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  1. Problem – There are boats going to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from two locations. One boat is from Jersey, the other from Battery Park on the New York City side. Since you say you are going to Battery Park, the caches that Perfect Tommy and Briansnat mention are not in walking distance.
  2. If the cache in question is hidden treasures, and you say it is located at NAD27 N 41°58.480 W076°30.692 This is equal to NAD83 (or WGS84) position of N 41°58.485 W076°30.672. Waterboy With Wife
  3. Congratulations Brian and Skigirl. Glad you enjoyed our cash. You may notice that we do maintenance on this one regularly since we also enjoy the hike. Hope Geobernd and Packanack will also enjoy this cache. Waterboy With Wife
  4. As the only finder to date: CACHE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR GROUP HIKE. Waterboy With Wife
  5. Probably about 2 1/2 hours. I live near Princeton, NJ (an hour southeast of Quakertown) and it only takes me 2 hours to get to High Point (which is slightly to the north of this cache) Having found this cache today I know the drive from Lansdale, PA was 2-3/4 hour going and 2-1/2 returning. Quakertown is slightly north of Lansdale and may save you 15 to 20 minutes. Brian’s estimate is good, we have made this drive many times, it is mostly 2 lane highways, or going out of your way on freeways.
  6. Many important issues were brought up, but one is missing. I must respect the salesperson for his environmental concern, however if he did not try to discuss pedometer accuracy and you’re your reasons for purchase, he has lost my respect. A pedometer measures the distance traveled, which a GPS also does. The pedometer counts the number of steps, and assumes that the length of the step is uniform. Uniformity of steps is extremely rare while bushwhacking.
  7. Yes to both Not sure about your US topomaps but the Canadian ones have the degrees along the margins. The question concerning direction, as asked by GJWilcoxs includes the word "always". With this PDOP's answer is only half right. For east/west, the minutes and seconds always get bigger if you go west is you are in the west Longitudes. The west Longitudes include all of North America (and more). The USGS topo maps do include degrees in the margin.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS Waterboy With Wife
  9. Hello Deadhorsepoint. Good to here from you, although I quess we have not been too active in geocaching either. Waterboy With Wife
  10. Congratulations to Hersheysquirts on number 300 at the Knifes Edge. Waterboy With Wife
  11. Congratulations Skigirl (Sorry we have never met.) Congratulations Brian, Jersey’s most vocal geocacher, and a hell of a nice human being. Waterboy With Wife
  12. For those of us on the west side of the Delaware, the complete Pennsylvania Hunting Digest in pdf format can be downloaded at this site. If you desire segments of this information check this site. The digest is a complete and somewhat complicated document. Of interest to the geocacher is the following info: A. Dates for all hunting seasons. The dates vary substantially throughout the state. B. Orange ware requirements, which vary by season. Waterboy With Wife
  13. I would suggest you go to the regional forum and ask the question “What caches are good hiking caches near _______”. You might even suggest the mileage you would like to hike.
  14. A good location to check comments on boots or other hiking/backpacking equipment is Backpack Gear Test.
  15. You might want to try Cabela's on Route 61 near Hamburg, PA. There is also an Outfitter for the Appalachian Trail a couple of miles north on Cabela's in Port Clinton.
  16. WOW!!! That is fantastic!!! See something like that is what being in the woods is all about. We are envious. Waterboy With Wife
  17. Waterboy

    Snake Id

    Yes, that is a rattler.
  18. I do not believe that you saw a 46ers log book. These book were: A. On trail less peaks in the Adirondacks. Marcy is not a trail less peak. (Note - 20 out of the 46 peaks are trail less.) B. The canisters have been removed. I am not sure of the dates when they were removed but believe it was more than two years ago. C. Although we live in Pennsylvania we have hiked and cached in the Adirondacks every summer since 2001. I do not recall seeing a Mt. Marcy cache listed on Geocaching.com. (However if it was listed for a short time, it could have easily been missed.) As added notes: 1. I know of other unauthorized caches that have been placed, and you may have found one. I HOPE GEOCACHING.COM WOULD NOT APPROVE OF A CACHE NEAR THE SUMMIT OF MARCY, IT WOULD BE IN VIOLATION OF A NUMBER OF NYDEC RULES. 2. The web page that rjw661 was referring to is ADK46R.
  19. Waterboy With Wife spent a considerable amount of time discussing our caches. We are currently maintaining more than we would like to, thus we decided to remove and archive four geocaches the next time we perform maintenance, which will be early in 2006. The caches we are planning to remove and archive are: Rutherford View Water Tank No Hint, NY Style Go take a hike Notes have been places on the applicable cache pages.
  20. On July 12, 2002 we were returning to Pennsylvania from a funeral in Brooklyn. Half way across New Jersey I pulled over and asked the wife to drive the rest of the way home. I had the chills and was shivering, while the outside temperature was 90ºF. In the next couple of days my temperature jumped up and down from normal to 103ºF, accompanied by sweating or the shills, depending on which way the temperature was going. A rash broke out, but it looked nothing like the typical Lyme disease rash. I was extremely tired weak, and had no appetite. I did not have any headaches or body aches. When visiting the doctor, he had me tested for a half dozen possible problems, with Lyme disease being given a low priority. The one test that came back sort of positive was the Lyme test. I was started on antibiotics and sent to a Lyme specialist, where a skin sample of my rash was taken and analyzed for Lyme, it came back negative. The Lyme blood test checks three components of your blood, only two of mine were reading Lyme, the third was normal. Why was the third normal, perhaps it was because the disease was still in the early stage, or possibly because I had been given the not too effective Lyme vaccine. Now to answer your question, almost immediately (24 to 48 hours) after I started on the antibodies the fever subsided, and the rash started to clear up. However I was weak, very weak. After I had been awake four or five hours I would suddenly get hit with a complete loss of energy. If I was home at my computer, I would not feel strong enough to walk over to my bed. The weakness would stop after a short nap. My strength came back slowly, it probably took about four or five months until I returned to full hiking/caching strength. I have spoken to several other hikers, and outdoors people who have had Lyme, few had the textbook case. All of those I spoke to had it diagnosed and treated early. As far seriousness, I know those who had it milder and those who had it worse. PLEASE, get a lot of rest and get well. I would appreciate it if you keep us informed. Thank you, Waterboy
  21. In an effort to deter vandalism at geocaches we have enlisted the aid of security officers. The attached photo shows one of these officers patrolling near our Eagles Nest cache. Notice the camouflage uniform. Be warned, these officers are armed to the teeth. If you are interested in a position on a cache at other locations in the northeast, please email resume to Waterboy With Wife.
  22. AddedValue picked up cache #300 at the NY/NJ Multi-State Multi-Cache. Congratulations
  23. Performed a maintenance check on the NY/NJ multi-cache. It is in excellent shape. . Replaced out trademark (bottle of water) at each cache. The water bottle is available to the first thirsty cacher. Saw only a few patches of snow in some isolated, sun-deprived locations. There was plenty of water everywhere, so expect a muddy hike if you go soon. WATERBOY WITH WIFE
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