really compliment each other.
  11. Congratulations to an all round good guy. Everyone in geocaching owes you something that we can never pay back. Those of us in the “Northeast” owe you a little more. Waterboy With Wife
  12. Prior to 1996 there existed a US Navy research base named the Naval Air Development Center (NADC) in Pennsylvania. While most of this facility was in Warminster Township, a small part of it was within Ivyland Borough. It was here that the Navy did, among other things, a major portion of its Navigation R&D work. From the late 1970s to the early 1990s a large part of that navigation group was devoted to GPS. Now to answer MrDickens’ question. Ivyland is in Bucks County and very close Philadelphia. There is very little hunting in that area, but I do not know all the nearby locations. Looking at the 20 nearest caches I am concerned about one titled “Eternal Cache”. I have found that cache, and believe there is hunting in that area. For others who may want to comment, try zip code 18974.
  13. Congratulations DeskJockey. We read your write-up on the two Cove Mountain caches. Glad you enjoyed yourself. We agree with your write-up, there should be more caches like these two. Bezabor did a great job hiding these caches. Waterboy With Wife
  14. The way you word your question I believe you are more interested in how to hike safely than in where to hike in the DC area. If what you have little or no experience, and are concerned with safety I would recommend contacting a local club that runs group hikes. During these hikes the leader will pass on some of his/her knowledge of general hiking. You will also have the opportunity to talk and learn from other experienced hikers. Although I am not aware of how clubs run in the DC area, I believe PATC is mainly interested in trail maintenance (and they do a fine job of it.) Groups that have regularly scheduled hikes in your area include the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) – DC Chapter, the Capital Hiking Club, and Wanderbirds. GOOD LUCK PS - Living near Philadelphia I participate in and lead hikes/trail maintenance for the AMC Delaware Valley Chapter.
  15. The Delaware Water Gap is beautiful, but first choice is Harriman State Park in New York. Harriman, unfortunately, is a little further from Pittsburgh. A little over a six hour drive. But please read some of the advantages. 1. Good caches - you will find plenty in Harriman. The Water Gap has enough to keep you busy, but Harriman has more. Incidentally we have hidden two caches in Harriman and three in the Gap areas. 2. Great Hiking – The layout of Harriman is such that it permits more loop hikes than the Gap. Oh, about your bearbag. In the Gap there is plenty of evidence that bears are around. I can never remember seeing any evidence of bears in Harriman, although I have heard of bear sitings from reliable sources. 3. Gotta sleep in a tent – There are a number of shelters in Harriman. Please check out caches by brian b. He has a series of “Shelters of Harriman” caches. 4. Safe place to park my car – I guess either Harriman or the Gap are as safe as any. I personally have never had problems. 5. Not to get shot at – There is no hunting in Harriman. If anyone knows of a larger area anywhere in this country that has caches and does not permit hunting, please let me know. Harriman with connecting Bear Mountain Park include over 50,000 acres of land. 6. AT – It does pass through Harriman, but a considerably short length that that in the Gap area. An additional note – If you are looking for hiking caches, every cache we have hid or will ever hide require a minimum of a four mile round trip hike. Waterboy With Wife
  16. My purpose is to supplement Brian’s comments on the Delaware Water Gap Area. It is a beautiful area and one of our favorites. The area is composed of four major administrative areas. They are: Worthington State Forest Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area Stokes State Forest High Point State Park Camping in Worthington and Stokes State Forests are limited to designated campsites. Those in Stokes contain shelters, the single one in Worthington is tenting only. If you have an old map of Worthington if will show two campsites. A few years ago one of the campsites was closed permanently. In the National Recreational Area camping is permitted only in areas that are more than 0.5 from road access or the boundaries of the national recreational area. Hikers must camp not more that 100 feet from the Trail and not less than 200 feet from any other campsites. Camping is prohibited within 100 feet of any stream or water source. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE OTHER RULES. I cannot locate the rules for High Point, but there are AT shelters in this park. Also of importance right now is damage done by hurricanes in Worthington State Forest and to Old Mine Road. For details please check this NYNJTC site. Waterboy With Wife
  17. Today was a day set aside for maintenance on the Appalachian Trail. This mainly consisted of removing debris left by the hurricanes. Since we were passing one of our caches (Appalachian Trail Maintenance), we decided to stop and perform maintenance here. The Good News – Appalachian Trail is in great shape. The Bad News – Our cache is AWOL. We are temporarily disabling this cache. Now we are trying to decide if we will re-install this cache, or put our efforts into a new cache. We were not planning any new caches, but if we decide on a new one it will be more difficult. We would like to consider comment from other cachers. Waterboy With Wife
  18. Congratulations It has been a pleasure to hike and cache with you. Waterboy With Wife
  19. When in or near Scranton and looking for a unique caching experience look at any Rich in NEPA cache. They are worth finding, and you will come home with an original trading piece. Our favorite of his is Cary Mountain, followed by Seven Tubs. Be prepared to spend some time, particularly on Cary Mountain. Waterboy With Wife
  20. Congratulations. Dave did a hike/cache that is wicked in good weather. We do not know how to express his accomplishment in today’s wicked hiking weather.
  21. Sorry I am slow in answering this. Just came back from a hiking trip in Maine. (Plenty of hiking and camping, not much caching.) Worthington Forest is a great place with five real hiking caches. (Of course two of them we hid.) Harrold has already mentioned sunfish sojourn. The ones we hid are Helispot and No Hints Bridges the Gap. The final two are Dreamcatcher and Rob's Invite. Have fun and be careful.
  22. On May 28 Red Zone saw two bears while heading for the Helispot Geocache. Yesterday (July 3) kiethj999 also saw a bear near this cache. Today (the Forth of July) Wife With Waterboy saw Mama Bear and two cubs. Are there some exciting stories that we missed? I hope Polgara sees this, she has been wanted to meet a bear. As an added note Wife With Waterboy not only met Mama Bear, but also had a conversation with Papa Rattlesnake. (Actually Papa Rattler was making all the noise.) Waterboy With Wife
  23. Congratulations. (We had the honor to hike/cache with half of the Diggles and Liggles team.) Good luck with future caches. Waterboy With Wife
  24. Read all about it. Go take a hike.
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