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  1. Solution / workaround. Someone else posted the below solution. I have no idea who it was. But it works great. I use windows mobile 5. There are a few extra steps, but it works good for paperless. Again, I didn't post below, but whoever did, thank you a ton!!! That being said, here is the simplest free way to create mobi books to use as before. It requires one new program. I've listed the steps in gory detail; in reality it really is much easier than it looks. 1. Download and install GPSBabel from http://www.gpsbabel.org/ (This is a one-time step). Note the folder you've installed it to. 2. Save your pocket query gpx file to a folder on your computer (e.g, \caching) 3. Start the program GPSBabelGUI.exe from your GPSBabel folder. 4. Under input, select a source type of "GPX XML", and choose the gpx file you downloaded as input. 5. Under output, select an output type of HTML, and choose an output filename for where you want to save it (e.g, \caching\caches.html) 6. click 'lets go' and it will create your html file 7. Start up Mobipocket reader on your PC (the assumption is you had this installed already) and load the HTML file you just created. Mobipocket reader will convert the html file into an ebook, and you can transfer it to your PDA.
  2. I hate them. Nothing but problems. I can't believe that any organization would launch something with out testing it much more than gc.com apparnelty did. I mean, the did have a copy of IE version 7 correct?
  3. So I continue to have problems with these stupid Google maps and would love to hear the real reason it was switched. Even Microsoft doesn't release updates that are this bad. So here is the latest problems now: 1. when looking at a google map, "grabbing" it with the hand icon and moving the map, It scrolls really fast and zips way farther than you want. 2. When moving the map as described above, the purple square doesn't show up where you move it, no new caches show up, and it says it is "parsing geocaches" whatever that means. Then it crashes. These two problems were not there when you first launched the site. 3. Google maps continues to crash my browser. Operating system: Windows XP service pack 2 Browser: IE version 7.0.57 . . . .
  4. Maybe it would be a good idea to take off the information about downloading in the ebook format as a member benefit. I just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to do that and had to come here to find out I can't. I don't think it should be listed as a member benifit, that makes it look like it is still possible to do this, when you can't.
  5. "Improvement" for the sake of nothing. Very annoying, horrible decision.
  6. Well I have tried firefox and IE7 and half the icons for the coins don't load. The pdf files for the caches load a blank page. Anyone know how to fix this other than getting rid of these stupid new maps. They ruined a caching trip I am going on tomorrow due to this interface not working. I am not a happy camper.
  7. I have not found one. The new maps stink. Way more clicks to get what you want. And they provided no warning on the homepage they were doing this. Now I am leaving on a big trip with no way to print the pdf files as they are showing up blank. If you find one please post!
  8. They went from maps that work great to these stupid things? I hate the new maps. Images are missing, locks up, PDF files don't work. Why are they changing something that worked great Please put the old maps back on!!!!
  9. I HATE these new maps. They are much harder to view, useless in remote areas, you have to click so much more to get the info you want. Ich. This makes me not want to be a premium member
  10. I was not FTF, and there is no possible way for me to activate the Bug as I don't have the code to do so. So I have no idea what to do with it. They have a wonderful story laminated and attached to the rooster so it is kind of sad they didn't activate it.
  11. So, I find this Travel Bug in a cache. I try to log the travel bug and it says it has not been activated. (M1TN1R). No problem. Just go to the cache and see who might have said they left it there. Problem. I was not looking for the cache. As we logged a virtual cache, Someone cleaning out the underbrush said they found it. It was the second cache in a multicache, and didn't say what multicache it was. So what do I do with this Travel Bug? Second, I had to move this accidentally found second stage cache as it would literally have been sitting out in the open. I have emailed the owners of the multicaches in the area hoping it could be one of theirs but have not heard back. Cache was in the Big Thompson Canyon in Colorado near Estes Park. So for know the owner will have to look around to find it. aughghg.
  12. I completely agree. I can't believe we can't make these. Using the Mark thingy website is dumb. I want to track the ones I find on geocaching.com. Who decided we can't make new ones. I love these!!! Makes me not want to renew my membership.
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